MKW Chapter 429

Chapter 429  [Gods Save MEEE]


In Ke Da, life goes on as normal, on Christmas day, there is a dance party.

As a yearly programme, the Ke Da’s Student Union and clubs all put in a lot of preparation into every year Christmas dance party. This year’s Christmas dance party is also very brilliant.

Furthermore different from last year, this year’s Christmas dance party also includes a self-service dinner. Rows of tables display a large variety of food for all of the people taking part in the dance party.

Not only that, they had also invited a somewhat famous band to perform. Furthermore, the sweethearts dancing on the dance floor will also vote for the best lovers of today’s Christmas dance party.

Every girl has a strong desire to win in certain places, thus all the pair of couples who take part in the dance party will pour in all their efforts to turn and twist on the dance floor. Hoping to show off their best side to everyone and obtain the Best Couple title of the Christmas dance party!

But not all couples will be so happy, for example, this current pair.

Liu Yi is sitting in the corner holding a wine glass not knowing how he should begin speaking.

In front of him is seated, several girls. There is no need to say about Wang Yuzheng, even Murong Die and Wang Lele had run over from QingBei to take part in Ke Da’s Christmas dance party!

What makes Liu Yi even more depressed is Ling Zhuoyi is also here to join in the fun! This Ling girl….although she is not as busy as Zhou Ziying, but there is no need to run over now and mess around ah….

Xuefeng is also sitting on a sofa by the side playing with a Gameboy in her hand. Ever since she realized that most of the time when she is by Liu Yi’s side it is boring, she starts to become hooked to it. Now she would be sitting by Liu Yi’s side every day will be playing games to waste time.

Looking at the girls drinking and discussing in front of him, Liu Yi only feels that the atmosphere is way too weird! At that moment he really wished to immediately jump to his body at Raising Immortal Palace Hall and let this current body follow Little Jade’s command and move!

But I had already said it before…I cannot don’t fight and escape…that’s right. This is a battle!

To have the lead in their chat, Murong Die suddenly looks at Wang Yuzheng and ask, “Oh why did Yuzheng suddenly put on makeup today?”

“Looks like you are trying to take down our Sir Liu Yi ah!”

Murong Die’s tone carries a bit of sharpness like she is purposely going against Wang Yuzheng.

So strange. Liu Yi glances at Murong Die. Although she is usually overbearing and arrogant, she had never purposefully targeted Wang Yuzheng ah?

What is going on today?

But then again, Wang Yuzheng had actually put on some makeup today and is indeed much prettier than usual. So strange. Wang Yuzheng had never put on makeup before. When did she learn to?

“Big sister Murong is also not inferior today.”

Wang Yuzheng who usually does not speak suddenly has the gift of the gab today, “I had never seen Big sister Murong wear this attire before. Did you specially buy it for today’s Christmas dance party with Liu Yi?”

“Who, who would buy it for him!” exclaims Murong Die as she stands up in shock.

Instantly a lot of the surrounding guys stare at her causing her face to turn red as she immediately sits down again.

“This Miss has a lot of new clothes….”

Wang Lele by the side covers her forehead, Big Sister Xiao Die lost so quickly!

Ling Zhuoyi who is drinking her drink by the side thinks, this atmosphere is too weird already…looks like this Christmas night will be unpeaceful already….

While the group of them are in a deadlock, at this moment four handsome guys walk over.

The four guys are walking together which attracted the attention of the surrounding people as well as the shrieks of the girls.

“Wah! It is our school’s Four Heavenly Kings!”

“Wahhhh! They are all so handsome. I am their fan ah…”

“How I wish that I could date them…just a dance together would do also…”

Liu Yi turns around and looks at the four handsome guys. He had heard before of their school’s Four Heavenly Kings.

The four guys are the most handsome four guys in Ke Da. Furthermore, their grades and behavior are excellent and all of them are very famous. They are the targets that the girls are chasing after.

In the past, Wang Zhanfeng used to be one of them and they were named the Five Heavenly King. But it is a pity that his name is currently bad and thus was removed from his Heavenly King position.

The four guys are wearing a confident smile and under the gazes of happiness, sorrow, hatred. They walk over to Liu Yi’s side.

“Hi ladies, may we have the fortune to invites your girls for a dance?”

The guys show off their most handsome smiles and invite Murong Die, Wang Yuzheng, Wang Lele and Ling Zhuoyi.

Four girls, each one of them has one which is just nice.

The Four Heavenly King’s dashing and gentlemanly manner attract the shrieks from the girls watching.

“I’m taken.”

Murong Die’s direct rejection causes the face of the guy in front of her to pale, and feel that he does not have a stage to step down from.

“I am very sorry but my boyfriend would not agree to it.”

Wang Lele’s excuse is always the same, causing the guy in front of her to be heartbroken about letting an opportunity with a pair of large breasts slip!

“You came late senior.”

Wang Yuzheng also did not give the handsome guy who invited her a chance.

The final handsome guy is instantly nervous as he looks at Ling Zhuoyi in front of him, his eyes are almost begging.

My three brothers were all rejected….there is only me who is left ah. Are we the Four Heavenly King going to have a wipeout? It cannot be ah….

