MKW Chapter 19

Chapter 19   [Problem of who to like]


“I, this…”

Lan He is somewhat speechless.

This Wang Lele is too direct already.

Being asked like this Lan He is somewhat at a loss to reply.

If I say yes…that is too embarrassing…Saying no….isn’t that cutting off my own road of retreat?!

“I, this…”

“Tsk, already a grown person. If you like that means you like. If you don’t like that means you don’t like. Hemming hawing like a girl how is it possible for you to chase after our Miss Murong!”

Wang Lele looks at Lan He in disdain.

“What the hell are you saying girl!”

Although the other person is a beauty and her chest is very large, but hearing what she says about him in front of so many other students and girl fans, Lan He feels that he had completely lost his face.

“What am I saying, human words!”

Wang Lele sticks out her chest, “What is the matter? Do you want to beat me? Come and try beating me!”

Wang Lele’s chest is really too spectacular already. With her sticking them out, Lan He’s eyes nearly pop out.

By the side, Chen Cai who was watching started to have some nosebleed.

Too powerful already! What did she eat to grow her chest so big! Too heaven-defying already!

Even Liu Yi who is concentrating on cultivating also feels that his blood is boiling when he sees this scene.

No wonder there is the saying that man is an animal that thinks with his lower body…

The main point is that the allure of women is too big….especially Wang Lele who is born superior…


Lan He’s eyes nearly pop out onto Wang Lele’s chest and for a moment he does not know what to say as he swallows his saliva.

Murong Die noticed where Lan He’s eyes are fixed at and instantly scowls. She presses against Wang Lele’s stomach to ask her to keep it down slightly.

“Anyway, it is impossible for the two of us to get together.”

Murong Die decided to directly break Lan He’s hope.

Lan He is somewhat furious, “Why is that so! Where am I Lan He unable to match up with you!”

After all, I am also a handsome person! I am also a seeded player in the basketball team!

Furthermore, I had also entered the second string of our city’s youth basketball team! I might also be able to take part in events like the Olympics in the future as well!

A guy like me who is also handsome and rich there isn’t any problem at all ah!

Furthermore, my family has some background as well!

I had chased quite a number of girls, what love letters, chocolate and what not, I had received a lot.

But why is it that when it comes to Murong Die, I who has a good market price suddenly lose my market!

The delicious cakes suddenly turn into a stinking pile of dog shit!

I am really not willing ah!

No matter what I must capture this Murong Die!

Not only is she pretty, but her family is also very good!

If I am able to get her, I can save 50 years of struggle!

Bullshit! I don’t believe that I this handsome guy is unable to get Murong Die!

“Murong Die. I Lan He really like you. Come and be my girlfriend.”

Lan He says in a stern manner which makes Murong Die unhappy.

Why is this person still not done!

“Are you still not done?!”

Wang Lele once again speaks up for Murong Die as she sticks out her chest and says fiercely, “Young Master Lan. I am very sorry but my Miss Murong already has a guy that she likes! You might as well forget about wooing her.”

“What!” exclaims Lan He in shock.

Most of the straight guys in the class feel their hearts breaking.

Their dream goddess actually has a guy that she likes?!

This…this is too heartbreaking! Heartbreak and tears ah…..

Murong Die is also slightly shocked but she knows that Wang Lele is trying to protect her. At this critical moment, she decided to let Wang Lele do as she wishes.

Lan He shouts, “I do not believe it!”

He had never seen before Murong Die treats anyone nicely.

Like other guys?! With her arrogant nature, it is impossible!

In this entire class which other guy has better terms than me Lan He!

There is definitely none!

“Even if you do not believe it is impossible. That is the truth!”

Wang Lele braces herself and says, “Lan He stop pestering us endlessly!”

“When did I pester endlessly! Then you say who is the one whom Murong Die likes!”

“I, this….”

Wang Lele is speechless for a moment. She glances at Murong Die who indicates that she is also unable to help.

Indeed, my Big sister, Xiao Die has never been fond of any guy.

Sometimes even myself suspects that my Big sister Xiao Die is a lesbian!

But she is indifferent towards my large chest so she should not be…

Facing Lan He’s question, Wang Lele is a bit troubled.

Do I have to say that I told a lie?

But that is very embarrassing!

No, definitely not!

I must definitely continue to lie on!

“Hehe. You are unable to say it right…I just know that you are ly….”

“It is Liu Yi! That’s right it is Liu Yi!”

Wang Lele’s gaze suddenly lands on Liu Yi who is watching the show.

Of the entire class, you are the only one who looks pleasing to me!

Liu Yi ah Liu Yi, seeing that I, Wang Lele am a beauty just help me this time!

May the gods above bless you. Amen!

Wang Lele’s sentence shocks everyone as all of them stare at Liu Yi.


Liu Yi’s eyes widen as he points at his own nose stunned.

What is going on?

The class flower Murong Die likes me, Liu Yi?

I am not dreaming right!


Chapter 19    [Problem of who to like]

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