MKW Chapter 318

Chapter 318  [Ghost Infant? God?]


Liu Yi frowns as he stares at the demonic infant that stands up once again.

Undying person ah!

This causes Liu Yi to be slightly numb.

At the back, Gu Yu advises, “During the night, under the moonlight, it is impossible for us to kill him! Let’s temporary retreat!”

“This Ausra barrier also cannot last for long.”

Liu Yi glances at Chen Cai who has just stood up at the train end and says faintly, “Only half an hour left. Within this half an hour I must take down this demonic infant!”

Gu Yu shouts loudly: “It is impossible! You have also seen it this demonic infant can revive endlessly! Furthermore everytime it revives, his strength will become stronger! You are completely unable to handle him. Do not put in such useless efforts, even if the people on the train die so be it. They are but a few mortals that’s all, they are unable to control their own fate! How many people can you save? Do you really think that you are a hero?”

“I am of course not a hero but I am also not coward.”

As Liu Yi speaks he tightens his fist, “He revives one time then I kill him once more. I want to see who is more persistent than the other!”

Liu Yi draws back his hands to his waist as he fixes his gaze at the demonic infant who is rushing up again.

“Illusion extermination!”

The palm speed of Illusion extermination is faster than light thus the demonic infant is completely unable to dodge.

From far away the demonic infant is continuously being hit by the traceless palm attack, palm after palm as it tumbles in the air.

“Imperial Sword technique! Frost Moon sword turn him into mincemeat!”

Finally, Liu Yi presses his hands together and raises Frost Moon Sword.

The snow-white sword is like a shooting star flying across the sky as it cuts through the night sky and skewers the demonic infant.

The body of the demonic infant instantly freezes into an ice sculpture and exploded in the sky.

Ice pieces scatter all over and land around the train.

“This time around it should be enough.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders feeling that this time around he really wasted a bit of strength.

That demonic infant is so hard to kill. Hopefully, the Great God sect does not have too many of such things.

“He is still alive…”

Gu Yu senses the surrounding before saying: “I can still feel his strength…so scary…”

“Its still alive?”

Liu Yi looks at the scattered ice in shock not believing that the demonic infant is still alive.

But at this moment the scattered ice starts to melt and the meat inside seems to still be moving as they recombine together and finally a revived ghost infant stands before Liu Yi once again.

Liu Yi is astonished: “I’ll be damned…what a tenacious vitality ah!”

“Boss why don’t asuras have such a perverted ability ah!”

Chen Cai stares with envy.

Liu Yi sneers, “If you know it, then you are also a monster.”

After being killed twice, the demonic infant is finally angry.

He roars loudly causing the ground to trembles.

At the same time, fresh blood exploded out from the ground and forms up to tens of thousands of blood arrows shooting towards Liu Yi.

“Boss be careful ah!”

Upon seeing such a horrifying scene Chen Cai is badly frightened.

Gu Yu is also shocked. If all of those blood arrows land on Liu Yi, that would be very scary! Wouldn’t he turn into a sieve?!

After reviving twice the demonic infant actually became such so scary!

Even if it is me facing such a move I can only escape!

“Thousand shadows!”

Liu Yi stands at his original spot as his hands move gently in front of him as qi condenses around his hands.

Glorious Sun Fifth Palm, defend like wind not allowing even water to enter!

By Liu Yi’s side, countless palm shadows fly around him carrying mysterious ice qi forming ice palms as they fly in a circle.

“Boom, boom, boom”

A series of blood arrows is blocked by Liu Yi’s thousand shadows palm technique while Liu Yi stands within safe and sound.


Seeing that its attack does not affect the opponent the demonic infant roars before bending his leg and rushes towards Liu Yi.

The demonic infant’s speed is very fast and all Gu Yu and Chen Cai can see is the demonic infant bending its knee before the demonic infant disappears.

Gu Yu eyes widen as she accumulates her qi to her eyes but all she can faintly see is the afterimage of the demonic infant.

How fast is this speed, how is it possible for Liu Yi to handle it!

Gu Yu’s gaze once again lands on Liu Yi.

Is he really so mysterious? Can he handle such an empowered demonic infant?

The only possibility is that he is an earth grade expert!

But based on his aura, Liu Yi still has not broken through into earth grade ah!

“Army Cleave!”

Liu Yi is calm as he fiercely smashes his palm against the ground.

Ice qi erupts out and freezes the demonic infant inside.

Gu Yu is shocked, how on earth did Liu Yi know that the demonic infant would reach him at that time.

Unless this is combat prediction? But that demonic infant is also not an idiot. It circled Liu Yi a few rounds before sneak attacking him like a cheetah!

Unless it is a coincidence?

Gu Yu does not know that Liu Yi has the Black and White World, this kind of heaven-defying technique and guesses stupidly.

