MKW Chapter 1089


Chapter 1089 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Seeing what this brother says, Liu Yi’s eyes instantly brighten up. Good! I like slaughtering nouveau riche the most! But this woman has a lot of brute force. The ground of the Heaven Realm is different from the Human realm. It is countless times firmer, and it was broken by her easily.

But even if her strength is bigger, her cultivation is around 26 starjades only. She did not reach the standard of realm crosser. Looks like I will win this money.

{Sky Supporting Pillar, possess.}

A diamond imprint lights up between Liu Yi’s brows as he decides to use strength to fight against strength. Relying on his other powers will expose his level!

“Younger brother looks like you are also a martial cultivator.”

The old man gives Liu Yi a faint smile, “That way, you shouldn’t lose too miserably.”

Alas, this old man…I have not even taken action yet, so who knows if I will lose or win!

Isn’t that woman just 26 starjades? What is there for me to be afraid of?

“Then I shall be impolite then! Watch my palm!”

Liu Yi uses Spirit Fox Steps and arrives in front of that woman as he slaps out his palm ruthlessly on her shoulder. Liu Yi is still not willing to be too ruthless. After all, he is only fighting for some travel expenses. There is no need to injure the woman.

But the truth proves that the woman cannot be looked down on!

The woman suddenly screamed before slapping out her hand at Liu Yi’s face.

Liu Yi senses the strength behind the palm is not ordinary, and the wind created by it is very powerful! He subconsciously pulls back his palm before raising both arms in front of him, blocking in front of his face.

This slap causes Liu Yi’s arm to bend out of shape as he is sent flying away!

Liu Yi tumbled a few rounds in the air and was nearly slapped out of the stage! Luckily his reaction was fast, and grabs hold of the edge of the stage. Like piercing into tofu, his fingers sink into the bricks of the stage, and only then did he stabilize his body.


Liu Yi wishes to curse! That palm had the power of a realm crosser! This lass is around 26 starjade cultivation but can erupt out with the strength of a realm crosser! How weird!

“Sorry! Sorry! I didn’t do it on purpose! Wuwuwuwu…”

The woman also seems to be badly frightened as she apologizes to Liu Yi tearfully, “Please don’t be angry!”

How would Liu Yi be angry right now? He only wishes to smile bitterly. Fucking hell. This woman is too fierce! She is simply like a female Heracles descending to the mortal world…ah wrong…right now we are in the Heaven Realm!

“What the heck! This woman is impressive!”

Below the stage, Chen Cai cannot help but exclaim, “She is fighting against boss!”

“Just now, at that instant, she exploded out with the strength of a realm crosser!”

Ye Hanshuang has good vision, “I take back what I had said earlier…this woman is indeed stronger than me.”

Although Ye Hanshuang is haughty, she knows her own limit. Otherwise, she would have died several million times in the Asura Realm and would not have become the Asura God of today!

“Looks like it will be fun now.”

But Chang’e is excited, “Let’s see if Liu Yi will be defeated by a woman!”

Chen Cai roasted her, “Hey, if boss loses, we will no longer have any traveling money!”

“That’s true…” Chang’e suddenly realized it and hurriedly shouted, “Liu Yi do your best! You better not lose! If you are a man, defeat her!”

[TL: … why did you even shout his actual name!!!]

Liu Yi started sweating. This Chang’e wishes for the whole world to be in chaos! That woman’s strength is so perverted. Do you really think that I can win so easily?

Liu Yi takes a deep breath as he starts revolving his Fog Mist True Body. Red and blue fire ice armor covered his body and strengthened him.

With Sky Supporting Pillar possessing him as well the innate god strength from Yang Mianmian, Liu Yi’s strength, which should be considered nigh-invincible, was so easily defeated by this weak-looking woman making him feel out of sorts.

“Let’s stop fighting…I hate fighting the most.”

The woman is begging Liu Yi, “I’m afraid of other people getting injured!”

“Relax. I am not that weak.” Liu Yi says, “Bring it on.”

“But, but I do not know how to fight….”

This woman looks at Liu Yi stupidly without any intention to take action.

“Then I shall be impolite. I am a person who has to earn money to raise my big family.”

Although Liu Yi is a rich person in the human realm, in the Heaven Realm, Liu Yi is a poor ghost. The Heaven Realm’s currency is different from the Human Realm, and the currency in circulation is a gold coin, a kind of hard currency.


The woman does not understand what Liu Yi is saying and was stunned.

While Liu Yi becomes direct, knowing that she is an expert, he let go of all of his tender feelings for fairer sex and leaps over.


The woman closes her eyes and slaps out at Liu Yi again.

Stepping on the ground, Liu Yi cliches his left fist and punches that woman’s palm.

The old man shakes his head and thinks, this man is seeking death to compete against her head on in strength.

The moment this thought emerges, the woman’s palm and Liu Yi’s fist clashes against each other.

