MKW Chapter 355

Chapter 355 [Tiger Dragon Path


As he shouts, the blade qi has already engulfed the shield in front of Liu Yi.

-Dang, dang, dang!-

Sparks appears as the blade qi of Ninth Manager did not even leave a mark on the Liu Yi’s Monarch Shield.

“This, how is this possible?!”

Ninth Manager exclaims in disbelief as he continues sending out blade qi.

“How is it possible that there are objects that are capable of blocking my blade qi! My blade qi is able to disregard all defense! I am a Chinese mantis ah!”

“Just a small Chinese mantis and you dare to be arrogant?”

Liu Yi sneers, “In front of the defense of a monarch scorpion what the heck is a Chinese mantis!”

“What! Mo, monarch scorpion!”

Ninth Manager eyes nearly pop out, “Not possible! This is completely impossible! Monarch scorpions are already extinct! You are lying, you are lying!!!”


Liu Yi sneers as an aura emerges from his body. After the 500 years of training in Asura Realm, Liu Yi is able to release and recall back his aura as he wishes. When he wants to release, it will be released. When he does not wish to release it, no one will be able to sense it!

When this aura reaches Ninth Manager, his fine hair stands up as his expression changes.

“Hu, hunter….”

Hunter! Demon race bane! Either a demon hates him to death or he is afraid of him to death.

While Ninth Manager facing Liu Yi…it is clearly fright!

He is able to feel how strong this hunter is!

What the !@$@! is wrong with the higher-ups! When did a hunter appear in the dragon group!

For the first time, Ninth Manager has thoughts of escaping.

“All of you die for me!”

He instantly slashes out over a hundred blade qi as he tries to use this move to suppress Liu Yi and the rest so that be can take advantage to escape.

When the hundreds of blade qi hit the Monarch Shield, it instantly creates a lot of sparks.

At the same time, borrowing that instant, Ninth Manager immediately turns to escape rapidly.

“Are you really able to escape?”

Liu Yi only sneers. After all of the blade qi have dissipated, he jumps up and kicks the Monarch Shield.

Instantly the Monarch Shield turns into a black ray of light and flies out swiftly. It instantly travels near 100 meters before crashing onto the Ninth Manager’s waist.

The sides of Monarch Shield is very sharp and cuts the Ninth Manager’s body into two.

Ninth Manager lower half is still running but his upper body drops onto the ground wiggling powerlessly.

“You who always enjoyed cutting people into two have never thought that you would end up in this state right.”

Liu Yi aims his right hand at the Monarch Shield which has pierced into the wall far away and making a pulling action. Instantly the Monarch Shield extracts itself from the wall and flies back to his side, before being absorbed back into his body.

“The cycle of karma, appropriate retributions. What evil you have done produce whatever results.”

While Liu Yi is speaking, he appears beside Ninth Manager’s side as he squats down and looks at his frightened eyes.

“I know what you are thinking of. Although I have chopped off your lower body but you are a demon which has a strong life force. As long as you have the opportunity you can still survive and slowly cultivate back your lower body.”

Liu Yi’s words destroyed Ninth Manager’s thoughts causing him to be completely dejected.

“But don’t you forget that I am a hunter…I, naturally have a way to deal with you!”

Ninth Manager obviously does not wish to die as he exclaims: “No! You cannot kill me! I am a high-ranking manager of LOST! Are you not afraid of my LOST’s power?”

Liu Yi looks at him in despise, “When dying why do you guys always take out your organization to threaten others? Let me be honest with you. I have already killed more than 1 LOST member already. To me, one more like you does not affect me at all.”

“You, you, you…you damn hunter! Devil!”

“Being termed this way by a demon like you really makes me unhappy.”

Liu Yi’s eyes turn cold, “Demon race’s name is spoiled by people like you!”

He stands up as an enormous black ax appears in his hands.

Feeling the demon qi that Liu Yi had released at that instant, Ninth Manager’s eyes widen.

“Wait! You, you are….”

“I am your grandpa!”

Liu Yi did not wait for Ninth Manager to finish as the ax cuts through his neck.

The Ninth Manager’s head flies up and hits the wall spraying the wall with blood.

Seeing the walls and floor covered with green blood, Maki’s mouth twitches.

“Finished already…looks like we need to spring clean this place again…this is really disgusting.”

“Okay, settled. Since you guys are being eyed by LOST, looks like twelve zodiac project is a really big cake ah.”

“Of course!”

Maki nods her head, “As long as they obtain our gene map, combined with resources, they would be able to create an army of earth grade soldiers… think about it, how scary can it be!”

Maki words cause Liu Yi to nods his head. Although I have met a lot of earth grade experts it does not mean that they are all over the place…rather, earth grade experts are as rare as qilin horns and phoenix feathers. It is me who is too unlucky and keeps meeting them.

Lin Tong had told me before that even in the current immortal sects if a single sect has 4-5 earth grade experts it is considered as quite good already.