“Illusion extermination!”

Liu Yi once against sends out a palm and hits the demonic infant.

The demonic infant body once again scatters but Liu Yi is still not done.

“Come out my beauties! It is show time for you girls!”

Liu Yi claps his hands.

Instantly from beside his body flies out tens of fire spirit beauties.

These flame beauties are seductive but they have enough strength and their body carry very high temperatures.

Following Liu Yi’s pointing, they immediately fly over to the frozen meat on the ground.

“Burn everything!”

Liu Yi suddenly places his hands together and claps fiercely!

Instantly the flame beauties turn into an eye-catching golden color.

Under the high-temperature, everything is burned!

The frozen meat on the ground instantly vaporizes and disappear.s

There is only a deep black hole on the spot emitting black smoke.

After the flames beauties let out that large move, the flames on their body turns back to red before returning to Liu Yi’s side and disappearing.

Liu Yi dusts his hands and says: “This time around should be completely settled right?”

But the air seems to be pervaded with a familiar aura.

Following which in front of Liu Yi, black smoke starts to gather.

The black smoke gathers together and slowly condense out a human figure.

“#$@%^!#, come one why is it so deceptive ah!”

Chen Cai at the back scolded: “It did not die despite that! Are you for real?!”

“You all….die…”

The figure stands there and actually speaks!

“What the. This time around it evolves and gain intelligence?”

When Chen Cai hears the demonic infant speaks his jaws nearly drop off.

“Want to kill me…not…possible…”

The demonic infant speaks slowly and it seems like its intelligence is becoming mature.

“While all of you…must die…”

“What kind of ghost thingy are you?!”

Liu Yi’s heart becomes somewhat heavy. This fellow is too strange!

“I am…you guys…can not understand…god…”

Chen Cai sneers, “The hell…it is another fellow that proclaims himself as god.”

“If you are also considered as a god then I am afraid that the god of Great God sect is no longer worth money.”

Liu Yi stands there and says coldly: “You are nothing but a piece of rotten flesh that’s all.”

“You….deserve death…”

As the demonic infant speaks a black gas suddenly erupts from its body.

Its strength suddenly increases by a lot in an instant.

The surrounding ground also starts to crack.

“Boss…it, its strength is very scary…”

Chen Cai feels that his heart is being oppressed, “So strong…my Asura Barrier is almost unable to withstand it…”

“Persevere a while more…”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath, “I will think of a way to settle him…”

“Evil demonic infant do not think that you can be arrogant! There is still my Immortal Snow Peak!”

Unexpectedly at this moment Gu Yu who is silent suddenly takes action.

Around her rises ice sword after ice sword. Finally with a wave of both hands the ice swords instantly shoot towards the demonic infant.


The demonic infant laughs in disdain as it stands there not moving.

The black aura around him blocks the ice swords from hitting him.

It is like the ice swords have rammed into a wall and are unable to pierce through.

“Go and die!”

Although her first move did not work, Gu Yu have already moved forwards as her hands wave down fiercely.

A ten meters long enormous ice sword instantly chops down carrying with it the strength to split the mountain. The vigor behind the sword seems to be split the demonic infant into two.


The demonic infant’s articulation is becoming more and more nimble. It stands there as qi gathers around its right hand. It raises its right hand and directly grabs ahold of the ice sword that is chopping down.


When the ice sword chops on the demonic infant’s hand the whole sword instantly stops!

The demonic infant’s body sinks into the ground slightly but it seems to be fine as it stands there holding the enormous sword.

It’s qi has perfectly protected it.

“Toy only.”

Facing the enormous ice sword the demonic infant laughs weirdly before clenching its right fist.

The ice sword instantly shatters when its palm protected with qi clenches.

Afterwards the demonic infant disappears and reappears in front of Gu Yu and sends a palm on her shoulder.

Gu Yu instantly flew away like a kite with broken strings and lands very far away.


Her mouth opens as she spits out a mouthful of blood.

She is completely unable to defeat the current powerful demonic infant! this really the end…

“Silly…childish…all of you…will die.”

The demonic infant mumbles as it stares at Liu Yi once again.

“You…first one.”

“Apologies, I do not have the intention to die. I still do not have a girlfriend!”

Liu Yi has finally finished gathering all of this strength, “Chen Cai take a look at Gu Yu’s injury. Leave the rest to me!”

“You won’t be able to win …”

Gu Yu’s face turn pales as she says: “We all…are destined to die here…”

“I shall not die at this place. With great difficulty, I crawled out from Asura realm. I still need to enjoy my university life!”

As Liu Yi speaks his aura starts to change as a qi wave erupts from his body and spread out in all directions.

Chen Cai becomes very excited as he clenches his fist.

“Boss is going to use his full power now! This time around we are definitely going to win!”



Chapter 318- [Ghost Infant? God?]

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