MKW Chapter 292

Chapter 292 [Promise]


“Susu, are you crazy?”

Liu Yi so badly frightened by Ao Susu’s sentence that he escapes in a sorry figure. After he left Old Dragon King finally reacted as his dragon jaw almost drop off.

Bringing the group of aquantic clan back to the Dragon Palace, Old Dragon King directly calls Ao Susu to stand in front of him as he prepares to harshly scold her.

“My little ancestor ah do you know what you are saying?”

“Royal father, I have thought about it very clearly.”

Ao Susu says in a deadpan manner: “In the future, this dragon hunter will definitely be someone amazing! Daughter being able to marry him is definitely Dragon Palace’s fortune. Or does Royal father plan to marry daughter to the South Sea in the future right?”


Old Dragon King is embarrassed. He always assumed that his little daughter is still the innocent and pure little dragon girl of back then, but he did not think that the lass would know so much already.

“Although daughter is still young, daughter is not stupid.”

Ao Susu sticks out her slightly protruding chest and says: “It is not like I have not seen the dragon princes from the South Sea. Every single one of them are idiots and likes to eat, drink and play, completely useless. It is impossible to ask them to do proper business! If I marry them, daughter’s future will be ruined and it will not help our River Song dragon vein! If our River Song wishes to rise then we must rely on Blood Emperor!”

“My daughter ah! You must be crazy!”

Old Dragon King is so mad that he started trembling, “That dragon hunter is the person who killed your elder brother!”

“It is elder brother who did not live up to expectation.”

Ao Susu sneers and says: “It is obvious that he does not have the ability and still wants to run around outside. This is the karma of the dragon race! Furthermore, daughter has observed properly while traveling that this Blood Emperor is not a real hunter. At least during this journey, he had a lot of chances to kill daughter but he did not.”

“My daughter ah…we cannot look at the surface of human ah…they are cunning, treacherous and have very deep thoughts.”

“Royal father, daughter is not an idiot!”

Ao Susu says: “There are some things that I am able to see clearly. I have tested him a few times and the answers have made me satisfied. Although I am slightly afraid of him…but I am much more appreciative of him. For our River Song dragon lineage, daughter is still okay with this minor sacrifice.”


“Royal father just take a look at how badly bullied is our River Song’s aquatic people.”

Ao Susu immediately says: “Even the blackfish spirits from Heilongjiang are scolding in front of our door as well as killing our people as they please! Royal father when have you not had bear with it? Do you still wish to live such kind of days?”

“Ai…wait, wait for Ao Guang and Ao Tian to return then everything will be fine…”

“Enough Royal father!”

Ao Susu sneers, “Big brother is an official in heaven court but what kind of official is he? He is taking care of horses okay! Second brother is in the South Sea but he is the son-in-law of the South Sea! With how headstrong the East Sea Princess is he doesn’t even dare to fart in their house! Even second brother’s surname is already changed to Ao! You still hope to count on them? Why don’t you just place your hope on daughter!”

[TL: The Ao are written different, Ao Susu’s 熬 and the changed surname Ao,敖]

Old Dragon King says in worry: “But…this, this is too dangerous…furthermore that fellow has already violated the heaven law!”

“Royal father. During these 500 years, the heaven court has not come down to take a look at that Monarch Scorpion even once. They have already long forgotten about this Monarch Scorpion. Thus you do not need to worry at all. As long as you do not say, I do not say, no one will know that she has escaped.”

At this moment if Liu Yi is still around, he will immediately think that Ao Susu is very scarily two-faced!

How is this the somewhat foolish, crafty and unruly Dragon Palace little princess that appeared in front of him?!

Old Dragon King is still worried, “My daughter ah…have you fixed your determination?”

“Royal father what I appreciate is not only Blood Emperor’s power but his impossible to guess potential!”

Ao Susu says with some excitement: “He obviously only has the power of a 4-star cultivator ah but Royal father you also have seen that he is able to defeat the Monarch Scorpian! Furthermore, it was completely defeated!”

“Ha? He is only a four-star cultivator?”

Old Dragon King eyes nearly pop out, “I thought that he was at least an 8-star cultivator!”

“Not at all Royal father. He indeed only has the power of 4 star…thus think about it, when this person does have the power of an 8 star…he…”

“Gods….I don’t dare to imagine….my heart ah…”

Old Dragon King touches his chest, he is almost about to have a heart attack.

“Thus Royal father, daughter thinks highly of him!”

Ao Susu excitedly touches the horns on her head, “Two years. I gave him as well as me two years! After two years it is my coming of age ceremony! On that day I want to marry him!”

Old Dragon King is slightly apprehensive as he ask the third time: “Daughter ah…you…have you really thought it through?”

“I have thought it through. Furthermore, it is very very through!”

Ao Susu nods her head, “Daughter is determined with my plan, Royal father we shall silently wait for it to bear fruits!”

Done speaking she turns around and returns back to the palace.