“Go to the side. I only know how to drink and don’t know how to dance.”

Ling Zhuoyi’s sentence sends that guy into hell instantly.

Liu Yi shakes his head, she can really lie without blinking ah..just a while ago she was pole dancing so happily…

The Four heavenly king leader lost the war, making all of their complexions ugly. But they do not wish to give up just like that and waits by the side for an opportunity. Every now and then they would step up to try and attract the attention of a beauty.

But what they did not know is that the three girls currently have a single thought and that is to obtain the favor of Liu Yi!

This is the conflict between the three girls! And it will be very, very….cruel!

Very quickly a lively song comes up.

Murong Die realizes that she had lost to Wang Yuzheng by a step already, thus she stands up and stretches out her right hand to Liu Yi and says, “Liu Yi dance with this miss.”


Dance again?

Liu Yi got a shock as he did not expect Murong Die to suddenly make such a suggestion.

Murong Die says unhappily, “What are you hesitating for. Do you still need this miss to invite you? Really…”

At this moment Wang Yuzheng suddenly stands up and stretches out her hand towards Liu Yi, “Liu Yi…I, I also wish to dance. Please teach me!”


Liu Yi’s eyes widen, what are this two girls messing around with me?

But why is there some small cuts on Wang Yuzheng’s hand? How did she get them? Is she learning how to cook recently?

“Big sister Xiao Die, Big sister Yuzheng how can the two of you be like this?”

Wang Lele also stands up and looks at the two girls unhappily.

Liu Yi’s heart becomes warm, Lele at least you are on my side…you did not let me down for being so good to you.

“How can you girls not bring me along! Big brother Xiao Yi I also want to dance!”

Wang Lele stretches out her hand towards Liu Yi under his widely open eyes.


Are they trying to revolt at the same time!!!

Liu Yi looks at the three beautiful girls in front of him as well as their proffered hands as his mind collapses completely.

When Ling Zhuoyi sees this scene she thinks, should I butt in?

Eh….seeing Liu Yi’s unsightly face I think it is best to forget it….otherwise if he got upset and dock my pay that would be bad.

Wherelse the four heavenly kings start crying, who the hell is this guy ah! Why are the three girls inviting him to dance with him!

One of the handsome guys suddenly rolls up his sleeve and says, “I cannot take it anymore! Let me beat him up!”

Another handsome guy by his side immediately stops him and looks at this companion weirdly.

“Big brother don’t block me. I really cannot take it anymore! If I don’t beat him up, am I supposed to go and drink to drown my sorrows?!”

“Are you crazy? That is Liu Yi. You want to fight against him?”

“Eh? What…Liu Yi….I, I think I’ll go and drink to drown my sorrows…..”

Liu Yi who had sent Tetsu flying with a single punch….who has not heard of his name in Ke Da!

Meeting this kind of love rival….it is best to swallow down the broken teeth from grinding their teeth.

How would Liu Yi have brain cells to think about how other people see him as. Currently, he is in the prelude of collapsing.

Who would have thought that the three of them would ask me for a dance at the same time!

I don’t how body cloning techniques ah!!!!

Ah wrong….I can clone myself but currently, my clone is thousands of miles away! Even if he is here, how is it possible to handle three girls at the same time!

Just this point makes Liu Yi unable to comprehend.

As Liu Yi looks at the three girls, he suddenly recalls the Christmas day in his second year of senior high.

During that Christmas day, at the fair, he spent it with the three girls together…..back then I also concealed here and there but in the end, everything got revealed.

But that time it is still possible to stroll around the fair together…but now….how to dance with four people together!!! It is not like this is a group dance!!

The three girls are not discouraged as they stretch out their hands and stubbornly wait for Liu Yi to make a decision.

Mother ah….I hate multiple choice problems ah….

Whoever I choose…I am afraid that the other two girls would become mad!

Liu Yi does not know what to do as he gives Mingyue Xuefeng a pleading looks.

Xuefeng only snorts before turning around and walking off into the crowd.

She does not care about me anymore? ….I am betrayed by my servant ah….

Liu Yi is dejected.

Seeing that Liu Yi did not reply after a long time, Murong Die glares at him and ask,“What is the matter? What are you hesitating for?”

“Eh? This….”

Liu Yi is shocked awake as he looks at the three white hands in front of him and wishes that he can just faint right now.

“Quickly choose ah! This miss is not so patient!”

“That’s right Big brother Xiao Yi. Quickly choose ah. It is already the next song!”

“Liu Yi…I really wish to learn how to dance…”

The three girls have very important positions in Liu Yi’s heart…I…who should I choose…

This is the first time where Liu Yi is at a lost on how to make a choice…

Gods….Please, I am begging you please save me ahhhh!!!!!!


Chapter 429   [Gods SAVE MEEEEE]

So any guesses on who he will choose?

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  1. Ya he is done if he doesn’t get backup. At least he has the AI little Jade. He can call for help. Unless she turned on him here aswell.
    Just pray that the dog zodiac doesn’t show, or ninja girl, or cat mom, or cop, or dragon… you know i think he really does need a beating. And the first three are in the school.

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