It is like the air is trembling as a powerful shockwave instantly spread out!

Numerous immortals in the surrounding are unable to stand still from the shockwave and were shocked. Fucking hell, such powerful strength! Are the two of them monsters?

Liu Yi did not move, but the majority of the floor underneath his feet sinks down.

As for that old man, his pupils widen. There is someone who can fight against this lass head on?! Could it be that this man is a super expert from some major family?

When that woman’s cultivation explodes out, it is around 28 starjades while her strength is comparable to those at the 1st layer of heaven! That also means that this man opposite at the very least possesses the strength of the 1st layer of heaven to be evenly matched against her!

“You, you can receive my palm!”

The woman is also astonished as she looks at Liu Yi curiously, “Your strength is huge, are you a monster?”

“What the fuck! To say that I am a monster? You are the monster!”

Liu Yi says in his heart; you are even stronger than Yang Mianmian; how can you have the cheek to call me a monster!

“That’s right. Everyone calls me a monster!”

The woman admitted to it very happily, making Liu Yi very speechless.

Damn. To think there is someone who admits that she is a monster! Fucking hell, she is also smiling. How can she smile about this!

“But, but you must be careful…I, I am unable to control my strength…”

The woman still reminds him out of goodwill.

“No worries. Bring it on! The more strength you use, the better!”

Liu Yi challenges the woman while below the stage, Chen Cai cannot help but roast, “Why do I feel like boss words are a bit wicked?”

Ye Hanshuang added, “Your boss has always been wicked.”

While Chang’e nods her head in agreement.

Hearing their roasting while on the stage, Liu Yi’s face is covered with tears. When am I wicked? I am very pure!

The woman keeps shaking her head like she does not wish to attack.

“Then don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath as he changes his palm into a claw form and uses Dragon Sucking Water.

Instantly that woman started sliding towards Liu Yi, causing her to exclaim in shock.

“Ah! Why, why am I moving!”

“If you do not wish to be beaten up, then start fighting!”

Liu Yi reminds out of goodwill. The woman subconsciously extends her hand at Liu Yi and starts throwing random swings at him.

Liu Yi is speechless and can only do the same as her. Their palms clashes against each other, letting out loud sounds.

But those with discerning eyes can see that the woman is in a disadvantageous position while Liu Yi is fighting with ease.

At this moment, that old man suddenly shouted, “Xiao Xaio! Use Meridian Breaking Finger!”

That woman called Xiao Xiao suddenly bites her lips before extending both her hands. She folds back her other fingers except for her index and middle finger as she stabs her right hand towards Liu Yi’s brow!


Liu Yi hurriedly revolves Glorious Sun Palm and uses his right hand that is flashing with golden light to block in front of his forehead.

Unbreaking defensive ability is very high, and till now, Liu Yi has not met an unblockable attack when he uses Unbreaking! But right now, Liu Yi suddenly feels pain in his palm, and he feels like his palm was pierced through by that woman’s two fingers!


The woman keeps apologizing, making Liu Yi very speechless. Fucking hell, when competing against each other, so what if you get injured. Why the fuck do you apologize! Is there a need for you to be so polite?

But this so-called Meridian Breaking Finger is sinister!

“Xiao Xiao. Continue attacking!”

The old man calls out again, and the woman immediately keeps extending out her hands time after time, jabbing at Liu Yi’s vulnerable points!

This woman…is asking for my life! If I am jabbed by her, my life might be gone!

Liu Yi immediately uses Spirit Fox Step and keeps dodging the life reaping fingers of this woman.

“What an impressive finger technique!”

Ye Hanshuang is watching steadily and says, “In the Asure Realm, I had seen quite a number of techniques. But this is the first time I have seen such a valiant close-combat technique.”

Chang’e says, “If I did not see wrongly…this should be Dongsheng God State’s Luo Family’s Meridian Breaking Finger! Luo Family is Dongsheng God State’s famous martial family…this time Liu Yi has met a thorny opponent…”

“What the fuck. Why is it so difficult to win this bit of money!”

Liu Yi felt like he had boarded a pirate ship and wished to cry, “A woman has no need to be so valiant!”

“You, you must be careful of my finger!”

The woman still kindheartedly warned him, “If you get hit by it, you might die.”

“Hmph! Don’t think that you are the only one who knows it!”

Liu Yi was instantly jabbed a few times in a row, and blood sprayed out from the holes. He is finally angered.

A black qi flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes as he extends both hands and folds back his fingers except for his index and middle finger. Astonishingly he is also using the same gestures as Meridian Breaking Finger!

“Do you think that jabbing with your fingers will be like the Meridian Breaking Finger?”

The old man cannot help but mocks, “One will not attain any progress in my Luo Family’s Meridian Breaking Finger without several hundred years of cultivation!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi suddenly appeared beside the woman before jabbing her shoulder!

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Chapter 1089   [Luo Family’s Meridian Breaking Finger]

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