MCW 39

Chapter 39    [Conspiring]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Yang Ye was furious. He was both startled and frightened inside his heart. He did not expect that this small security guard would have such huge courage to tie the vice-bureau chief of City H’s public security department here!

He shouts in a low voice, “What you’re doing is a crime!”

“Oh? Could it be that in Chief Yang’s eyes I’m not a criminal?” Qin Chuan chuckles as he flicks his cigarette, “After all I’m about to become a criminal on a death penalty, isn’t that right?”

“Xiao Chuan ah…you shouldn’t be impulsive!”

Looking at the murky river water below, Yang Ye’s heart shivers. He suppresses his fear and says, “Your matter is still under investigation, no one said that you’re the criminal…we will definitely not accuse an innocent person wrongly! Let me down and let us have a peaceful chat okay. I am the public security department’s vice-chief ah. If you really do kill me, even if you weren’t the criminal, you would also become one!”

“Chief Yang, no worries, there’s still 4 hours until sunrise. You can continue talking.”

Qin Chuan looks at his watch before slowly saying, “Aiyah this watch is really a Patek Philippe one ah. Looks like our Chief Yang is really lavish.”

Yang ye’s vision wasn’t terrible and was able to instantly see that the watch that Qin Chuan was wearing was his most favorite wristwatch.

“Xiao Chuan ah, if you like it, then I’ll give you that watch. Let’s have a peaceful chat okay?”

“What Chief Yang said is really polite.”

Qin Chuan smiles, “Such an expensive watch, how can I bear to wear it. One cost a few hundred thousand ah. Only Chief Yang this kind of person is worthy of wearing such a thing.”

“Everyone is equal one what hehehe…”

“Actually I hate talking in riddles the most.”

Qin Chuan takes off the Patek Philippe and stretched his hand out before letting the watch go on a free-fall, and finally splashing into the river.

Yang Ye’s hearth was in great pain. But what he dreads the most is the fear from this man! Even a hundred thousand dollar worth Patek Philippe was tossed away like this…is he a madman?!

“Didn’t Chief Yang already forged the evidence? aren’t you just preparing to arrest me.”

Qin Chuan gives Yang Ye a mocking smile making Yang Ye’s heart shiver as he immediately says, “When did such a thing happen! How could it be that I Yang Ye would do such kinds of acts?! It definitely must be that Chen Zui that fellow who acted on his own. This youngster ah, he is too impetuous! Later I will definitely give him a admonish!”

“Ah! Just continue acting.”

Qin Chuan squats on the bride’s edge as he looked at Yang Ye like he was looking at a clown.

“Chief Yang, I must really praise you. Your acting is really great! If you went to make a movie, that Oscar Award will definitely be yours! ”

“Xiao Chuan ah…what are you talking about, why do I not understand…”

“Enough, a wise person does not say stupid things. Let’s talk about some proper business.”

Qin Chuan waves the handphone in his hand, “You are rather interested right. Your handphone has 4G connection. It just so happens that I had transferred those videos and photos to my mailbox. I believe these are then called evidence. The moment I take them out, it’s enough to allow you to be executed by a firing squad hundreds of times.”

“You…you don’t be anxious….those are something that I casually took, you shouldn’t take them as real ah!”

Qin Chuan chuckles, “Of course everyone knows that nevertheless, it’s best to let our friends online to comment about it.”

“Just, just what do you want to do?”

“What am I going to do? I’m afraid that Chief Yang is the clearest.” Qin Chuan chuckles, “Towards you this kind of vermins inside the society, who would also frame me as well. How could I this kind of petty person let you off.”

Finish speaking, Qin Chuan pulls out the karambit and the sharp edge lightly is pressing against the rope scaring Yang Ye until he nearly loses control of his bowels!

“Do-don’t! Don’t kill me!”

“Don’t kill you? Then how can I vent the anger inside my heart!”

Qin Chuan snorts and says ferociously, “Let me kill you first then post all of your evidence out and make you lose all of your standings!”

“Don’t be like this! Save me ah! I don’t want to die!”

“This isn’t up to you anymore. Be a better person in your next life.”

As Qin Chuan was speaking, he prepares to cut down the rope. Yang Ye instantly pees inside his pants. Luckily he wasn’t wearing anything and his pee flows down his leg and into the river.

“Don’t want to die? Could it be that it’s supposed to be me who wants to die?” Qin Chuan continues to interrogate, “Sacrificing innocent people to protect your official post? You’re really thinking a bit too beautiful already, right?”

“That..then what do you wish to do….I, I will listen to you…”

Yang Ye is utterly terrified. He knows that he had provoked a person that he should not have provoked.

“Chief Yang. Your prospects are actually still very bright.” Qin Chuan withdraws his fierce appearance as he smiles and says, “From some of the evidence in your handphone, this Chen Zui isn’t a decent person.”

“Yes…he is the son of an old friend of mine.”

Yang Ye smacks his lips and honestly says, “Back then him being able to pass the police exam was all because of my help. This fellow was a small hooligan in the past. Later on, after taking someone else quota did he become a policeman. A lot of people who he had animosity with were framed by him with all kinds of criminal charges and were finally sent into prison.”

“Among the Public Security police there’ are actually this kind of scums…really be damned!”

“I also didn’t wish for it to be like this.”

