MKW Chapter 313

Chapter 313  [Crowd sweetheart]


Glorious Sun Conglomerate.

A dwarf with a short beard face the Glorious Sun Conglomerate’s person in charge of North Dragon city and shouts: “BAKA! You can’t even handle such a small matter! Our power in North Dragon city has already been uprooted! And the clues to the twelve zodiacs are broken! You, go and commit harakiri!”

When the person in charge hears this he nearly peed in his pants and he hurriedly says: “Sire calm down…sire calm down…although our power in North Dragon city was uprooted by the Red Scarf Army….but for the twelve zodiacs we have new breakthrough…”

“What breakthrough?”

“It is the matter of the twelve zodiac plan is held in North Dragon city is actually a smoke screen. Our spy has found the real laboratory of the twelve zodiac and it has always been at Jing Dou! Furthermore, it is in a University!”

“Interesting…fine you do not need to commit harakiri. Immediately send down my orders and send the clan’s strongest fighter to infiltrate the university! Do not let the Great King Conglomerate snatch it first! Otherwise, you shall be held responsible for it!”


Other than the Glorious Sun Conglomerate, in all of the countries, all of the organizations are paying attention to the twelve zodiac plans in Jing Dou.


LOST General headquarters.

A refined pretty man wearing golden shirt is sitting behind a crystal curtain as he asks faintly: “Ri ah, you say if we manage to take the twelve zodiac gene map would it be the day for our demon race to come out?”

In front of the crystal curtain is an elegant man wearing white clothing kneeling down.

When he hears the way the man behind the curtain call him the man’s face instantly twitches and says: “King Wu please call me by my full name Ao Ri.”

“Ri ah you must retrieve the gene map this time. Do not betray my hopes for you. For this task, if you have no choice but to kill people…..hehehehe….then kill till your heart’s content.”

“Yes…King Wu…”

Ao Ri’s face twitches again and without any other choice he can only stand up and walk away.


While at this moment Liu Yi does not know that there will be huge waves and blood raining in the university that he will be going to. The current him has turned into a coolie man and is carrying all kinds of bags.

Chen Cai who is beside him is also the same and is pulling two luggage bags and carrying a large school bag on his back.

The three girls in front of them are very relaxed, looking very pretty and are chatting happily with each other attracting the gaze of a number of guys in the surroundings.

“Boss…why are we so miserable ah not only do we need to squeeze into the train we still need to help other people carry their bags.”

Chen Cai asks with a bitter face.

“Cough…no choice…who asked us to disappear for such a long time.”

When Liu Yi recalls the moment when he went back and the black face that she gave him, he coughs drily.

Leaving for fifty days and uncontactable no wonder Murong Die and the girls are angry.

It is already fortunate that their goodwill towards him have neither increased nor decreased.

While Wang Yuzheng’s goodwill towards him is 88 which is okay and has increased by quite a bit. Looks like this lass misses him a lot.

“Boss it is your right, do not say us!”

Chen Cai wants to cry, “These lasses are obviously angry at you and are not related to me why do I also need to carry so much ah!”

Liu Yi immediately says: “We are good brothers for better or worst!”

“What the…boss then you must help me find a girl!”

“Aiyah, today’s weather is not bad…Chen Cai do you know what is the weather in Jing Dou?”

“Bullshit! Boss, you don’t have the code of brotherhood!”

“Code of brotherhood? This is a new term ah…eh Chen Cai you also know how to make a speech?”


Chen Cai feels that he is already very shameless but compared to boss his combat power is only 5!

“There are a lot of people.”

Murong Die glanced at the row of people queueing up for the train and pouts, “If I had known this I would have taken the plane.”

“Big Miss! I already told you to take the plane alright!”

Liu Yi is no longer able to bear it and retorted, “You see…there are so many people…”

“Heng, this miss is willing to squeeze! All of the men in this train, which one is not stronger than you, this unreliable Liu Yi! Heng, even if it is Chen Cai he is a hundred times stronger than you!”

Murong Die glares at Liu Yi, it seems like she is still mad at him.

“Boss why do I not understand…this…is she scolding me or praising me?”

Chen Cai by the side blinks his eyes.

“Praising you.”

Liu Yi rolls his eyes at Chen Cai before saying to Murong Die: “Our Murong Big Miss, I have already apologized already okay. I had to go back to my village because of a very important matter. These 50 days even though I am in the village I also missed our Murong Big Miss daily ah.”

“Real, really?”

When Murong Die hears this she got a shock.

Her face quickly turns red.

Liu Yi thinks of me daily?

“You, you are not lying to me?”

“Why should I lie to you. The heaven and earth can be my witness!”

Liu Yi swears as he raises his right hand towards the sky.

By the side Chen Cai retorted, right you definitely thought of her for 50 days but as for the rest of the 499 years and 315 days you definitely did not think of her!

Girls are indeed girls…they are too easy to pacify.

