MKW Chapter 407

Chapter 407  [I am a disciple of Raising Immortal Palace Hall]

The following chapter is PG 16

Please be reminded that the following chapter contains gore and brutality.


That toe-digging guy shouts, followed by almost a thousand people shouting at the same time, the display is very vigorous.

The roaring sound causes the Bagua Stage to tremble slightly.

Every single one of the Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples expression turns ugly.

Is today the calamity of Raising Immortal Palace Hall?

“My Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s thousand years of foundation is under my control.”

Liu Haisheng wipes away the trace of blood as the sword qi around him keeps rising, “You want my Raising Immortal Palace Hall? Sure, but first you must ask the sword in my hands!”

He pulls out his golden sword which floats in front of him.

Behind him, after receiving the boost in morale from their Sect Head, the Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples   their fear and starts pulling out their swords and shout, “We pledge on our life to defend Raising Immortal Palace Hall!”

Liu Yi also starts to feel hot blooded from watching, although Raising Immortal Palace Hall has been on the descent, the disciples are very united.

No wonder Chen Keqing has such a sense of responsibility, looks like the way Raising Immortal Palace Hall nurtures their disciples is quite good!

“Master what should we do?”

Facing so many cultivators, Poison Jasmine is somewhat nervous.

Especially as the cultivators are like tigers watching their preys like they want to eat up all of the people from Raising Immortal Palace Hall!

She has just entered the cultivation world and has to face such a large squad. She more or less does not have the courage, thus she hides behind Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is also able to see Poison Jasmine’s fear, thus he stretches out his hand and pets her on the head.

“Relax, master is here. I will not let you get injured.”

Although Poison Jasmine always fights and wants to kill Liu Yi, after all, she is his disciple.

As the saying, a day as a master, forever a father. Since he had accepted Poison Jasmine as his disciple, he has to be responsible for her.


Poison Jasmine nods her head obediently. She has an indescribable trust in Liu Yi, who asked him to be her master!

“Today Raising Immortal Palace Hall shall no longer exist!”

The toe-digging guy raises his hand and shouts loudly, “This place shall be the sky of my God Dragon Sect! Take down Raising Immortal Palace Hall and we shall also have the right to take part in the World’s Dao Gathering! Hahahaah!”

“Dream on!”

Chen Keqing keeps her hand around her sword and says angrily, “I shall fight it out with you!”

“Leave it to me!”

As Liu Haisheng speaks, he presses his hands together as he transfers sword qi into his golden sword.


While the sword trembles fiercely, an enormous figure faintly stands up from behind Liu Haisheng.

Recalling the 30 meters tall enormous figure back then, Liu Yi’s heart trembles.

Liu Haisheng’s strength is definitely not weak, at the very least it should be above 15 stars!

Perhaps his strength had already reached the peak of earth grade and is close to heaven grade!

But why did Martial Uncle enter qi deviation? Is it because he rushed to breakthrough?

I remember that Master Ma Hua had said before that cultivators worst fear is to rush to breakthrough! No matter which heart sutra, all of them need to slowly cultivate up bit by bit. Thus there is a saying, one day to turn into a devil and a thousand years to cultivate into an immortal!

The reason why Liu Yi is so strong when entering the second stage of dragon transformation is because his state during that stage is no different from ‘turning into a devil’!

The moment you turn into a devil, you will lose your human nature!

Thus when cultivating, not only must you keep strengthening your immortal qi, you must also keep cultivating your mental state!

Because Liu Yi possesses overwhelming vital qi, thus he is many times faster than others when cultivating immortal qi! As for his mental state, it is supported by his overwhelming vital qi as well. But if breakthrough too fast, it is not good as well, without a strong foundation, his cultivation base will not be firm.

Liu Haisheng clearly entered qi deviation due to anxiousness.

But who knows if there is a spy within the sect who revealed the fact that he had entered qi deviation out and attracted this bunch of crows!

The 30 meters tall figure behind Liu Haisheng scares the group who grow pale.

Indeed he is the Sect Head of Raising Immortal Pavillion. Even though he is injured, but his might is still frightening.

Looking at the enormous figure, the people that the toe-digging guy had brought over start to have thoughts of retreating.

“Every, everyone don’t be afraid!”

Seeing that the situation is turning bad, the toe-picking guy immediately shouts, “He is already an arrow at its end of it’s flight! There is nothing but his bluff that’s all!”

Hearing the toe-digging guy’s shout as well as recalling Liu Haisheng’s injury, the group slowly calms down.

Liu Haisheng is indeed buffing!

With great difficulty, he supported the enormous figure but he does not have the strength to use it. His meridians in his body are like almost broken!

“Haha, do you guys see, he does not have the strength to use a technique!”

The toe-digging guy realize that Liu Haisheng’s face is covered with sweat while supporting his enormous figure but he did not attack, thus confirming his judgment and shouts arrogantly, “Let us all attack at the same time and eliminate Raising Immortal Palace Hall! From now on, God Dragon Sect’s name will spread throughout the world!”

