MKW Chapter 405

Chapter 405   [Help you massage]


“Although you can say it like this, I personally admire Sect Head Ling. Especially for Sect Head Ling’s hobby which I really appreciate.”

As Jiang Qini speaks, her eyes sweep through the shotas on the bed.

Ling Xiaowu instantly frowns as she becomes vigilant in protecting her property and glares at Jiang Qini, “What do you want?”

I am only appreciating a bit only, there is no need for Sect Head Ling to worry.

Jiang Qini laughs, “Since Sect Head Ling does not wish to discuss your hobby, then let’s discuss our cooperation.”

“Is there any need for me to talk about the Great God Sect’s fame?”

Unexpectedly Ling Xiaowu only twitches her mouth and says in disdain, “Working together with you guy is equivalent to our Acacia Sect digging our own grave.”

Jiang Qini did not get angry, instead, she starts laughing, her laughter is like a bell causing the shotas to become dazed.

“What are you laughing about?”

“I am laughing at how humourous Sect Head Ling is.”

Jiang Qini suddenly stops smiling as her expression turns cold, “Sect Head Ling, you say that my Great God Sect has a bad reputation, but just how good is your Acacia Sect’s reputation? It is not that I want to slander you, but your Acacia Sect doesn’t even have the qualification of a pot calling a kettle black.”

“Did you fight your way to my door, just to provoke me?”

As Ling Xiaowu speaks, spiders the size of an infant’s fist starts crawling out from her hair and all over the place.

Ling Xiaowu does not seem to care, allowing the spiders to crawl around.

Jiang Qini’s heart become tense because these spiders are the Tianluo Widow that is raised by Ling Xiaowu which is extremely poisonous! Even if it is her, just the slightest poison would make her very miserable!

Ling Xiaowu was a legend from the past, back then her position within the Devil Clan was rather high. It is only because her man had betrayed her causing her to become crazy from losing her heart and take her anger on the entire sect, poisoning the lower and higher members to death before escaping from the Devil Clan and set-up this Acacia Sect.

Acacia Sect’s fame is not good and is detested by all, and lots of people want to eliminate them. It is all because of Ling Xiaowu, making her entire Acacia Sect completely unrestrained, as long as they are paid, they are willing to do anything!

But because Ling Xiaowu’s strength is very high and the ones who died are only a few mortals, thus there isn’t anyone from the cultivation world who are seeking trouble for her.

After all, no one wants to anger this crazy girl…

“How is that possible. I have already said, I wish to discuss big business with you. Don’t you, Sect Head Ling do any business? Why do you wish to reject the cheque in front of you?”

Jiang Qini did not say anymore, she only takes out a cheque and flashes in front of Ling Xiaowu.

Great God Sect has a lot of believers, among which there isn’t a lack of people from rich families, thus their funds are becoming more and more.

To complete her plans, Jiang Qini has decided to work together with Acacia Sect the local snake.

“A million.”

Although they have not discussed the business, but Ling Xiaowu had already set a price, “This is only the deposit. After the matter is done, you need to pay an additional 9 million.”

Jiang Qini narrows her eyes slightly, “Sect Head Ling really … has a lion’s appetite eh.”

“Since your Great God Sect has come and looked for me, how could it be an ordinary matter.”

Ling Xiaowu stretches out a finger and toys with the dick of a shota by her side like playing a musical string.

“This ten million, it feels like I am asking for too little.”

“Okay. Ten million it is. It is indeed worth this much to this much to invite you to help.”

Jiang Qini considers for a while before deciding.

This causes Ling Xiaowu to be shocked as she raises her head and looks at Jiang Qini, “You really agreed! I am starting to regret the price I gave. Tell me what is the task?”

Jiang Qini smiles faintly with unknown expression in her eyes, “I want you to revive the Devil Child.”

“Are you joking!”

Ling Xiaowu’s eyes widen and instantly stands up, she does not seem to mind revealing her naked body to outsiders.

“Revive the Devil Child….you are crazy!”

“I am not crazy.”

Jiang Qini smiles merrily as she crosses her arms and says: “Unless you think that this ten million deal is to invite you out to cheer?”

“Do you know who the Devil Child is?”

Ling Xiaowu becomes serious and says coldly, “If he is revived, perhaps both you and I will die.”

“Hehe, this you can relax.”

Jiang Qini stretches out her hand and gently pressed on the shoulder of her disciple Ma Yixuan by her side, “When the Devil Child revives, there will definitely be a very large movement. At that time, there will naturally be people who will deal with him.”

“Your objective….”

Ling Xiaowu is not an idiot and immediately guesses it.

“These matters are best known by you and me only. How is it, Sect Head Ling do you want to do it?”


Ling Xiaowu directly rejects Jiang Qini, “10 million is not enough to buy my life. Once the Devil Child is revived, even if we are able to escape from his claws, that person will definitely come! If he comes who is able to escape?”


