MKW Chapter 36

Chapter 36  [Title below]



Lin Tong beckons Liu Yi again.

Liu Yi shakes his head like a rattle drum. It looks like he does not dare to.

“Damn it! This miss is prepared! Come!”


Only then did Liu Yi nod his head and take two deep breaths.

He knows that Lin Tong’s speed is very quick; thus, he did get careless as he revolves the spirit fox steps, directing the red qi flow towards his legs.

Immediately that lightness feeling comes back.

Liu Yi sensed that at that moment, even if he helps Liu Ying that little loli again, it will not be that difficult!

He charges towards Lin Tong!

Liu Yi’s speed is very quick! Like a nimble wind, he instantly appears in front of Lin Tong.

But it seems like Liu Yi is not that used to this feeling as he is unable to control his body. His head crashes toward Lin Tong’s chest.

Originally he had gathered his palm qi already, but he is unable to hit now.


Lin Tong scolds before reappearing 5 meters behind her original spot.

Liu Yi stumbles forward, and a few steps and nearly fell flat on his face.

He stabilizes his body with a single hand before standing up.

But the moment he raises his head, he sees Lin Tong, who is standing in front of him.

“Im…Immortal Fox sister…”

“Call me Lin Tong!”

“Okay…Immortal Fox sister…”

“Are you trying to anger me! Or are you really an idiot!”

Lin Tong stretches out her finger and jabs Liu Yi’s forehead fiercely.

“What…what did I do…Immortal Fox sister…”

“You are going to anger me to death!”

Lin Tong is going crazy.

“Did I provoke Immortal Fox sister…”

“You provoked! You provoked! You provoked!”

“Then, then, are we still continuing…”

Lin Tong roars, “Continue!”

Liu Yi hurried back up to his feet before getting into a horse stance. He revolves the red qi flow and as he steps forward with spirit fox step while gathering qi around his palm revolving ‘Desolate Flames’ preparing to attack Lin Tong.

I cannot let Immortal Fox sister be angry again!

Immortal Fox must be angry because I did not work hard!

This time I cannot let Immortal Fox sister down!

Liu Yi,  you can do it, you can do it!

Liu Yi sensed how agile he is and did not use his full strength to leap out. Instead, he keeps some energy in reserve as he charges towards Lin Tong.

This time Liu Yi relaxes some strength. Although his speed is not as fast as the previous time, his control is better.

He feels like he is like stepping on ice skates as he skates forwards at high speed.

This feeling…is really wonderful…..

While Liu Yi is enjoying this kind of feeling, in a blink of an eye, he is already in front of Lin Tong.

Liu Yi sweeps out with his palm; the palm wind is like fire carrying eye-catching golden sun marks.

This palm wind instantly is about to land on Lin Tong, but her figure once again appears 5 meters away, causing Liu Yi’s attack to hit the air.

The feeling of his slap hitting the air is uncomfortable.

While Lin Tong’s figure had once again reappeared by his right, sticking close to his body, carrying a fragrance.

Lin Tong’s fist buries itself into Liu Yi’s stomach, causing him to retreat a few steps in pain as he curls up like a prawn. His face is covered with cold sweat.

In his spiritual world, he can feel pain.

Liu Yi does not know how Lin Tong can switch between her spirit body and actual body. He can only receive a beating.

Liu Yi looks at Lin Tong pitifully and says, “Immortal Fox sister…you, your attack was a bit too heavy…”

“Hmph, this miss had only used 1% of my strength!”

Lin Tong says in delight as she looks at Liu Yi who is lying on the ground.

Little guy, I don’t believe that I am unable to deal with you!

Another Lin Tong stands behind him and tugs his ear and says, “Train properly. When trained in the last stages, the spirit fox step is very powerful!”


Liu Yi covers his ear as he leaps up. Seeing two similar-looking Lin Tongs, he is stunned.

“Stop looking. The other me is an image.”

Lin Tong claps her hand, and that far away figure instantly transforms into dust and disappears.

“This is an image that is produced when spirit fox steps are revolving; it is used to confuse your enemy. Wait till you have trained to the final stage, then you can use spirit fox steps to fly up the sky and escape from the ground, it is super powerful! With this set of spirit fox steps, the next time you meet that white shirt lady, you will escape very quickly!”

“Hmm! Thank you, Immortal Fox sister!”

“Call me Lin Tong!”

“Okay, Immortal Fox sister…”


Lin Tong suddenly sends out a kick and kicks Liu Yi out from his spiritual world.

When the pitiful Liu Yi opens his eyes, he is already outside in the real world.

While those techniques that he had trained in previously are all remembered in his brain as well as his body.

With these two kinds of techniques, Liu Yi becomes more confident.

Even if he meets a psycho like the white clothing beauty, he is confident in escaping!

As for meeting that black western suit guy….Liu Yi is confident in fighting against him.

Although he might not win the fight, he dares to fight.

He wants to control himself to not let the qi within his body control his thoughts!


At this moment from Liu Yi’s bedroom, comes Ma Yuanyuan’s roar of anger.

