MKW Chapter 721

Chapter 721   [Title below]

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“President Murong, the reception desk says that there is someone who wishes to meet you.”

“Got it.”

When Murong Hong heard the voice of the secretary outside, he raises his head and looks at himself in the bathroom mirror.

In just a short month, I actually aged so much. Even all of my hair had turned white.

I had painstakingly worked hard for so many years and in the end, because of a mistake, everything returned to before.

But even if I am in even more dire straits, I cannot agree to that old fellow’s request.

Murong Hong thinks in his heart, this advancement into the south perhaps it is that old fellow messing around secretly in the darkness and plotted against me.

Wish to make me Murong Hong admit defeat? Hmph, no chance at all!

Murong Hong looks at his blood-shot eyes in the mirror and steadies his conviction again.

“Let him come up and meet me. It should be some company’s creditor, hahaha….”

Recalling that right now he is saddled with heavy debt, Murong Hong cannot help but laugh bitterly.

Back then the Murong Hong was able to cause the north of China to tremble with a stomp, right now had actually fallen to such a stage. Even when staying in the hotel it can only be the cheapest room.

In the past, there are people in front and behind, now everyone hates that they are unable to avoid me in time when they saw me. They hide like I am a pest, afraid that I would borrow money.

The only one who is willing to chase after me tightly is perhaps only these creditors.

Murong Hong sits by the table as he drinks the tea that the hotel offered while sighing in his heart.

At this moment, the secretary had led the person into the room.

“Have a seat.”

Murong Hong did not even raise his head as he points at the chair in front of him, “Which company sent you here?”

“No company. I am here to see you uncle.”

That person who sits down opposite Murong Hong as he smiles merrily and looks at him.

“Liu Yi, it is you?”

Murong Hong suddenly smiles bitterly, “Are you here to withdraw from the marriage? Right now my Murong Family is already in dire straits and we also are saddled with debt. Perhaps you no longer wish to be my son-in-law already right.”

“Uncle, recent are you too tired? Did not sleep for a few days right?”

“How did you know?”

“Because you are already starting to be confused.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder, “You feel that I run over to look for you at this time is to discuss withdrawing from the marriage is it? Although back then letting me be your son-in-law was your own wishful thinking, but right now I and Xiao Die are indeed boy and girlfriend. Although she does not wish for me to be involved with this matter, as her boyfriend I am obligated to care about it.”

“Care? How do you plan to care?”

Murong Hong bitterly laughs, “You are only a high school student. How can you care about this kind of matter.”

“I feel that I can still help. The main point is to see what does uncle plan to do.”

“Liu Yi, I know that you have good intentions but this is not a matter of ten or twenty thousand and you will be able to help.”

Murong Hong lights up an ordinary cigarette and takes a puff before saying, “This is a matter of 2 billion do you understand?”

“Although two billion this sum is enormous, it is not like I am unable to help.”

Originally he thought that this sum would have frightened off his son-in-law but unexpectedly the other party is not shocked at all. Instead, he sits there calmly and replies in this manner.

Liu Yi lightly raps the table and looks at the slightly shocked Murong Hong before smiling and says, “Although I am unable to take out 2 billion, I also have other methods to help to solve these problems. Last time the matter of Ling Family, I was the one who secretly settled the matter for you.”

“Ling Family matter….”

Murong Hong is suddenly unable to sit still, “I was wondering why did the Ling Family withdraw so suddenly back then. So it is you causing mischief….but just how powerful are you, a student, how were you able to settle Ling Family?”

Liu Yi asks, “Oh, I wonder if uncle had heard of Red Scarf Army?”

“Of course I had heard of it! If you say that back then I am the overlord of the north’s surface powers then the king of the underground powers in the north is Red Scarf Army ….it seems like their current influence had already spread through China, furthermore they eat both black and white….no matter who it is, that person who established Red Scarf Army, he is definitely a talent!”

Liu Yi says humbly, “Thank you uncle for your praise, I feel that I was lucky that’s all.”

“How can it only be luck…”

Murong Hong was just about to speak without thinking when he suddenly becomes aware and stares at Liu Yi with wide eyes. He nearly falls off the chair, “So it is you? You are that…Commander…who established Red Scarf Army?”

“Let uncle see a joke.”

Liu Yi smiles very bashfully, “I am small-scale which cannot be compared to uncle’s huge business.”

“Small-scale? Huge business?”

Murong Die smiles bitterly, “You see how do I have a huge business appearance now? Would a huge business stay in a 300 a night room in a hotel? Your small-scale unified China’s underworld right? Liu Yi, although I, Murong Hong am surprised, I am also very proud. Because I did not make an error of judgment. In the past, I feel that you were a dragon among men, right now, you had proven yourself. I can also relax and entrust Xiao Die to you.”

“Why does uncle speak like you are going to be rushed to the execution grounds?”