Yang Ye sighs, “When I just joined the police force, I also wished to be uncorrupted and be a police officer who does work well. But after I had taken a bribe, it was tantamount into opening a demonic gate. From then on, things got out of hand. In the past, I was a small police officer that no one liked, even my wife looked down on me! But the moment I changed, I started earning a lot and the leader also started to appreciate me. I also slowly climbed to my current position…I didn’t wish to be greedy, but is being selfless possible? If I wasn’t greedy, then others will be greedy. Since that was the case then why should I let them?”

[Cry:I didn’t know what’s a better word for `not being greedy` so I went with selfless.]


“Twisting words and forced logic.” Qin Chuan sneer, “You really know how to find excuses for your sins. Really is a bandits logic!”

“Yes, I’m not a person, I am a corrupted official!”

Yang Ye begs bitterly, “Xiao Qin…no, big brother Qin, Qin-ye! As long as you do not kill me, in future, you can ask me to do anything! The evidence in your hands is able to sentence me to death, thus even if I don’t want to, in future, I must still listen to you ah!”

Life is very precious especially to Yang Ye this kind of person who had experienced such a free and easy life, what they fear most is death!

“Wish to live is also okay. But you know what kind of price you have to pay.”

Qin Chuan slow withdraws the karambit in his hand making Yang Ye lets out a long sigh in relief.

“Qin-ye you relax, in future, I will be a dog by your side!”

Yang Ye had with great difficulty managed to live. Right now he knows how precious human life is.

Furthermore in Qin Chuan’s hands is my evidence…I can only be controlled by in the future….but, it was much better than dying!

“Since you are so obedient then get up.”

Qin Chuan stretched his hand out. Bracing against the steel sorghum, he slowly pulls Yang Ye up.

“Fi-finally am up…”

Yang Ye leans against the metal railings of the bridge as his entire body turns soft and sweat covers his entire body.

“Chief Yang had suffered.”

Qin Chuan takes a cigarette, “It’s your first time playing such an exciting situation right?”

“Qin-ye, please don’t tease me ah…”

Yang Ye’s gaze towards Qin Chuan was filled with a bit of fear, “I’m already so old, I really am unable to take those types of jokes ah…”

“Enough. I’ll be keeping this handphone. In the future, you change to another phone to use. I need to research and see if I’m able to dig out some more things that are useful.”

Yang Ye can only smile bitterly, “Qin-ye…since you like it then you can keep it..”

He was also unable to take it back thus he can only accept his fate.

“You wish to find a person to carry the work for you right?”

“Yes…that’s indeed the case…otherwise, I this vice-bureau chief can only be considered as my career being over.”

Yang Ye signs, “Different from other people, I don’t have any backing. I climbed up step by step…it’s also almost time to change post already. I had been unblocking my relationships in all aspects. I originally had a large hope of replacing the current bureau chief position…in the end, right now this matter appeared…”

“No worries, we can do it like this.”

Qin Chuan pats Yang Ye’s shoulder and whispers into his ears.

“Qin-ye….you are really ruthless!”

After Yang Ye finished listening, his back was covered with cold sweat. After which, he gives Qin Chuan a thumbs up, “Whoever becomes your opponent is really damn unlucky…”

“Enough, let our chat end here for today, happy right?”


What else can Yang Ye say. He can only nod his head.

“Okay, your car is there. You can drive yourself home.”

Qin Chuan points at the Audi A6 by the side, “The youthful night is bitterly short. I will no longer disturb Chief Yang’s good business. I’ll be going back to wait for Chief Yang’s good news!”

“Yes, yes, yes…why don’t I send Qin-ye back…” asked Yang Ye to curry favor.

“No need. I like to walk and view the scenery.”

Qin Chuan waves his hands and walks into the darkness, disappearing from Yang Ye’s sight.

Yang Ye returns to his car as cold sweat covers his body.

Tonight’s matters….seems to be like a scary nightmare…it’s only that it wasn’t an illusion instead but reality!

I can be considered as giving away a bride while losing my army on top of that! I had completely been defeated by that small security guard’s hand.

But no matter what….I can only do as he tasked.

Thinking to here, Yang Ye pulls out another handphone from within the car and directly makes a call.

“Chief Yang, what’s the matter so late at night?”

“Dispatch the special investigation force. Immediately arrest Chen Zui!”

“Ah? Captain Chen, he….what crime he committed?”

“He is suspected of murdering Li Hua and trying to frame someone else for it! This kind of malignant tumor in the ranks of the public security department must be immediately eliminated!”


Police officers need to obey the commands of their superiors. Although they did not understand Yang Ye’s meaning, but the special investigation force still immediately went to arrest the person.

Same as Yang Ye, Chen Zui is currently lying in his mistress’s bed and was pulled out from his quilt by the police officers and was pressed onto the ground.

Chen Zui who was pressed to the ground roars, “What are you guys doing! I am Chen Zui! The captain of the criminal investigation police force!”

“We are arresting you! Bring him away!”

The police car lets out it’s siren and sent Chen Zui to the detention center.

The siren woked Wang Yue up. She opens her eyes and realized that outside was the flashing sirens of the police.

What happened again? Why is City H so unpeaceful recently?

She was wearing a purple silk night robe. Her robe had also been rolled up to her tights, revealing her perfectly round tights.

A night robe belt hangs down from her shoulder revealed her soft breasts.

Could it be that….that fellow escaped?

Wang Yue was slightly worried as she gets off her bed and gently pulled her bedroom door open.

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 39  [Conspiring]

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