MKW Chapter 329

Chapter 329  [Check below


After resting for a night, Liu Yi and the other three brothers from the dormitory wake up and dress neatly before reporting to their class.

This day can be considered as a big day for some people because this is their first time meeting their classmates.

Especially Chen Cai who is very excited.

This idiot is excited because of two reasons. First is because there is a beautiful Japanese girl called Yoko Nishikawa in their class, the second reason is that their guide is the third most beautiful girl in their school, Zhang Meixin.

Liu Yi does not know what kind of person is this Zhang Meixin but towards the Yoko Nishikawa, he is somewhat suspicious of her.

Liu Yi believes that the Japanese kunoichi that he met yesterday is none other than her.

Within Ke Da itself there are not many Japanese exchange students.

At this time the number of Japanese girls that come over is even lesser. Thus Liu Yi’s eyes are lock onto Yoko Nishikawa.

Just what kind of girl is she?

Liu Yi plans to know more about her today.

“Wahaha…beautiful teacher and Japanese girl classmate…oh how much I am looking forward to it…”

Chen Cai is so excited that his saliva almost leaks out as they are walking towards the classroom making the rest of the dormitory brothers keep a distance from him.

“Boss, boss you say I should chase after the Japanese girl or should I go after our beautiful teacher? Wuwu…so hard to choose ah…”

Chen Cai rubs his hands together ask he shows an indecisive appearance, “Boss give me some opinion!”

“Little fellow. Seriously speak.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and pets his shoulder, “I feel…that you are too wishful…”

“What the heck! Boss, you don’t believe in me?!”

As Chen Cai speaks he does a strong man posture, “Don’t you feel that I am very attractive! A man’s charm is completely displayed by me ah boss!”

“I do not know you…”

Liu Yi keeps a distance from Chen Cai because the surrounding people are looking at him with weird gaze.

Finished! After 500 years in Asura Realm, Chen Cai has completely tortured away his moral integrity…

I am still too tender to be so shameless ah…

The rest of them keep a distance from Chen Cai as they walk to the seventh teaching block which is beside the biological research institution.

The two large building looks similar to a pair of twins. Beside them is luscious vegetation making it very prominent and pretty.

On the left is the teaching block and there are already a lot of students moving in and out of the door.

As long as their face looks excited, there is no need to ask for they are new students!

Their classroom is on the fifth floor and when they enter the classroom not all of their classmates have arrived. Most of them are sitting in groups of 2s and 3s.

Because they are slightly bashful, they did not look around but instead pretending to be calm as they talk to each other. But everyone is talking loudly as it seems like they are using their topic to attract the attention of other people, especially girls.

But like expected there are very few girls in this class, their appearance is grotesque.

Indeed, pretty girls all went to learn humanities or arts…

“Wuwuwu…what a tragic spectacle ah…”

Chen Cai sprawls on the table as he complained to the rest, “Why did I not choose to go to an arts major ah…just now we have passed the art’s teaching block and there are so many pretty girls ah…those face, figure and white legs…ahahahah I want to change courses!”

“Calm down!”

Liu Yi immediately comforts Chen Cai, “Don’t you forget that we must be in this biological course!”

“Why should we! Is my future not as important?!”

As Chen Cai weeps suddenly from a girl wearing yellow short skirt walks and instantly attracts all of the male’s gaze.

At that moment all of the males in the room forgot about their chat as they stare at the girl.

This girl is indeed very pretty, red lips and white teeth, each of her five features are exquisite like a beautiful porcelain doll standing there.

At that moment Liu Yi feels that the breathing sounds in the room seem to have slowed down.

Indeed she is as beautiful as flower ah. All of the males’ vigor is snatched away by her.


Chen Cai is even exaggerated…he even starts to have a nosebleed.

“Girl…beautiful girl…it has been such a long time since I last saw such a beautiful girl…”

“What the heck…you have recently seen Murong Die and the rest of the girls okay!”

“That is different…those are boss’s ones…perhaps I have seen them too many time…this, this is a new thing ah…girl, beauty ah…boss, my future has just brightened up ah…”

Chen Cai pinches his own nose.

Damn…this shit has stayed too long in the Asura Realm already…I think that his desire for women has reached a depraved point!

Actually, Liu Yi is also the same. This 500 years he also has a deep yearning for girls.

No matter if it is Murong Die, Wang Lele, Wang Yuzheng, Li Biyue, Wenren Qian…he misses Lin Tong the most.

While the one he thought of the most is Ai Ling that demonic girl from Concealed Sword Palace.

Beautiful like flowers on the clouds, blessed by the long days of Qingming!

Every time when Liu Yi thinks of Ai Ling, his heart feels weird. Joy and melancholy.

Don’t know when I would be able to see that woman again!

In Liu Yi’s heart, he starts to anticipate it.

He suddenly recalls that it is not time as he immediately puts down the crazy thoughts as he looks at the beauty at the door.

