MKW Chapter 364

Chapter 364 [Acacia Sect


Ling Zhuoyi and the girls are all ordinary people, thus they have never seen this kind of scene before.

The groups of people who have come to the bar to drink, at this current moment are like zombies in the movies, rushing crazily towards Liu Yi.

-Arg, arg, arg-

As they rush forwards, they let out bestial growls.

Wang Yuzheng’s face turns pale while the rest of the girls are not much better. The four girls hug each other tightly and hide behind the enormous shield.

The only thing they can do now is to believe in  Liu Yi.

Liu Yi did not use the Emotion Sword technique, after all the four girls behind him are normal people, thus the emotion sword that he would be pulling out from them would not possess any properties.

While the Monarch Scorpion is turned into a shield to protect the girls, the number of weapons that he is able to use is not a lot.

Little Cai’s strength cannot be used. If people found out that he is Blood Emperor then it will be very bad!

After all this is a bar and there might be hidden CCTV all around this place!

Really, a goddamned restrained fight ah…

{Little Black, sickle!}

In the end, Liu Yi pulls out a black sickle from mid-air.

This sickle’s handle is nearly 2 meters long, while its black bone blade is like a half-moon and around 1 meter long making it look very terrifying.

Other people’s sickle are used to harvest rice, while Liu Yi’s sickle seems to be used to harvest lives!

These people have already died. That Acacia sect guy uses an unknown method to strip them of their lives and instantly refine them into this manner!

The damage caused by cultivators to ordinary people is too large…just moving his hand slightly and everyone in the bar turned into zombies!

“Go, my poisonmen. Rip apart this man and turn him into your nutrition!”


When Liu Yi hears this sentence, he stores it in his heart.

So this Acacia Sect is famed for using poison?

Instantly the poisonmen have already rushed up in front of Liu Yi like a tide pressing towards him.

“Let me help you guys to free yourself from this suffering!”

As Liu Yi speaks, the sickle in his hands starts dancing.

-Swish, swish, swish-

Green colored blood sprays across the sky as the poisonmen bodies are like the rice being harvest and drop onto the ground.

The originally red blood has turned green, covering the entire bar making it very eye-catching.

When the green blood touches the interior of the bar, a black hole will be corroded out. From this, it can be seen that the green blood contains a deadly poison!

I cannot let these poisonmen get close to the girls! Who knows if the barrier created by the Monarch Shield is able to deal with the poison!

After all the barrier formed by the Monarch Shield is not very powerful and is only a temporary protective measure that’s all!

As Liu Yi cuts down the poisonmen, he keeps stretching out his legs and kicks the tables and chairs by the side.

As the tables and chairs crash into each other, soon they form two ‘tall walls’. The only hole is behind Liu Yi.

Liu Yi stands in front of the tall wall as he waves the sickle, harvesting the life of every poisonman that reaches his side, giving off the sense of a man holding the pass against tens of thousands of men!

“Even with death hanging above your head you still have time to care about others. Hehe…looks like your brain is not good enough.”

The man crosses his arms as he stands on the other side of the stage as he sneers. Towards the death of his poisonmen, he is not worried like he has some other move to fall back on.

Liu Yi pretends that he is losing his strength and becoming weaker as he clenches his teeth and asks: “Who on earth are you? Why did you want to kill me?”

“Hmm, I can’t let you die without understanding.”

The man continues to use his poisonmen to waste Liu Yi’s strength, “Like I have said, a person has spent money to buy your death. Little fellow your power is not strong but you are so arrogant and provoked someone who you should not have provoked. Do not blame me. I, Zhang Xuan have accepted money from others to help them get rid of their troubles. If you want to blame then blame that you have eyes but did not see.”

Liu Yi pretends that he no longer have any strength and half-collapses onto the ground as he weakly defended the attacks from the poisonmen  while asking: “Who on earth is the one who paid you to kill me!”

“I am not able to tell you this. To be honest I myself also do not know as I only received the orders from my higher-ups.”

Zhang Xuan shrugs his shoulders, “Now that you have known everything you can now die in peace.”

“Thank you for telling me so much.”

Liu Yi suddenly changes back to the appearance where he has boundless strength and stands up, “Since you have already said everything that you know, keeping you alive no longer has any point.”


Zhang Xuan laughs gently, “You really know how to talk big ah. At this point, you are still trying to be a hero? Do not think that you are able to turn the situation around. Let me tell you that till now I have yet to use even half my powers. All of these are nothing but a warm-up.”

“Is it?”

Liu Yi smiles as well.

“When you see it then you’ll know.”

Says Zhang Xuan as he claps his hands. All of the poisonmen suddenly stop moving, as they stand still, they open their mouths and aims towards Liu Yi.

-Bleh, bleh, bleh-

Streams of green poison shoot towards Liu Yi from all directions, covering the skies in a very terrifying manner.

