MKW Chapter 35

Chapter 35  [Title below]


“Real, really?”

Liu Yi keeps feeling that he is considered unlucky, and had never imagined that such a good thing will fall into his lap.

Let’s not mention the rest. Just playing computer games, the lucky draw in the games, he has never gotten any before.

Towards things related to luck, Liu Yi had given up hope!

{Rubbish, would this miss lie to you! Although this miss is a fox I am not a liar!}

“Okay, okay, okay…”

Liu Yi keeps nodding his head, “Then what cultivation technique does Immortal Fox sister want to pass to me…”

{It is a palm technique!}

“Palm technique? It sounds rather weak ….”

Liu Yi pouts, “I thought that it would at least be a technique like Seven Injury Fist, something with a scary name…”

[TL: how is that scary….it is more like suicidal attack….]

{What do you even know!}

Seeing Liu Yi’s disdaining attitude, Lin Tong instantly becomes angry.

{If you want to learn then learn, if you don’t want then scram!}

“Learn, I’ll learn!”

Lin Tong is the sole supporter that Liu Yi has!

Without Lin Tong, Liu Yi does not know what to do.

Lin Tong pouts and says, {Tsk, even if you wish to learn I do not wish to teach!}

“Don’t be like that!”

Liu Yi immediately apologize, “Immortal Fox sister right now I have a lot of enemies, if you do not teach me powerful techniques I will be finished!”

{I don’t care about those enemies of yours…they are just some mortals, what are you being afraid of!}

“No, no. Just now when I go out, I met a beauty wearing white attire! She was really powerful!”

Liu Yi’s words cause Lin Tong to be shocked/

“I sense the qi in the beauty’s body….it was similar to the white qi flow in my body…she says that she wants to snatch you away and then cripple my cultivation!

{What, what….}

“But luckily she pulled my left hand and carelessly got hit by that technique…allowing me to run back…”

Lin Tong’s heart nearly flies out!

That white shirt beauty….

There is no need to think about it. She is definitely that Fairy Gu Yu that I met yesterday!

Cannot! The next time when we meet Gu Yu she will be on guard and will not let Liu Yi escape that easily!

If I am pulled out from Liu Yi’s hand I will be subdued by Gu Yu before being refined into ashes!

Cannot let that happen!

Lin Tong immediately says, “Other than this set of palm technique, I will also teach you a set of escaping techniques!”

“Really? Immortal Fox sister…you, you treat me the best…”

Liu Yi is really moved.

While Lin Tong’s face completely red as she coughs and says, {Come, enter the spiritual world!}

“Wait, wait a bit. I need to turn on the washing machine!”

Liu Yi flusteredly turns on the washing machine. Luckily the washing machine is an automatic one. After turning it on, there is no need for him to do anything else.

After finishing everything, he instantly sits down on the toilet bowl and enters his spiritual world.

In his spiritual world, the human form Lin Tong had waited a long time.

“Dilly dally, so slow! Hurry up I need to transmit the two techniques to you!”


Liu Yi blinks his eyes.

“Looks carefully!”

Lin Tong suddenly stretches out her hands and pats on Liu Yi’s temple.


After two explosion sounds, streams of weird stuff enter Liu Yi’s brain.

At this moment it seems like there is more knowledge in his mind!

“This is the great transmitting technique. This is the fastest method that people in the cultivation world use to teach their disciples techniques!”

Lin Tong seems to have used up a lot of her energy as she pants.

But Liu Yi did have some gain. In his mind, there are two mystical techniques!

One is <Glorious Sun Palm>!

The other is <Spirit Fox Steps>!

Glorious Sun Palm should be the supreme technique that Lin Tong was mentioning.

Spirit Fox Steps should be the technique used for escaping!

Both are good things!

“Glorious Sun Palm, in total there is 13 palms! Every single palm is very mystical! Training until the final palm you will possess the ability to flip the seas!”

“This, this is so powerful…”

“Of course! But with your current strength, you can only train in the first palm! but this first palm is already very powerful! It can multiply your power by 3 times to attack the enemy! This can be considered the most ruthless technique that you can train in!”


Liu Yi nods his head.

After which he started cultivating the technique based on the memories in his mind. He starts revolving the red qi flow within his body.

This red qi flow follows a set path and then gathers in this right hand.

A sun mark instantly appears in Liu Yi’s right palm.

Liu Yi feels that his right hand is very hot and has a certain desire.

“Face me and attack!”

Lin Tong challenges Liu Yi.

“Ah? How, how can I hit you… you are Immortal fox sister…”

“Less nonsense! Attack!”

“Cannot! Grandpa says that a guy cannot hit girls!”

“What the! This miss is asking you to send out an attack! Do you think that you can hit me?!”

“I, I cannot…”

“@$#$!!! A big man! How can you say that you cant! Hurry up! This miss is asking you to attack!”