Chen Keqing cannot bear it as she scolds, “Shameless!”

“Fight them!”

Zhang Wentao also starts to become anxious. Although he is injured, even if he loses his life, they must protect Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

“Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s future will be relying on you guys.”

At this moment Liu Haisheng seems to have decided something as his complexion returns back to normal before turning incomparably ruddy.

“Senior brother what are you doing! Don’t tell me it is Origin Returning Sword!”

When Zhang Wentao sees his senior brother’s appearance, his expression immediately changes from fright and shouts, “Don’t be rash!”

“Even if I die, I will not let these bunch of crows take over Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

The sword qi within Liu Haisheng once again rushes out, as his immortal aura stabilize, “After I die, Zhang Wentao shall become the sect head of Raising Immortal Palace Hall! Take good care of the disciples of Raising Immortal Palace Hall. Senior brother shall make a move first!”

Within Liu Haisheng’s gaze is a trace of resolution as he prepares to activate Origin Returning Sword!

This Origin Returning Sword is the scariest technique in Raising Immortal Palace Hall. Its might is enough to move mountains and seas!

But the requirement to use this technique is the life of the immortal itself! This technique is a mutual destruction move!

Unless it is the last resort, no one would use it!

Zhang Wentao’s eyes turn red as the group of Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples starts crying.

“Sect Head…”

“Senior brother….”

“Master! It is all because disciple did not work hard enough…”

Chen Keqing had bitten through her lips. Reaching to this point, she as the senior sister has a very huge responsibility!

Within the 13th generation disciples, those that can be taken out are too few…let alone those who also did not manage to obtain that senior forbidden technique!

Otherwise, why would master need to sacrifice his life!

Master is going to die soon and it is all my fault…

Seeing Chen Keqing’s self-reproaching appearance, Liu Haisheng smiles before gently petting her on her shoulder.

“Keqing. It is not your responsibility. Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s responsibility should not be placed on you. The cycle of heavens law, when things reach an extreme they can only go in reverse. Our Raising Immortal Palace Hall dominated for a millennium. It is almost time to decline. This is all fate.”


“Okay, Keqing. Watch Master’s final glory!”

Sword qi starts flowing out as Liu Haisheng continues to urge the Origin Returning Sword technique and prepares to activates this heaven-defying ultimate skill.

Chen Keqing starts crying. This is the first time she is crying. As tears flow down her cheeks and into her mouth, why is there such a bitter feeling…

She looks at her master, to watch her master’s final glory.

She looks at a group of crows outside the sword formation. She wants to remember all of their faces so that after her master used Origin Returning Sword, if there is any of them that survive, she wants to personally find and kill them!

I cannot let master die in vain!

“Do not let that old thing finish that technique!”

The toe-digging guy is also to see that things are going south as he shouts, “Kill him! Quickly kill him!”

The rest of the cultivators also sense the scariness of this technique and swiftly use their magic techniques. Colorful magic techniques land on the enormous sword.


More blood appears on the edge of Zhang Wentao’s mouth as his enormous sword starts to crack.


Finally, Zhang Wentao kneels onto the ground as his enormous sword scatters into pieces.

“Hahaha! Kill, kill all of them!”

Liu Haisheng’s Origin Returning Sword is still not finished but the protection technique scattered scatter. They are like girls with ripped clothing, exposed in front of hundreds of cultivators.

“We are finished…”

All of the people from Raising Immortal Palace Hall are dazed.

From the sky descends another wave of attacks.

At this moment a normal looking sword suddenly descends from the sky.

The sword is emitting green aura while revolving and forms a green whirlpool. With a bang, it breaks apart all of the attacks descending from the sky.

“What is this?”

“There is an expert?”

Towards the strange sword that appears in the sky, everyone is shocked as they stare at it.

There is a small Bagua on the sword, with an ordinary hilt which has a yellow tassel attached to it.

What the hell, I thought it was a supreme sword!

This toy is at most a hundred dollar trash good! It is not even at the lowest grade of magic sword!

“This…whose sword is this…”

Liu Haisheng is also shocked as he stares blankly at the Taiji sword.

“Sect Head Martial Uncle, where is there a need for you to personally take action to deal with this pack of crows.”

Liu Yi walks forward as and pats Liu Haisheng on his shoulder.

With this pat, Liu Haisheng felt an unblockable qi enter his body and stop him from revolving qi, causing his Origin Returning Sword technique to stop!

Gods…this, what a monstrous strength is this!

Is this really the strength that Liu Yi possess? But a month ago when I saw his star map, there was only 8 star-jades lit up!

But how is it possible to for an 8-star cultivator to possess the strength to suppress me?!

This, how is this possible…

Chen Keqing also stares at Liu Yi in a daze as she watches him slowly walking out from the group of Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciple and stands by his Taiji sword.

Although the toe-digging guy is shocked he asks, “Little fellow who are you?”

“This one is Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s 13th generation disciple Liu Yi. I am representing Raising Immortal Palace Hall to meet you guys.”


Chapter 407  [I am a disciple of Raising Immortal Palace Hall]

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