The beauty is none other than the Japanese girl Yoko Nishikawa.

“Hello everyone!”

Facing the wolf-like gaze of the males, Yoko Nishikawa is not afraid instead she openly stands at the doorway as she waves her hands at everyone and greets them.

What she said is a standard Chinese and it can be seen that she has really put in an effort to learn.

Liu Yi immediately becomes alarmed as this voice did not match up with the kunoichi that he met yesterday.

But this does not mean much, instead, it makes Liu Yi even more careful.

Because based on her body figure it is a match.

1.55m height and the figure is similar.

Earlier he is only 50% confirm that it is her but now it is 70%. As for the other 30 %, he will slowly confirm soon.

“Yoko come here!”

Three girls warmly wave at the doll. Looks like they are Yoko Nishikawa’s dormmates.

“Hehe, yesterday we stayed overnight at internet cafe but you are the only one who woke up late!”

One of them pulls on Yoko Nishikawa’s hand as she says merrily.

“You girls are very awake ah…”

Yoko Nishikawa smiles warmly, “I am still somewhat tired…this is the first time I stayed overnight in an internet cafe…but your internet cafe is somewhat messy…”

“Aiyah as long as you get used to it then it is fine! You see the moment you come in all of the males became stunned…hehe Yoko after all you do not have a boyfriend in Japan why don’t you find one here!”

“This…this…I still need to consider…”

Yoko Nishikawa’s face turns red, that bashfulness instant kills the classroom of males.

The girls start to chat with each other as Liu Yi’s suspicion increases.

What a joke yesterday the girls went to an Internet cafe and stayed overnight?

If that is the case then the person who appeared yesterday night isn’t Yoko Nishikawa?

That is not possible! Their body figure matches already! Is it that I judged wrongly?

From the moment Liu Yi came out from Asura Realm, he always believes his instinct. This is the precise intuition that he has tempered and nurtured out from the 500 years of killing and close-combat in Asura Realm.

His first judgment will definitely not be wrong…but the conversation between the girls causes Liu Yi to have question marks.

Unless all of these girls are undercover agents who are telling lies?

Liu Yi immediately sends these few girls pictures into Dragon Group’s computer to let the people from Dragon Group to investigate.

The report returns back very quickly. All of them are ordinary china girls who have a low probability of being spy…

This matter is strange now…who on earth was it yesterday night?

Just as Liu Yi starts wrecking his brains, the classroom door is pushed open again.

This time around all of the males did not hold their breath, rather they take a deep breath!

Because it is an absolutely stunning beauty wearing grey formal attire and short skirts revealing a pair of beautiful white legs that walks in slowly.

**! An absolute beauty**!

Liu Yi swears that this is the first time he has seen such a sexy girl after living for so many years…

Even if it is Wang Lele compared to her is definitely lacking by a grade!

Bountiful chest! At that instant, these two words emerge in his mind.

As the beauty walks, all of the males’ gaze are chasing after her lower half as they seem to be wishing to be able to get a gaze the wonderland underneath the skirt!

Chen Cai once again pinches his nose as his nosebleed is uncontrollable.

[TL: lols Sanji!!]

“This student. The summer heat is very strong do you need to go to the sick bay to have a check-up?”

Zhang Meixin places her lesson plan on the table before seeing Chen Cai who is having a nosebleed and asks in concern.

Chen Cai shakes his head, bullshit this is a chance to see a beauty how it is possible for me to go to a boring place like a sick bay!

“Let teacher take a look.”

Zhang Meixin seems to be worried about Chen Cai’s body condition as she walks over and bends over as she takes a looks at Chen Cai’s nose.

That bend over of hers is not important but instantly her chest squeezes together and a deep deep valley appears.


Chen Cai’s nosebleed instantly went from a trickle into a water sprout and nearly sprays onto Zhang Meixin.

Chen Cai covers his nose and collapses beside Liu Yi and says in happiness: “Boss…it is worth it if I die now…”

“Hurry up and block it!”

Liu Yi hurries and borrow tissue paper from the girls beside them and stuffs them into Chen Cai nose before apologetically says to Zhang Meixin, “I am sorry teacher…Chen Cai recently is very heated. I hope he did not dirty teacher’s clothing!”

“Not at all, not at all. I know that during summer a male will be very heated.”

Zhang Meixin seems to have realized something but she is not angry, rather she covers her mouth and smiles.

Wow! It is yet another beautiful woman that will cause mayhem in the world!

This thought flashes across Liu Yi’s heart.

“How is everyone. I am called Zhang Meixin and am a teacher for biological dissection course. I am also your future secular four guider. You guys can either call me Teacher Zhang or older sister. After all, to me, you guys are like my little brothers and sisters.”

A bold youngster ask: “Teacher…teacher Zhang how old are you this year?”



Chapter 329- [Japanese classmate and the beautiful guider]

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