MKW Chapter 256

Chapter 256- [(Who is good?)(Who is bad?)]


Spirits Ramport Club is originally within a quiet forest.

Currently it is winter and the forest trees are bare of leaves, instead it is a plain of white coat which makes it even better looking.

Like what Northeast is called, forest ocean snow plains.

The forest is still there without leaves, but the villa which was used to be there has disappear.

The eye catching villa debris are still around though.

Broken tiles and fallen trees lies among the snow plain.

A beautiful woman stands among the ruins.

Below her feet is a 2 meter wide fire hoop, and within the hoop lies a sleeping girl wearing a winter coat. The inside of the fire hoop is warm in contrast to the cold outside.

The beautiful woman standing outside is wearing black windbreaker as she stands on the snow barefooted like she does not feel the cold.

Behind her, her long hair flutters in the sky with the night wind accompanied with small red flames.

She has her eyes closed like a sculpture as she stands there not moving.

Only a wisp of flame that occasionally emerges from her body indicates that she is currently cultivating some form of fire related cultivation laws.

It suddenly starts to snow and a snowflake gently lands on the nose of the beautiful woman.

She suddenly opens her eyes, her deep pupils cut through the night sky as she looks into the distance.

From afar like a thunder exploding in all direction comes a roar, “Wenren Qian!”

Hearing this voice, gentleness as well as anger flashes across Wenren Qian’s eyes.

A white ray of light suddenly flashes over.

Following that the snow in front of Wenren Qian suddenly exploded as a sword stabs into the ground.

Following which a man drops down from the sky and stands on top of the sword.

“Wenren Qian!”

Liu Yi has changed into a black suit and the red scarf is very eye-catching.

But he did not wear his mask since Wenren Qian has already seen his actual face so wearing or not wearing makes no difference.

“Why did you take actions against my friends!”

Wenren Qian looks at Liu Yi then glances at Murong Die who is lying in the fire circle.

Sadness flashes across her eyes but she did not say anything, instead she stretches out her hand and points at the ruins below her feet before writing a sentence with flames.

-Then why do you want to kill my companions.-


When Liu Yi sees the sentence Wenren Qian wrote, his expression suddenly changes as he glares at Wenren Qian like she is an enemy.

“You are from the Great God Sect!”

-Where I am from is not important.- Wenren Qian continues to write  -But why do you have to kill my innocent companions…what did they do to anger you?-

“Because they deserve death.”

When Liu Yi remembers he becomes even angrier, “Anyone from the Great God Sect deserves to die!”

Wenren Qian counterasks -I am a Law King of Great God Sect, do I also deserve death?-

Liu Yi instantly got tongue-tied.

Does Wenren Qian deserve to die?

Although she snatched away Murong Die but it looks like she is also not injured, instead she is lying within the warm flames.

Furthermore Wenren Qian did not only saved me once…she is also not my enemy neither does she looks like a bad person.

-They are my brothers and sisters…-

Wenren Qian lowers her hand as she sighs lightly. Her eyes contains endless sadness, as she looks at Liu Yi with watery eyes as her heart is in chaos.

-Where I am standing…I seem to be able to hear them speaking to me softly…they are telling me that you are a devil who kills without blinking…no matter if they were guilty or innocent-

Liu Yi’s heart trembles slightly.

-So what if we are people from the Great God Sect…we are only trying to save this world with our own methods.-

Wenren Qian continues to write, -I have lived for 19 years and have seen countless moments of darkness and depravity. In this world there exists too much unfairness, coldness and numbness. If the sky opened its eye, it would have long ago personally smited this world. This dark world has persisted for so long and now it should end for our Great God is going to wake up soon-

Great God?…which Great God do you belong to ah…

It seems like because of this Great God’s curse, I am always in misfortune ah!

Recently I kept meeting misfortune!

Liu Yi recalls that when he was cultivating, all kinds of misfortune occurred causing his cultivation to slow down!

And even today he also meets lots of misfortune!

Romantic fortune got forcefully changed into romantic disaster! What bullshit, what the heck is this! This damned Great God!

-Liu Yi, I originally thought that you were different from the norm-

Wenren Qian pauses for a while before continuing to write.

-I originally thought that you were very special…you are different from those numbed common people…I felt that you were the same as me…or perhaps in our past lives we are from the same spirit and came over to this world together at the same time. You are the same as me, even the Red Blood Sutra also chose you…but…-

As she writes, she glances at Liu Yi again her eyes trembling as dejectedness leaks out.

