MKW Chapter 1116


Chapter 1116  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
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This shaman general is over 5 meters tall, like a small giant.

Wherever he walks to, the ground will tremble!

The shaman general is too tall and sturdy. Every single muscle of his is like a small stone, strong and sturdy. These muscles contain explosive power and high defensive capability. Otherwise, he would not have beaten Liu Yi so badly.

The moment the shaman general appears, he lets out an angered roar at the army.

This roar causes the celestial horses to be unable to bear it and neigh in fear. Their front hooves dance in the air as they keep kicking the air.

A majority of the celestial horses were frightened and momentarily stop, unable to advance. The originally grouped up calvary squads are now in a mess.

But the ghost fire warhorse underneath Liu Yi is still steady. He snatches over a spear from a soldier beside him before pouring in Netherworld Sinister Qi and tosses out the spear at the shaman general in front!

A diamond tattoo lights up between Liu Yi’s brow while, at the same time, a very small Yin-yang symbol appears on the tip of the spear.

Liu Yi’s strength is huge, and the spear instantly arrives in front of the shaman general. The shaman general subconsciously slaps out with his palm, preparing to slap away this toy. Unexpectedly, this spear pierces into the shaman general’s palm due to its enormous force!

The shaman general lets out a scream while at this moment, Liu Yi blanks out on the spot.

Because he feels like some kind of power is awakening inside of his body. This power seems to be the shape of a diamond king kong. It hammers its chest before merging with him.

“What is this strength…”

Liu Yi looks at his palm and subconsciously mutters, “Sky Supporting Pillar fuse.”

A powerful shockwave instantly spread out from Liu Yi’s body, sending the group of shamans who were in front of him flying away.

Between his brows, the symbol of a diamond becomes clear!

At this moment, Liu Yi senses that he has boundless strength, like he can explode a hill with a punch!

Liu Yi leaps off his warhorse before punching the ground fiercely.

Instantly, the ground started trembling and cracked as a large number of shamans were buried inside!

A hundred meters wide triangle-like hole also appears in front of him

“This Netherworld Sect person is so scary!”

The people on the walls were badly frightened, “It is likely that even the shaman generals do not have this kind of strength!”

At this moment, the shaman general pulls out a spear before tossing it at Liu Yi!

This spear is covered with flames which shows just how powerful it is!

Liu Yi is calm as he stands, using a single hand to grab that spear!

The spear was steadily held in Liu Yi’s hand as a surge of green smoke emitted from Liu Yi’s palm.

The shaman general seemed to be in disbelief as he stared at Liu Yi in a daze before roaring. He then leaps over ten meters into the air before dropping down towards Liu Yi heavily.

Liu Yi bends his knees slightly as his feet sink into the ground. Several cracks appear on the ground as small stones start floating up.

Liu Yi’s strength is like a whirlpool that revolves around his body.

Facing the descending shaman general, Liu Yi suddenly opens his mouth and lets out a roar.

The ordinary roar had unknowingly become filled with power!

This power forms a tornado and charges at the shaman general!

In a blink of an eye, the shaman general’s body was torn into pieces by the power as blood and flesh flew all over the place!

The shaman general smashes heavily on the ground far away, at the last of his breath.

But Liu Yi appears in front of this shaman general. He stretched out a palm and pressed against his forehead!

The shaman general did not even have time to scream before his head exploded!

Seeing their general dying, the rest of the shamans were badly frightened. Their previous valor and ferocity had disappeared.

How can a person of the Heaven Realm be so valiant!

The rest of the Heaven Realm calvary take advantage of this opportunity to start attacking crazily as they pursue the shamans who are fleeing in disarray.

Momentarily, the Heaven Realm’s morale greatly increased as all of the people on the wall cheer excitedly!

“We are the winners of this battle!!!”

Liu Yi raises his hand high up and shouts, “We relied on our bravery and defeated the shamans!”

“Great Vanguard Official!”

“All praise the Vanguard Official!”

Everyone worships Liu Yi extremely other than Ding Mian and his people.

Not only did Immortal Sect did not have any performance, but the limelight was also snatched away by Liu Yi! This causes Ding Mian to be burning with anger and wish that he can kill Liu Yi. But it is a pity that he does not have this ability!

Even the shaman general was not his opponent; how can I defeat him?

As Liu Yi was escorted back by the crowd, he senses the final sun jade in his body awaken and slowly starts rotating.

Strange. Just who am I? Why is it that I possess such strength when I awakened a single sun jade?

Just a mere roar was able to beat that shaman general!

“Netherworld Sect is filled with talents!”

The aide-de-camp who is following Liu Yi cannot help but praise. “I actually did not know that our Xihe Ox State actually had such a powerful sect.”

“My master is low-profile; thus, he seldom appears outside.”

Liu Yi explains, “In the future, Netherworld Sect will start to widely accept disciples. Whoever is willing to join can go to Buddhist Stupa City to inquire.”

