MKW Chapter 3

Chapter 3  [This elder sister in an Immortal Fox


“Liu Yi, can you bring me here?”

Liu Yi is stunned as he looks at Ma Yixuan who is in front of him. She is wearing a white lace dress looking pure and cute as well as fascinating and charming. She is standing on the side of the street as she points at the signboard of the Hanting Express Hotel.

Go… go… go this place….

… going here for what…

“Alright k… I want go there ah…”

Ma Yixuan pulls on Liu Yi’s hand as she acts coquettish.

That charm almost causes his bones to go limp.

“Is… is that okay…”

Liu Yi swallows his saliva as he looks at his class beauty that he has longed for so long.

Ma Yixuan is the literature committee member for his grade as well as his neighbor.

This girl is indeed a beauty and Liu Yi has liked her for a very long time.

Thinking about it, Liu Yi has long forgotten how long has he liked her for. It seems like he had liked her ever since he saw her when she moved over and became his neighbor.

However, her attitude towards him had always been very cold.

What happened today? She actually pulled him along and says that she wants to go to the Hanting Express Hotel with me?

This… Is this the legendary loser’s springtime?!

Liu Yi was about to cry his eyes out.

“What could be wrong, you see we knew each other for three years already!”

Ma Yixian smiles charmingly at Liu Yi making him melt as she says with a blushing face: “I know of your feelings toward me… furthermore, you have been very nice to me… I feel that there is nothing that I can give you so… I’m giving you me…”

“But… but… that is bad… I will be seen by others as a pervert!”

“Then let’s forget about it. Let’s go home.”

“Go go go! Let’s get a room!”

“Wouldn’t you be seen as a pervert?”

“What is there to be afraid, after all, I Liu Yi am originally a pervert!”

At this moment, Liu Yi is boiling with animal instincts. He grabs Ma Yixuan’s hand and walks in and asks for a room.

Upon entering that warm and romantic tiny room, Liu Yi immediately could not help himself as he hugs Ma Yixuan and kisses her frantically.

And at this moment, from Ma Yixuan’s mouth was the voice of an aunty.

“Ai ai ai! Young man, are you crazy?! How can you randomly kiss people ah!”

It is a voice that could shatter eardrums which immediately wakes Liu Yi up.

He opens his eyes only to realize that everything in front of him has changed.

The warm and romantic tiny room with a giant round bed has disappeared.

The beautiful and charming Ma Yixuan is also gone.

He is currently pulling on an aunty that is wearing a red armband as he kisses her arm.

The heck! What the hell is going on!

Liu Yi is instantly wide awake as he stands up.

“Awake from your spring dreams? I say you should still be a student right? Why are you lying in the park to sleep?  Sleeping is one thing but why do you have to touch me…”

The aunty pulls on her red armband as she begins to criticize and educate Liu Yi.

“What’s wrong with kids like you nowadays. You can’t even allow parents a peace of mind… You kids ah…”

The aunty says a lot of things while Liu Yi only stands there in a daze.

How did I get here….

That’s right…

He suddenly remembers that yesterday night he was pulled here by a beautiful girl.

But…it seems like the girl killed me in the end…

Liu Yi touches his chest but he finds that his chest is completely fine while there is a hole in his shirt.

God damn it!

This is really too strange!

He suddenly also remember that afterward, it seems like there is an immortal beauty that saved him.

This I am not dreaming, right?

Liu Yi starts to get absent-minded as he starts to be lost not knowing what to do.

“What are you dreaming for! You useless person! Stupid idiotic teenager!”

At this moment beside Liu Yi’s ear suddenly comes a familiar woman’s voice.

“Ahh!!! Ghost!!!”

Liu Yi immediately shrieks.

“You call me a ghost?!”

The aunty is immediately unhappy, “Haiz. Child, I am trying to teach you how to be good however not only do you not appreciate my teachings you even called me a ghost. This child must have a heavy taste and is into older women around my age, right? Ai, back then when this sister was still young I am indeed a beauty. Although now I am slightly old I still have the lingering charm so I can understand you…”

Once against the woman starts to blabbers on.

As for Liu Yi, the voice of that girl is still speaking into his ears.

“Ghost my ass! This older sister is an Immortal Fox!”

Liu Yi is about to collapse for real.

This is still in the broad daylight! Did I really see a ghost?!

This place must be too gloomy… that’s right, let me find a brighter place and get rid of this evil ghost.

Without taking into the consideration of the aunty who is lecturing him, Liu Yi turns around and ran.

“Hey hey hey! Young man, why did you run away?! At least leave your number behind so that this older sister could contact you often…..”

The aunty’s reluctant to part voice grew further and further away from Liu Yi.

Liu Yi keeps running like mad however the girl’s voice is still ringing beside his ear.

“What are you running for ah?! Stop running! Aiyah why are you still running and even running so fast! Do you think that you are Liu Xiang?! How about running another hundred meters hurdles?!”

The voice keeps chasing beside Liu Yi’s ears like a demonic voice penetrating his mind.

Liu Yi is badly frightened, just as he was about to rush into the pond in the park a red smoke suddenly emerges from his right hand and condenses itself into the shape of a fox and floats in front of him.

“My god!”

Liu Yi’s legs soften as he falls onto his ass.

Fortunately, there aren’t many people in the park today otherwise Liu Yi would’ve certainly attracted a lot of attention.

“What are you running for?! Is this miss so scary?!”

The fox shaped smoke slowly drifted in front of Liu Yi scaring him so much that his entire back is completely drenched in cold sweat.

“You… what on earth are you….”

Liu Yi squeezed these words through his teeth.

Oh heavens! To meet a ghost in broad daylight, am I Liu Yi really going to die?!

Boohoo! No! I don’t want to die a virgin ah!

…. I haven’t even manage to touch Ma Yixuan’s delicate hands yet…

Although I manage to touch a girl’s chest yesterday alas it is flat…

I don’t want to die before touching a big chest!

Liu Yi is about to cry.

Oh, Gods! Please save me!

I will certainly burn more incense for you! I will also burn more of Aoi Sora’s photos for you!

Just as Liu Yi is starting to beg all kinds of deities to save his life the little fox start speaking again.

“What are you shaking for! Seeing how frightened you are, are you sure you are a man ah! Let me tell you this miss is not a ghost. This miss is an Immortal Fox! A pure and beautiful, gentle and kind Immortal Fox!”



Chapter 3- [This elder is an Immortal Fox]

2 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 3

  1. did you idiots really just copy someone else’s translation and put it in present tense???

    seriously? you have to be touched in the head to do something so stupidly pointless!

    why the fuck would you ruin a perfectly good translation by putting it in present tense???

    leave it in past tense like it was meant to be and don’t make such godawfull decisions!


    • mio, I redid the translation and by the way there are parts of the story where past tense makes no sense given it is a though or talking in present
      and no the previous translator for chapter 1-45 is worst than me cause he remove parts of the story during translation…so i did not even bother referring to it most of the time


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