Liu Yi got a huge shock when he suddenly recalls that there is still this loli in his house!

Err….a loli who is only wearing panties….

“Damn it! Damn Liu Yi, bad Liu Yi! What is this rubbish computer! How can it lag while playing CF! I got my head blown off by others a few times already! I am going crazy, ah!!!!!”

When Liu Yi walks into the bedroom, he sees her only wearing a panty while one of her white legs is stepping on the chair in a hooligan manner.

This lass….has become a devilish girl again…

“Liu Yi, you scumbag! Why don’t you change your computer!”

Liu Yi’s mouth twitches, “No money…”

On the computer screen, a female gunner who is holding a gun is frozen there, not moving.

“Ahhhh! My battle records! My battle records ….”

Ma Yuanyuan wants to cry but has no tears.

“Damn Liu Yi! You must pay me back my battle records, wuwuwuwu….”

Watching how Ma Yuanyuan is complaining, Lin Tong speaks up in Liu Yi’s ear, {Aiyah…not bad…I left just  for a while…and you are already hiding a pretty lass…}

Liu Yi immediately says softly, “Coughs…don’t misunderstand…”

“She is the little sister in my neighbors family…Ma Yixuan’s younger sister…she secretly ran over…”

{Hehehe….secretly ran over, but she wears herself quite openly…}


Liu Yi does not know how to explain.

Ma Yuanyuan really cannot play anymore as she places her hands on her waist. One of her legs is kneeling on the chair, sticking out her sexy butt as she looks at Liu Yi and says, “Damn Liu Yi, what are you saying!”

“Nothing…I say that my computer is quite good…”

“Get lost! What broken computer of yours is this, it can’t even play CF!”

“This…no choice, my family does not have money…”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders helplessly.

“Then can this broken computer of your play computer games?!”

Liu Yi complain about his computer’s injustice, “Of course!”

Ma Yuanyuan points at Liu Yi’s computer and shouts, “This 486 can play computer games?”

Liu Yi replies, “Can! Of course, you can! It can also play MMORPG’s!”

“MMORPG? Which one?”

“Fight the landlord!”

“Your, your sister…”

Ma Yuanyuan’s forehead is covered with black lines.

This Liu Yi…why do I have a feeling of beating him up…

Ma Yuanyuan suddenly kicks out with her leg and kicks the power off. Afterward, she jumps onto the bed and says, “I am not playing anymore. I am going to sleep!”

“Oh…okay, okay, okay…I’ll help you make the bed.”

Liu Yi starts making the bed for Ma Yuanyuan.

Since he is giving his room to Ma Yuanyuan to sleep, he can only go to his mom’s room to sleep.

The washing machine is still swirling the clothing dry. Swish, swish, swish. Liu Yi had spread out the bedsheet preparing to let the clothes dry by the sun first. He still needs to do a whole bunch of homework before going to sleep.

Thinking of the large amount of homework he had to do, Liu Yi wishes to cry.

Although his parents and teachers always say to him to study properly and bear with it till university, then it will be fine, and he can play as he like.

But Liu Yi feels that this mountain of questions daily might kill him eventually.

Ma Yuanyuan suddenly asks, “Where, where are you going to sleep?”

“Next door.”

Ma Yuanayuan’s face suddenly turns red as she bites her lips and says, “Can, cannot!”


Liu Yi is stunned; what does Ma Yuanyuan mean?

“It, it has always been my grandmother coaxing me to sleep!”

Ma Yuanyaun thickens her face and says, “I….I am unable to sleep on my own…”

Liu Yi blinks and says, “Then you read a book. I have a senior high 1 English book. You can go and memorize it. If you are unable to, then you can go online to watch a movie!”

Ma Yuanyuan’s nose nearly becomes crooked from her anger!

“Liu Yi!”


She no longer calls me Big brother Liu Yi anymore..alas…her attitude changes so quickly…

When a girl’s great aunt comes, their changes are really fickle!

In the future, when this one comes for a girl, I must not get close to them!

“Can you or not!”

Ma Yuanyuan says angrily, “Tomorrow, I still need to go to school; I cannot sleep late! Furthermore, if I sleep late, my skin will become bad! If my skin becomes worse in the future, I will not find a husband! If I can’t find my husband in the future, are you going to take the responsibility?”

“I, I….I cannot pay it…”

Liu Yi feels that he got defeated.

Lin Tong starts saying in disdain, {Trash, you are unable to outspeak a little girl!}

Grandfather said before that I must not lower myself and argue with a girl…

A guy must be magnanimous and not argue or dispute!

“Since you cannot pay, then you still want to make me stay up! What do you mean then!”

“I, I….I was wrong…”

“Since you know that you are wrong, then why are you not warming the bed for me!”


Ma Yuanyuan’s face turns red again as she lowers her head, and her voice instantly becomes very soft, “That…what I meant is that you should coax me to sleep, tell me stories…”


“What do you mean what! Are you staying or not?!”

“I’ll go and hang the clothing…”


Chapter 36  [Training is very hard]

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