-But…I feel that I am wrong. Because under my feet are the corpses of my brothers and sisters…it is me who shaped you which resulted in their deaths. What I am feeling now is that I am am a guilty person… I can hear their cries and it is frightening me…do you wish to hear?-

As Wenren Qian writes, she gently claps her hands.

Instantly pillar after pillar of fire erupts around her.

The flames turn into men and women as they float around Wenren Qian.

They look at Liu Yi with eyes filled with hatred.

-Take a look yourself….look at their anger-

As she writes she stretches out a hand and points at Liu Yi.

Instantly, the spirits formed from flames rush towards Liu Yi.

From all directions, tens of people group up forming a fire wave.

Every spirit is roaring in anger wishing to slice Liu Yi.

“Perhaps in this world there is no absolute right or wrong, no absolute good or bad.”

Liu Yi’s expression slowly becomes firm as a white glow appears on the palm of his right hand.

“The reason why they died can only be said that they are standing on the wrong side!”

Done speaking, Liu Yi smashes his palm onto the ground.

“Destroying Armies!”

The earth suddenly trembles as circular icy ripples flow out of Liu Yi’s palm spreading in all directions.

Rows after rows of ice spikes emerges from the earth like shark teeth.

The fire spirits that comes close to the ice ripples radius will be frozen by the ice and turned into ice sculptures, unable to move.

This ice circle’s radius is almost ten meters wide and anything within the ten meters are frozen.

Liu Yi’s surroundings becomes like a ice prison dungeon with all kinds of malevolent people standing around him.

Lin Tong looks at Liu Yi in shock as she feels the surge and leap of his cultivation.

{Four star…he actually broke through the checkpoint of four stars!}

LingTong activates her own star jade eyes as she looks at Liu Yi’s internal body.

Indeed, within Liu Yi’s star jade cosmos diagram there are new changes.

Two months of bitter cultivation other than working on solidifying his strength, he also allowed the light from the three jades to twine together above the fourth star jade’s ‘house’.

The house of the fourth star jade keeps throbbing and trembling at it is baptized by the three powers.

With the opening of Liu Yi’s fourth star jade, he managed to reach initial realm of the Great Glorious Sun Palm’s fourth palm move.

Wenren Qian stands there in shock, as an earth grade ten star expert she is able to see the breakthrough and improvement of Liu Yi’s ability.

He actually managed to open the fourth star jade so quickly…

His cultivating speed is so fast like he is defying the natural order…

If he is not a doppelganger of my soul, then he is nothing but a normal high school student…

How could a normal person have such a scary cultivation speed ah…

“I also do not dare to say that I am a good person.”

Liu Yi waves away the white smoke emitting from his hand as he stands up and says faintly: “Thus I will not pretend to be a good person by killing all of those bad guys. Because I also do not know who is the actual villains. But the people from the Great God Sect using the excuse of saving the world to kill innocent people as they please…thus all I can do is to take revenge for those innocent people.”

As he speaks, the qi he is using starts to change.

The white mysterious ice Qi starts to withdraw as red flames emerges from his hands.

“Since you want me to listen to the grievances from your brothers and sisters…then why don’t I let you listen to the grievances from the countless innocent people then”

Liu Yi raises his right hand into the air and twirls it in a circle.

“Come out…those who have fallen asleep in the land…carry with you your grievance.”

When he speaks, beam after beam of flames explode out from the earth.

Beside Liu Yi and beside Wenren Qian followed by the whole plains, a dense number of flame spirits walk out from the surrounding flames.

Wenren Qian is shocked as she sees the number of flame spirits covering as far as her eyes can see.

Liu Yi raises his right hand and introduced, “These are the innocent people who have died here since the time the Great God Sect had been established here till now. They have all died in the hands of the Great God Sect.”

From the sea of flame spirits over a thousand of the flame spirits instantly fly towards Liu Yi.

“Go. They are people from the Great God Sect, go and ignite your anger.”

Liu Yi points at the surrounding ice sculptures.

The flame spirits immediately rush forward and crush the ice sculptures.

Over a hundred  infant flame spirits are floating around Liu Yi.

“This is the product of  failure of the Great God Sect’s ghost infant technique…”

Liu Yi looks at these infant flame spirits as he listens to their words and clenches his fist.

“Hundred of years ago, there was a village that stood aloof from worldly matters. Although the villagers in the village lived an impoverished life, but they were comfortable and happy…until the day when the first generation Sect leader of the Great God Sect discovered this place.”


Chapter 256- [(Who is good?)(Who is bad?)]

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