Jiang Qini is not too impatient as she slowly says, “If we are able to revive the Devil Child, perhaps, Li Biyue might appear…”

Ling Xiaowu’s face instantly changes as flames shoot out from her eyes.

“Li Biyue that slut!”

“How is it, has Sect Head Ling decided? If you are not willing then we can forget it.”

“20 million!”

“15 million. I cannot give any higher, after all, I do not have that many liquid assets in my hands. As compensation I, Jiang Qini can promise you a term.”

“What term?”

“Helping you kill Li Biyue!”


The two of them comes to an agreement.


At this moment Liu Yi does not know that his older sister is being schemed by others, currently, his soul is at Raising Immortal Pavillion and studying the profound usage of Demon Sword Technique.

After using a few time, Liu Yi cannot help but agree that this Demonic Sword Technique is really heaven-defying!

Especially after he had obtained Netherworld Qi, using netherworld qi to execute the Demonic Sword Technique and it seems to be going smoothly!

Indeed this is a technique meant to deal with souls, even it’s attribute is the same.

“Liu Yi I am here to look for you again!”

Just as Liu Yi is considering how to improve the Demonic Sword Technique, the door of the room he is in is kicked open!

As the wooden door drops onto the ground, Liu Yi covers his forehead.

She came again…

The door is already spoilt countless of time this month! Even the little boy who is in charge of repairing my door is giving me bitter looks already!

Liu Yi really wishes to tell him not to get angry at me, if you want, go and blame your senior sister!

It is a pity that as Chen Keqing seems to possess a very lofty position in the hearts of others and she only reveals her fangs in front of him.

But…thinking about this, I had seen her this side before, pretending in front of me has no meaning.

“Liu Yi, take my sword!”

A golden sword pierces through the air and stabs towards Liu Yi’s throat like a lightning bolt.


Liu Yi did not bother to dodge as he sits there calmly, he stretches out his right hand and sends out his Imperial Sword force field.

When the sword stabs into the force field, it immediately stops moving, unable to stab forward.

“Damn it, Liu Yi! How dare you use Imperial Sword Technique to bully me! If you have the strength then let’s have a proper fight!”

A beauty steps through the door, it is none other than senior sister Chen Keqing.

She is wearing a silver-white attire with cloud patterns and wearing a white cloud pattern shoe. With her beauty and grandeur, she is like a fairy.

It is only a pity that if it is not for her angry manner of stomping in, Liu Yi will definitely think of her as a fairy.

Currently, he is thinking of her as a fiend!

A fiend that always break the door of his house!

More of her shouting out like a gun firing bullets…mother ah, why is my thinking so wicked!

“Senior sister, this month you have graced my dwelling over 50 times already! The little boy who is here to serve me is already a regular! Those who do not know would have thought that there is something going on between the two of us!”

Liu Yi’s mouth twitches as he says helplessly.

Hearing what Liu Yi say, Chen Keqing’s face turns red before saying angrily, “GO and die! Who would want to have anything to do with you, you lecher! I am looking for you, for the sect! Otherwise, who would want to meet you!”

Liu Yi clucks, “Senior sister has such wide grand sentiments, really makes junior brother admire you.”

When Chen Keqing hears how Liu Yi ridicules her, she turns into a raging cat.

“Less nonsense! Thanks to you, my Moon Sword Technique has improved by a lot! As long as I don’t obtain the senior sword technique, the matter between the two of us shall not end!”

As she speaks, she closes her hands together pulls back, trying to take back her sword that is under the control of Liu Yi.

But her sword which usually listens to her is out of her control! No matter what Chen Keqiang does, the sword did not return to her hand.

“Damn it!”

Chen Keqing clenches her teeth in anger. She suddenly walks forward and uses her hands, grabs hold of the sword handle and prepare to pull her sword out.

But her sword is like it had grown out from Liu Yi’s palm and is unable to be moved.

Liu Yi suggests, “Senior sister, you see that you are sweating already. Why don’t you sit down and take a rest?”

Chen Keqing is hopping mad, “Damn it! You know that I am your senior sister and you still dare to bully me! How are you like a junior brother! Ahahah! Let go now!”

Liu Yi has no other choice, he can only release the pressure from his Imperial Sword Technique.

Chen Keqing is using her full strength to pull her magic sword, and with Liu Yi letting go, she instantly loses the counter force and along with the magic sword, she stumbles backward and collapsed onto the ground.


Liu Yi immediately stands up, “Ah, senior sister are you fine?! I did not do it on purpose!”

Chen Keqing sits on the ground and pouts, “Scumbag! You definitely did it on purpose!”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “Senior sister…i really did not…how about I help you with a massage?”


Chapter 405  [Help  you massage]

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