MCW 10

Chapter 10    [I am just passing by]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

“Instructor I will definitely send you back!”

“Vulture you must go back with me!”

In the desert, a robust bald guy is carrying Qin Chuan with a single hand while his other hand was holding an AK47. He was walking in the desert with his body covered with injuries.

Qin Chuan’s body is also covered with blood, apparently, he had just experienced a major war.

“But me down….Vulture…otherwise none of us will be able to escape…”

“Instructor what nonsense are you saying!”

Vulture who was carrying Qin Chuan shouts, “My life was saved by you! Without you, there is no me, Vulture!”

Just as he was still speaking a bald eagle descended from the sky.

Vulture stabs the gun into the sand and stretched out his arm. The bald eagle immediately lands on his arm. It’s claw digs into Vulture’s arm but he does not seem to mind.

Qin Chuan says, “They had caught up…looks like we are unable to escape.”

Vulture suddenly ask, “Instructor I heard that you knew the Turtle Breath Method and does not need to breathe for 3 days and nights right?”

Qin Chuan speaks strengthless, “That’s right…pass down through the family one…”

“That is good then.”

Vulture nods his head, making Qin Chuan sense something, “Vulture, what do you plan to do?”

“Instructor…you must live on…”

Finished speaking, Vulture digs out a hole in the sand and buried Qin Chuan inside before carrying the AK47 and walks back to where he came from.


Qin Chuan wakes up and wipes away sweat.

Did not expect that after so long, it is still this dream.

“Damn it! I’m going to be late!”

Qin Chuan takes a look at the clock. I need to work at 8am and right now isn’t it 7.50!

Fucking hell I am too used to being lazy! I unexpectedly drop the shoe at an important moment!

“Uniform, uniform, where did the uniform go!”

Qin Chuan starts putting on his clothing in a fluster as a bald eagle lands on the window. It was tearing apart a dove that it had gotten from somewhere.

“You eat by yourself! Today I have no time to eat meat with you after fasting!”

Qin Chuan waves his hand, “Wait till I earn money then I will buy mutton meat for you! Damn it where is my uniform!?”

The bald eagle lets go of the bloody dove and pull out the bundle of uniform from under the bed and toss at **.

“What the hell, your eyesight is the best!”

Qin Chuan swiftly puts on the uniform and runs out of the house.

Moaning and grunting sounds comes from the next door room causing Qin Chuan says darkly, so hardworking, so early in the morning and she already started to work! Indeed only hardworking people can become rich! If it is not because I am going to be late for work, I would have definitely gone over to cheer!

He immediately gets on his electric scooter and drives towards the Imperial Super Department Store.

Although the speed is not considered slow, but because there was really a large distance between the department stall and his housing, he was still late by an entire hour!

Zhang Dana is personally waiting at the entrance looking at the watch waiting for Qin Chuan.

By the time Qin Chuan had parked his bike and is about to stroll into the department store, he immediately sees this door god.

“Damn it, he actually came personally to block me…”

Seeing the sinister smile on Zhang Dana’s face, Qin Chuan knows that this matter was bad. Seeing that the main entrance cannot be entered, perhaps the other side entrances also have a surveillance camera. If I got caught red-handed, my wages will definitely be docked!

How can this be! I am still waiting to buy a plane!

Qin Chuan looks around and realized that there is a corner at the back of the department store that does not have anyone nearby. Thus he grabs the railing on the first floor and stretched out his hand nimbly and climbs up.

On this side of the second floor, there was no window. Perhaps all of them are shops, thus Qin Chuan steps on the air conditioner and continue to climb towards the third floor.

He was like the Spider-man as he stretched out his hand and nimbly climbs up to the third floor.

Below a young girl who was eating ice-cream while walking over. Saw Qin Chuan on the wall and she got shocked.

The young girl drops her ice-cream and pointed towards the wall and shouts, “Mama! Mama! Quickly see it’s Spider-man!”

“Little devil what are you shouting blindly for!”

A young lady walks over and swats her daughter.

“Mama, Spider-man is on the wall!”

The little loli points upwards and the young lady looks up but did not see anything.

“What Spider-man, I already told you to watch lesser cartoons, you have gotten bedeviled from watching!”

“But, but just now there really was…”

“Have what, you also dropped your ice-cream, you this prodigal child!”

The young lady swats her daughter once again causing her to start crying and had to be dragged away.

Qin Chuan did not know that he had just devastated one of his country’s flower. Currently, he had finally found an open window on the 5th floor and jumps in.

In the end, the moment he enters, he was instantly stunned.

FUCK! How did I enter here ah!

In front of him is a beautiful girl changing clothes. Currently, she is only wearing black lace underwear.

Her figure is alluring, curvaceous. Where she should have, she have. Where should be flat is flat. There is completely no fault to pick! Her fair skin, exquisite waist, and her full butt is basically the figure of a devil! If this lass goes onto the runway, she will definitely be able to charm all of the guys! Those models that appear on the tv compared to her are basically dregs!

Really is both full and skinny ah! Just what did she eat to be able to obtain such a good figure?

Especially that pair of legs of her’s, perfectly round and slender, straight as an arrow. Giving people an urge to lift it up to their shoulders….

This top grade beauty is none other than Qin Chuan’s fiance, Wang Yue.

Currently, Wang Yue is completely stunned and had forgotten that she was currently changing clothes. Her shirt is stuck around her arm as her pair of eyes were staring at Qin Chuan. There was a faint fear in her eyes.

Unexpectedly she did not scream, instead, Wang Yue squeeze out a few words, “Why…why are you here…”

“CEO Wang…that, if I were to say that I was just passing by…would you believe?”


Wang Yue did not say a single world more and Qin Chuan also knows that he is in the wrong, thus he did not say anything and went out with his tail between his legs.

Finished, it is only my first day of work and I am late. Not to mention I just offended the  CEO…although this CEO is my fiance, but she had never admitted to it, right?

Cannot blame the society for being out of luck, whatever, at most I just get fired that’s all!

Qin Chuan went with the mentality of so be it and turned around and leaves.

In the end, he immediately collides head-on onto a familiar person. Just what is Qin Chuan’s physique, although he was only 1.7 meters tall, his body is very sturdy and knocks that person down.

“Aiyah my mother ah! Who is this damn blind person ah! To knock into me!”

Qin Chuan stares at him and instantly becomes delighted.

Isn’t this Young master Jin?

Really is destiny will make enemies meet ah. Today I really must not have checked the calendar before leaving the house.

Originally he thought that Jin Yang will start scolding the moment he sees him but unexpectedly when he sees him, Jin Wang is actually all smiles.

“Aiyah, isn’t this Mr Qin!”

Jin Yang immediately grabs Qin Chuan’s hand warmly, “Good brother, as the saying goes, it is better to squash enmity rather than keep it alive! Since all of us are colleges come, come, come I had arranged a feast in the VIP lounge, let us brothers drink a few cups!”

Qin Chuan raises his eyebrows, did the sun rises from the west?

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 10    [I am just passing by]

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