Liu Yi does not show any sign of shock as he lifts his sickle and revolves it slightly before he disappears and reappears behind the back of all of the poisonmen.

When the poison spit lands on the tables and chairs that form a wall, they instantly start to corrode.

Looking at all of the poisonmen again, their upper body’s slides off their lower body!

In a blink of an eye, almost all of the poisonmen were defeated!


Zhang Xuan is shocked as he is unable to see Liu Yi’s actions clearly!

The girls hiding behind the Monarch Shield, with the tall wall collapsing and blocking their view, they do not know what is happening.

At this moment, Liu Yi once again disappears by turning into a black light.

Zhang Xuan suddenly feels that his neck is cold as the blade on the sickle rest against his neck, while Liu Yi himself is standing on top of a chandelier by the side.

Zhang Xuan is already able to smell the scent of death as cold sweat covers his body while his legs trembles.

This, this man…is very strong…the higher-ups seem to have found the wrong person to deal with him ah…

Liu Yi holds the sickle with one hand, while holding the chandelier chains with the other as he asks faintly: “I only want to ask you what toy is this Acacia Sect?”

“I…we are part of the devil sects….please, please don’t kill me…”

“Devil Sects eh?”

After thinking for a while, Liu Yi is also unable to recall when he has offended people from devil sects.

“Forget it. I indeed have too many enemies and wouldn’t be able to recall so fast.”

“Beg you ah, please don’t kill me…as for Acacia Sect, I, I can tell you everything…”

Zhang Xuan feels that his pants are somewhat moist. He is very afraid, for the very first time he feels like he is about to lose his life.

“With this kind of courage how can you come out to roam in the assassin world ah.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “Remember to be a good person during your next life.”

Taking advantage that the tall wall has yet to collapse, he slashes with the sickle as a head flies up as blood sprays all over the place.

Zhang Xuan’s headless body collapse onto the ground in the pool of blood.

Liu Yi recalls the sickle and lands on the ground before pressing his ear and asks Little Jade to call a number.

“Finally know to look for me?”

Long San’s voice carrying a bit of anger transmits to his ear.

“Leader, help me settle a matter.”

“Settle a matter? Do you know how much trouble you have caused!?”

“This time around it is a proper matter…”

Liu Yi tells Long San of the things that have happened in the bar.

“Acacia Sect? Acacia Sect people actually sent an assassin to kill you?!”

Long San instantly got a shock, “You have created a lot of trouble for me already…currently the higher-ups are discussing how to deal with you. They should be giving you a notice within these two days.”

“I know. At that time I will listen to the arrangement.”

Liu Yi faintly says, “Then how do we deal with this current matter. All of the people in the bar are turned into poisonmen…er, now they are all dead people.”

“I have already sent people to seal off the scene. Leave this matter to the Dragon Group to deal with. Acacia Sect, this small devil sect has always been unbridled. The top has already wished to eradicate them a long time ago. Little fellow, your chance to earn merits to make up for your crime seems to be here. For now, immediately leave that area and wait for the notice from the higher-ups.”

“Understood head.”

Liu Yi hangs up the call and feels that sometimes Long San is rather cute.

At the very least, towards his underlings, he is rather protective.

After hanging up the call, Liu Yi walks back to the girls.

At this moment, the tall wall has already collapsed and the girls are able to see that the floor is covered with green corpses and are very shocked.

Murong Die ask: “Liu Yi! What on earth is going on!”

Liu Yi replies calmly, “It is only a small incident. An assassin that’s all, but I have already dealt with him.”

“They…how did they become like that…”

“A type of neurotoxin influenced them…

Liu Yi randomly cooks up an excuse, “It is like taking too many drugs and turning crazy.”

“So scary….”

Wang Lele holds her stomach and takes deep breaths, “I do not wish to stay here any longer…Xiao Die jiejie, Xiao Yi gege, let us leave…”

“Okay. We’ll leave this place.”

After Zhang Xuan died, the poison in the bar all disappeared.

Liu Yi waves his hand and recalls his Monarch Shield.

“Eh? Where did it go?”

Murong Die is very curious, “Where did you take such a big thing out from…and how did it disappear again…”

“It is a type of high-tech device that is specialized in disposing of poison.”

Liu Yi continues to weave his lies while Ling Zhuoyi raises her eyebrows not completely believing what he has said.

“Let us go.”

Liu Yi did not explain anymore. The girls are also anxious to leave this place, thus they quickly follow along and leave the area.

Liu Yi did not sense it that after he left, a figure of a man appears in the bar.

“What a strong man…this time around Zhang Xuan can be considered as killed. Looks like I have to contact Sect Head and research countermeasures.”

Done speaking, his figure once again disappears.


Chapter 364  [Acacia Sect]

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