Furthermore, earth grade also has ranks. Nine stars it is considered as just entering earth grade. Ten stars is the actual beginning until finally the peak of earth grade at 18 stars!

It can be said that after nine stars, wishing to open another star jade is several more times harder than before! Back then Chen Cai was able to cultivate till 13 stars in 300 years of cultivation due to all kinds of opportunities! In the end, he was crushed back by me and with great difficulty, he had slowly cultivated back to ten stars.

“Those that are eyeing us is not only the spies from other countries…there are also a few large organizations in China itself that are also eyeing us. They are the really scary enemy…”

Maki thinks for a while before saying: “For example, LOST is one of them…there are also some small sects who are also starting to have thoughts of the gene map. Ai, our current situation is like surrounded in all directions and isolated with no help. Liu Yi being a member of Dragon Group, although you are only from team three your strength really makes me convinced. I hope that you can shoulder the responsibility of protecting China and guard our base.”

Liu Yi raises up his inquiry: “You did not consider moving the laboratory?”

“We seem to have a spy in our internal management, thus even if we move away to other places it is useless.”

Maki shakes her head, “Furthermore the reason why we choose to stay here, other than Ke Da possessing the most advanced laboratory…most importantly this place is a very precious leyline. As long as us zodiac beasts are within the leyline we would be able to grow very quickly….”

“So that is the case. Then I understand.”

Liu Yi nods his head as he looks at Maki who he has accepted under his wings, “But why are you able to transform as you wish while Xiao Mi is unable to?”

“Xiao Mi this lass has just recently obtained the zodiac beast power…”

Maki’s eyes carry a bit of sorrow, not knowing what she is hiding, “After a while, she will be able to transform as she wishes.”

“Xiao Mi is very powerful now meow~!”

As Xiao Mi speaks, she circles Liu Yi continuously.

Seeing that Xiao Mi likes Liu Yi so much, Maki’s eyes contains some worry.

“That Liu Yi…I need to tell you something…”


Before Liu Yi is able to ask properly, from one end of the corridor comes a loud shout, “Who dares to trespass my restricted territory! Your seeking death!”

A golden lightly suddenly flies over!

That golden light faintly resembles the shape of a dragon as it flies through the corridor roaring.

Liu Yi is able to see a human figure within the golden light.

That human figure pushes out with both hands and attacks Liu Yi.

As the opponent is too fast, Liu Yi does not dare to be slow as he immediately puts on the Monarch Armour!

The black Monarch Armour gives Liu Yi an indescribable safe feeling.

His hand’s guard in front of his body, blocking the opponent’s palms.


Like a real dragon crashing into him, Liu Yi’s legs are slightly pushed backward, while the opponent lets out a roar.

Liu Yi is able to instantly judge that the opponent power is at ten stars!

Damn it, are earth grade expert’s really so worthless now? Why can they be found everywhere and I keep meeting them one after the other!

“Little fellow you have some ability take my, Chen Yu’s, Dragon Subduing fist!”

The human figure shouts and punches out towards Liu Yi again.

This fist has a dragon image curl up, clearly, it is very powerful.

Liu Yi dodges it and the fist hits the wall behind him.


The half a meter thick steel wall is instantly punched through, causing Liu Yi to be shocked.

Good fellow, this idiot is the most ferocious expert that I have met since returning to the human realm!

Seeing his technique, Dragon Subduing fist…

Is he a person from Tiger Dragon Path?

Liu Yi recalls Lin Tong saying that this cultivation realm has a lot of large sects and among them, the number one close combat sect is Tiger Dragon Path!

Within Tiger Dragon Path, there are two schools which is the strongest, Subduing Dragon Peak the other is Subduing Tiger Mountain! These two school can be described with an idiom, appearance of unity but divided at heart.

When they are fighting against other sects, these two schools with unit together and fight against the enemy! But when the fight with other sects is over, the two schools start to fight against each other secretly.

There is no other choice as the two school are equally match and both wish to be the head of Tiger Dragon Path! It is like Hidden Sword Pavilion being the head of Sword sect while Immortal Snowy Peak is the head of the Immortals!

In this laboratory, there are actually people from the Tiger Dragon Path? Really interesting!

Just as that Subduing Dragon Peak expert is about to continue attacking, Maki suddenly shouts: “Chen Yu, hold your hand!”

“Dr. Ma leave this place to me! I can easily deal with this kind of enemy!”

As Chen Yu speaks, he stretches out his palm and within the palm is condensed golden light.

At the same time, a very intense suppression emerges from his palm and reaches Liu Yi.

Liu Yi’s eyelid twitches, this pressure is actually…dragon might?

Interesting! Way too interesting! To think that by relying on his sect’s palm technique he is able to forcibly imitate a dragon’s might!

This Dragon Tiger Path is indeed interesting!


Chapter 355 [Tiger Dragon Path]

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  1. He should ask him to teach him some of those “dragon techniques” once the conflict is over… It might have a great synergy with his dragon Qi.


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