“Liu Yi. You do not understand. I, Murong Hong had worked hard for a lifetime to obtain all of these family properties. But in the end, all of my hopes and efforts had turned into nothing. I have nothing to regret. Money is nothing. At most I can just restart from the beginning. Anyways I, Murong Hong started from scratch. After a while of hard times, I just treat it as reliving past experienced! I only feel that I am letting down Xiao Die. She is already used to the life of a rich missy, right now she needs to suffer along with me. You and Xiao Die quickly get married.”

“What the, you dream on! To actually throw your daughter to me like this!”

Liu Yi’s mouth twitches, “Although I really wish to marry Xiao Die, our marriage shall be decided by ourselves! We would then not be fiddled around by you this old fellow!”

“This is also for Xiao Die’s good…”

“Xiao Die for you, is working hard. Can’t you work hard?”

“It is not about me working hard or not. There is someone plotting against me and right now I am a bit unable to resist anymore.”

Murong Hong chuckles, “Even if I enter the prison, I will also not betray my daughter.”

“What do you mean?”

Hearing this sentence, Liu Yi’s brows wrinkled.

“Do you know why I got plotted against by other people?”

“Isn’t it because you wish to entered the south market but got crowded out by people?”

Liu Yi says according to Chen Dahai’s told him.

“Hahaha, what a joke. The south is so large. Don’t know how many times bigger compared to the north. How can it be eaten up just by a person or two? Those are just what is happening on the surface. The real reason, chuckle…”

Liu Yi questions, “Uncle if you really take me as a son-in-law, there is no harm in saying.”

“The one who plots against me wishes to bring Xiao Die away.”

“What? Who dares to have thoughts about my woman!”

Liu Yi becomes stirred up and slaps the table as he stands up. When he slaps the table, he instantly breaks the table into two!

-cracking sound-

The teapot as well as teacups on the table falls onto the ground and scatter.

Murong Hong coughs and says, “This…you pay for the table!”

“What the…just a table you are too petty!”

“Right now is extreme times ah!”

“Who cares. I can still pay for a table!”

Liu Yi’s curls his lips, “Uncle where is that person currently. I will go and find them an have a good ‘chat’. Wish to take my, Liu Yi’s woman, how can they not first get my permission. Didn’t they take you down. I want to see how they are going to take me down!”

“Are you sure you want to go?”

Liu Yi senses a trace of craftiness flashes across Murong Hong’s eyes.

“Of course!”

Liu Yi senses that the old fox had set up a trap for him. But for my Xiao Die, even if it is a trap I must still jump in!

“Right. Towards your funds flow being broken, there is no need for you to worry.”

“How are you going to solve it? Base on my understanding, even if it is the Red Scarf Army, the liquid funds they have is not enough to help me right?”

“I had already gone and greeted the government.”

Liu Yi waves his hand, “The money you owe those government-controlled banks, they would not chase you for it. Furthermore, they will continue to provide loans for you and help you get through this tough period. Some more, the GSC from Japan will also collaborate with you, inject funds into you. Pooling together here and there, that 2 billion is more or less can be collected.”

“How….how do you have so many powers…”

Murong Hong swallows his saliva and feels like it is a dream.

Is this fellow…still that Liu Yi that I   back then?

“Uncle there is no need to be polite. Anyways you just need to believe that you will be able to get through without any mishap.”

Liu Yi purposefully giving a mysterious smile. There are some things that I will not tell this old fellow.

“Good little fellow…I really made an error in judgement…earlier I felt that you have some achievement. But I did not expect that you would be so awesome! You are powerful and is more impressive than me! In this lifetime I had never admired someone before but this time, I am convinced!”

“Uncle has seen a joke. Let us talk about that fellow who tried to take away my girl?”

What Liu Yi is concerned about is this problem, “Where is he currently?”

“You came rather coincidentally.”

Murong Hong smiles, “Recently that fellow is also in Jingdou City. He is waiting for my reply. Since that is the case today I’ll make a trip to visit him. Why don’t you follow me as well.”

“Very good. Let me meet this rumored big figure.”

Liu Yi stands up and both his hand behind him as a surge of arrogance that he had cultivated for a long time emerges as he says, “I do want to see, who is the person who dares to hoot that he wants to take away my girl! I shall let him know that what he faces is not just my anger, it is the entire Red Scarf Army!”

Right now Red Scarf Army is the entire underworld’s big boss, who dares to block the spear tip!

Liu Yi has this self-confidence. Who dares to block me, I shall turn him over!

“Good. Right now it is also almost time. Then take a trip with me.”

Murong Hong take a look at his watch and says, “Right now at this time there are still quite a number of people on the train let us hurry!”

What the heck…the high and mighty tyrant of the north actually is in a hurry to take the train…

Liu Yi nearly vomits out blood but he secretly admires Murong Hong.

Being able to give and take, if you give this person a chance, sooner or later he will abruptly rise up and become a dragon among man!


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