This battle that Liu Yi had in Ox Cliff City is considered as the best publicity for his sect.

“After so many years, this is the first time the shaman army was defeated into retreating.”

The aide-de-camp sigh ruefully, “Since that is the case, we can start with the second part of the Hero Gathering.”

Hearing this, Liu Yi is confused, “This Hero Gathering has a second stage?”

The aide-de-camp nods his head, “That’s right. Originally the Hero Gathering would have three stages. But every time, the disciples only stand on the city wall and blow some wind before leaving. No one ever fulfilled the requirement for the second stage.”

“Then what is the second stage?”

Liu Yi cannot help but feel curious. After returning to the city, Ying’er immediately follows him closely, but Sima Jiao is nowhere to be seen.

Pearl’s injuries had recovered as she followed closely behind Liu Yi.

“The second stage is to enter deep into the shaman army.”

As the aide-de-camp speaks, he pulls out a map and spreads it open in front of Liu Yi. “Among this shaman army, there is a shaman mage who is the commander. Under his command, the shaman army will continuously attack our territory. As long as we kill him, the shamans will have no cohesion.

Liu Yi immediately understands, “Then the second stage is to kill this shaman commander?”

“That’s right.” The aide-de-camp nods his head, “For so many years…I will finally see the second stage start….perhaps this time, our Ox Cliff City can finally be saved.”

Seeing how the aide-de-camp’s eyes had reddened, Liu Yi sighs in his heart. Looks like this aide-de-camp was harassed to the point of death by the shamans.

The Heavenly Court only sent a few people to guard this place but did not activate other people to deal with the shamans. Didn’t the heavenly Court have numerous powerful experts? Why did they not send more people?

Using the identity of the Vanguard Official, Liu Yi announce loudly, “Right now, I announce the start of the second phase of Hero Gathering!”

While the aide-de-camp adds-on, “During the second phase, the person who can kill the commander of the shaman army will be awarded ten thousand sun points! At the same time, that person can obtain the opportunity to be on the Immortal List!”

The moment he said this, the young disciples immediately went into an uproar!

The one who kills the commander can get onto the Immortal List?

Fucking hell! This is an extremely rare opportunity! One must know that Heavenly Court has long been filled up! Who knows how many people squeeze their brains dry to become one of the office-bearers! Right now, an opportunity is actually placed in front of us! How would we not have red eyes from delight!

At this moment, Sima Jiao appears out of nowhere. He suddenly emerges and stands in front of Liu Yi and the rest and says, “So that is the case. This list shall be this miss’s!”

“Where did you go earlier?” Ying’er stares at Sima Jiao vigilantly, “I feel like you are not a good person!”

“When is this miss not a good person!”

Sima Jiao looks at Ying’er strangely, “Just now, during that big fight, this miss was covered with sweat. Of course, I went to bathe!”

Smelling that barely discernible fragrance on Sima Jiao’s body, Liu Yi cannot help but cover his forehead. This lass is really a big miss!

She actually went to take a bath at such a crucial moment!

“It is a pity that the bathing conditions in this place are too bad. Otherwise, this miss would bath for over an hour! Right now, I can only hurriedly wash a bit before coming out. So dissatisfying!”

This sentence from Sima Jiao makes the rest speechless.

At this moment, Ding Mian walks over and provokes Liu Yi, “This time, I will not let you have the limelight! I shall be the final victor!”

“Hmph, who was the one who was holed up on the city wall earlier?”

Knowing that she has the support of Liu Yi, Sima Jiao is not afraid of this third senior brother. She says arrogantly, “This miss shall obtain the Vanguard title!”

“Let’s watch and see!”

Ding Mian snorts before leading his junior brothers and sisters and leaves.

That spicy girl gives Liu Yi a few more looks before leaving with Ding Mian.

“Let’s go as well.”

Liu Yi summons out his ghost fire warhorse and prepares to advance towards the shamans.

“Hey, hey! You are really insensible!”

Sima Jiao chides, “You should lie on the ground and let this miss step on you, to get on the horse!”

Liu Yi instantly started sweating. This big miss…

“Dream on!”

Ying’er protects her senior brother, “That’s enough of your big miss temper! If you do it again, we will not bring you out to play anymore!”

“How dare you servants have the impertinence to rebel!”

Sima Jiao stomps her feet in anger, “Completely preposterous!”

Ying’er pouted and did not give in, “Hmph! Who is your servant? That’s your own wishful thinking!”

At this moment, Liu Yi says, “Enough. Stop quarreling. All of us shall ride on our own horses.”

With that, he waves his hand as a few soldiers immediately walk over from the side, leading three celestial horses, and hand them over to the three women.

Unexpectedly the women immediately stopped quarreling.

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Chapter 1116   [Riding a horse is also a problem]

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