MKW: chapter 749

Hi guys,

Sorry for disappearing for so long. Between my mother’s hospitalization and me getting a job there was barely time for me to do any translation. Recently I managed to well adapt to my job thus I got some chapter for you guys. Anyway, there probably will not be any hard confirmation on chapters posting dates but I will be posting as and when possible. Well just in case for those who do not understand, I am working 6 days a week from 10.30am to 9.30pm so yeah not a lot of time to translate.

Of course, there is a long 3 hours lunch break in between where I sneak in some time to translate recently which is why there is a chapter today hehe

Link below/at the end of the chapter

Posting Schedules (August)

MKW: 2 chapters a week

MCW: 1 chapters a week

MWMAH: 1 chapters a week

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Here is the MKW  chapter

TL: SkyFuji


2 thoughts on “MKW: chapter 749

  1. Welcome back man.
    It’s better for you to have a proper day job to support yourself and your future even if it means we get less chapters weekly 👍


    • Others might hate me but i think you should take a break from TL for awhile. Maybe even leave it altogether. I appreciate your work but theres only so many hours in the day. 24 – 8(sleep) – 11(work) =5 remaining. Then theres travel, eating, shopping, mom visits, etc. That no ME time lifestyle will eventually break you. Well i hope everything goes your way and thanks again for your hard work.


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