Lin Tong suddenly flashes in front of Liu Yi and then sends out a slap towards Liu Yi’s face.

Liu Yi is instantly stunned as he subconsciously retaliates.

That warm right-hand hits towards Lin Tong’s chest.


Lin Tong scolds before using both her hands to block in front of her chest.

Scarlet red flames are slapped out.

The enormous sun mark appears in the sky as Lin Tong’s figure is destroyed and turns into countless starlight in Liu Yi’s subconscious world.

“Immortal fox sister!”

Liu Yi is badly frightened and nearly starts crying.

Lin Tong is going to die!

What am I going to do!

Not only it is about future trouble but I still have not repaid her!

“Immortal Fox sister, don’t scare me! Don’t die! If you die what will happen to me…”

“Idiot. How would this miss die so easily!”

Lin Tong’s voice suddenly rings out from behind Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is instantly delighted as he turns around. Indeed, Lin Tong’s seductive figure is floating in behind him.

Only then did Liu Yi let out a sigh of relief.

Gods…so she is fine….nothing happening is good.

“Hahaha, see how badly frightened you were! This is your spiritual world, inside here I am only an illusion and will not die one!”

Liu Yi plops down onto the ground on his ass, pats his chest and says, “So that is the case…you scared me to death…”

“You….care about me so much?”

Lin Tong who is standing there looks at Liu Yi who is sitting down as her expression turn slightly weird.

“Of course! You are my Immortal Fox sister!”

Liu Yi climbs to his feet and says, “Although we only have only known each other for a day, you treat me so well! Then I must also treat you well! If something happens you to….then, then….”

“Then what?”

“Then I will also not live anymore!”

“Pfff, hehehe….”

Lin Tong suddenly starts laughing.

“What, what are you laughing about!”

Liu Yi waves his fist, “You are looking down on me!”

“No you idiot…”

Lin Tong says coquettishly, “Hurry up and cultivate! The first move of Glorious Sun palm is called ‘Desolate Flame’. Its might is very strong and can instantly increase your attack power by three times, this is your best weapon for dealing with enemies in the beginning.”

“Mm, I will practice properly one!”

Liu Yi clenches his fist, “I will protect Immortal Fox sister!”

“Don’t call me Immortal Fox sister! It makes me sound old!”

“Ah? Then what do I call you?”

“Just call me by my name. Call me Lin Tong!”

“Okay Immortal Fox sister.”

“You…. big idiot! Ahhhh!!!”

Lin Tong screams a few times like she is in despair.

“Immortal Fox sister…what, what is the matter with you?”

“I am about to go crazy…”

Liu Yi does not understand, thus he asks, “You are fine, why would you become crazy?”

“If this miss wants to be crazy then I will be crazy, who needs you to care!”

“Okay, okay, okay. I don’t care, I don’t care…”

“You…so if I ask you, you don’t care then you don’t care ?”

“Ah? Then I care, I care!”

“I ….am going to go crazy! Gods, are you trying to torture me sending me such a living treasure…”

Lin Tong wants to cry but has no tears.

Liu Yi is still standing there like an idiot as he rubs the back of his head. He does not know what is going on.

Why did Lin Tong become so irritated?

Could it be that her great aunt also came as well?

Oh….she will not make me go and buy sanitary pad as well, right….

I do not wish to go and buy a second time…

Being a woman is so troublesome…

Being a guy who is stuck to a woman…it is even more troublesome!

“I am going to be angered to death! Go and fucking train the Spirit Fox Steps now!”

“Oh, oh…okay….”

Liu Yi nods his head.

The revolving methods for Spirit Fox Steps immediately appear in his brain.

The red qi flow follows a certain pattern and slowly gathers in both of his legs.

At that moment Liu Yi senses that both his legs had springs added into them. Instantly becoming lighter.

“Spirit Fox Steps is a very profound movement technique!”

Lin Tong explains, “At the beginning of your training you can only increase your speed, allowing you to become more agile. When you cultivate it to later stages, you can do this.”

Lin Tong beckons to Liu Yi, “Come, hit me.”


Liu Yi instantly sends out a fist and hits Lin Tong’s nose.

“Wu, wu…how, how can you suddenly hit me…”

Lin Tong instantly covers her nose in pain as she kneels on the ground.

“Ah? Didn’t you ask me to hit you?”

Liu Yi is shocked as he checks the injury of Lin Tong, “Didn’t you say that this is my spiritual world and you, being a spiritual body, will not get injured?”

“Come on! Spiritual body and actual body is up to me to change between…right now I still have not changed into my spiritual body! You…I, Lin Tong hate you to death!”

Lin Tong who is kneeling on the ground looks at Liu Yi who is filled with concern and is only feeling that he is currently very hateful!

Wait till this miss has escaped. I will pull out your tendons, peel off your skin, and drink your blood!

I will definitely, ….ruthlessly give you a beating!


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