“Heng! Who wants you to think of me! The number of men who are thinking of this miss is uncountable!”

Murong Die turns her head away but the smile is obvious.

“Wei, wei, wei, Little Yi you cannot favour one and discriminate the others!”

By the side Wang Lele suddenly shouts: “You cannot only think of Little Die older sister. You also need to think of Lele ah! These 50+ days in order to remember, I hanged Little Yi older brother’s photo on the wall of my house!”

What the heck! I am still not dead okay!!!

Liu Yi nearly vomited blood.

“Miss, of course, I also missed you…how could I not miss our adorable and cute Lady Lele.”

“Hehe that’s better. I just know that Little Yi older brother is affectionate. Later I will ask my house nanny to light two more incense!”

Liu Yi is really about to vomit blood.


By the side Wang Yuzheng says weakly, “My mother is also harping about you…she says why are you not coming over to have a meal….en…too hard to invite.”

“That….it is my fault. Wait till the next holiday, when we return I will definitely go and pay a visit!”

Human realm fifty day Asura Realm five hundred years. After five hundred years have passed, Liu Yi feels that it created quite a few man-made complications.

Of course, the fortunate thing is that his power has indeed increase.

Liu Yi also has the confidence towards the pact of one year.

After waiting for a while more the train slowly comes to the station. A number of people carrying small bags and large bags squeeze into the train.

No matter what Murong Die wants to experience life thus she bought five hard seats on the train. Liu Yi rejoiced as it is fortunate that the lass does not know that the train also has a standing ticket…otherwise it will really be screw up.

The train is not a high-speed rail and is a normal green leather train. As it is nearing the start of a new university term, the train is packed with students as well as their parents.

Groups like Liu Yi and his group of five university students going out together is rather rare.

The five of them seat facing each other, the three girls on one side while Liu Yi and Chen Cai on the other.

Very quickly a handsome man walks over and immediately sits by Chen Cai’s side.

At first, he is listless but when he sees that on the opposite is three beauties his eyes instantly brighten.

I have never imagined that on this small train there are such high-grade girls! Furthermore, it is three of them together! The gods are really being kind to me ah!

Based on my eloquence and looks perhaps I might be able to get one or two of them hehehe…

“Eh, three beauties are you new university students?”

Murong Die and Wang Yuzheng is not inclined to answer him but it is Wang Lele who curiously asks him: “Eh? How do you know?”

“By looking at your luggage!”

The man smiles and says: “Other than new university students who else needs to bring so many things to go to university! You just take a look at me. I am only carrying a small bag which contains a few washable clothes. You girls must also be going to Jing Dou right? Later when we are arriving I, Chen Danui can help you carry them!”


Liu Yi by the side wipes away his cold sweat, what year is it already and there is still people who are named in such manner…

“No need. Thanks.”

Murong Die directly rejected him as she does not wish to owe other people favors.

Furthermore, there is Liu Yi to use, why do they need to use other people?

“These beauties do not need to be so polite. Which university are you girls going to perhaps we might be schoolmates!”

Wang Lele is less conscious and blurts out: “Qing Bei.”

Murong Die pushes her slightly but it is already too late.

That man is obviously already excited as his expression seems to be impassionate.

“So we are really schoolmates ah! Junior sister, seniors helping you girls is our duty! There is no need to be so polite! As for your luggage just leave it to me!”

Wang Lele is also not an idiot. When she got pushed by Murong Die she understands what is happening as she blinks at Chen Danui and says: “Senior…have you heard of a saying?”

“What saying?”

Chen Danui is very excited and he also does not know what does the big chest girl want to say.

He is more interested in Wang Lele’s chest…because it is really really large…especially with the summer white T-shirt, the ravine faintly discernible under the collar is about to make him salivate.

The chest of the other two girls are not as attractive but they are still national flowers!

The one on the left is haughty and beautiful while the one on the right is cute and charming and both are a feast for the eyes ah…

If all of them are my junior sisters…hehehe the shore of the university will not be lonely anymore!

Chen Danui is already starting to imagine his fortune!

“Senior, this sentence is, guard against fire, guard against theft and guard against senior brothers!”

Wang Lele’s sentence causes Chen Danui to become awkward, “This…junior sister you cannot say it like this. This senior is very honest! Especially when you reach a new environment you still need to buy some daily necessities, what if you are cheated by those shameless peddlers! Furthermore, you still need to handle all kinds of formalities. With me here it wouldn’t be so troublesome! I am innocent ah…”

Chen Danui opens his chatterbox and starts to talk endlessly causing the girls to be annoyed very quickly.

“Right this few junior sisters do you have boyfriends?”

Finally, Chen Danui asks the question he really wanted to ask.

The girls seem to want him to shut up and says at the same time: “Have!”

“Ah? Who!”


The three of them point at Liu Yi who is leaning against the window.



Chapter 313- [The crowds sweetheart]

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