Old Dragon King sits on his royal throne as he watches his daughter disappearing figure and sighs.

Ai…Susu has really grown up.

I hope that your choice is correct…looks like this reporting to heaven court matter is not doable…otherwise, I would really be pushing the man personally chosen by my daughter into a fiery pit.

Old Dragon King sighs and sinks into deep thoughts.


At the same time in another area, within a deep mountain cave.

A pure looking man wearing a white changpao is standing on two blue flames as he shuttles through the vibrant and lush mountain.

Although it is already winter it is unknown why green leaves still grow in this area like it is still spring.

The man does not show shock at the sight of this area, like it is a common appearance as he wanders the mountain.

The man is moving very agily as he shuttles around and finally lands in front of a wooden house within the mountain.

When he lands on the ground, the scenery suddenly changes.

Following which wooden walls appear in front of him like a maze blocking his path.

“Want to play games with me? Hehe, my memory is very outstanding.”

The wooden house has indeed disappeared but the man is not in a hurry as he walks slowly in the maze.

Not expecting that the maze is very messy, after walking for a long time he still has not walked out.

The maze’s directions seem to be constantly changing. Everytime Lan Yuan feels like he has found the exit, the scenery in front of him will disappear and change giving him an unfamiliar appearance.

The man seems to have met the ghost wall in myths. No matter how he walks he is unable to find the real exit.

The surrounding scenery seems to be real but also imaginary, everything is unfathomable.

“Chief Qu still likes to be mysterious.”

The man laughs as he gently claps his hand.

Instantly a blue flame appears in his palm and spreads out battering against the maze.

This flame instantly burns down all of the surrounding wooden walls, the surrounding space distorted as the little wooden house once again appears in front of him.

“Lan Yuan is that you?”

From the wooden house comes a woman’s voice.

“Chief Qu, it has been a long time since we last met.”

Lan Yuan smiles and cups his hands towards the wooden house.

“Person from Ghost Fox…why would you come to my desolate place.”

The woman’s voice inside the house has a slight trace of suspicion.

“Chief Qu seems to have many important people that have forgotten your matter.”

Lan Yuan smiles and says: “Did Chief Qu forgot about the promise that you have made with our Ghost Fox clan?”

Hearing this sentence the woman inside the wooden house got a shock and says: “This matter has already passed a long time ago…you guys actually still remember it?”

“How could we forget about this matter?”

A glow flashes across Lan Yuan’s eyes, “Especially this matter is related to my marriage, hehe…I think such an important matter Chief Qu you will also not forget right? My marriage…is also Chief Qu’s clan’s big matter ah…”

“My disciple isn’t in my Osmanthus flower mountain. Because she is already grown up, being her master I am also unable to block her. Thus she have already went down the mountain to gain experience.”

“Not a problem. I can wait for her to return.”

“I also do not know when she will return. When she left, we did not set a return date. I think without ten or eight years she might not return as she still has not played enough in human society.”

“Hehe…Chief Qu you are her master ah.”

Lan Yuan does not seem to take Chief Qu’s words serious and says: “Chief Qu, do not forget that the reason why your Charm Fox clan is able to peacefully live till now is because of my Ghost Fox clan. If there   my Ghost Fox clan…hehe, Chief Qu I’m afraid that your clans people will be all captured away.”

The woman inside the wooden house becomes silent.

Charm Fox clans women are all superb beauties and all of them have very seductive appearances. It could be said that they are the most beautiful women within the entire demon race.

Furthermore, the Charm Fox clan are very good cauldrons, if they are used for supplement pair cultivation, they can greatly promote cultivation speed!

It is because of these two points which nearly lead to the extinction of the Charm Fox clan.

Inside the wooden house is Qu Shuiyi who is the Chief of the Charm Fox clan. To protect the whole clan twenty years ago she had made a pact with the currently strongest Ghost Fox clan of the entire fox race.

Twenty years later she will marry her personal disciple to the son of the Ghost Fox chief.

Originally she thought that after such a long time the Ghost Fox clans people would have forgotten this matter…but she did not think that twenty years later Lan Yuan the son of the Ghost Fox chief will personally come and look for her at this Osmanthus flower mountain!

“Chief Qu my patience is actually not a lot. Two years later I will come here again. If I do not see my future wife…hehe Chief Qu then do not blame our Ghost Fox clan for falling out with you.”

Lan Yuan stands on blue flames as his whole body turns into flame and flies to the sky disappearing.

The door of the wooden house slowly opens as an alluring woman walks out.

She glances at the sky and sighs, “My good disciple ah…don’t tell me that you will not be able to escape this calamity…hai…should master go and look for you?”


Chapter 292- [Promise]

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  1. “My little ancestor” – was that targeted at Ao Susu? In that case it’s better to call her “my little descendant”, isn’t it?


    • Ghost fox… is it possible he will gain ghost sutra and end up even more OP? And isn’t the little black’s one form the dog?


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