MKW: chapter 344

Hi guys,

Fourth chapter of the week

I have noticed a comment regarding chapter 1-44, thus I would like to say that I am/in progress of retranslating them. Currently, chapter 1-4 are done and the rest shall come after I get my pc to continue my translation properly. Links will be at the bottom.

Of course just in case there isn’t any updates of the rest of chapter 5-44 please @skyfuji in my discord to remind me ^^

Cheers and have a nice day ^^

Posting Schedules

MKW: Daily ^^ – which I will do my best to accomplish as it is my new year goal ^^

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Next bonus chapter 13/15 patrons

Talk to me on Discord or highlight any mistakes you have found or chat with me about anything if I’m online

Here is the MKW chapter for today

Chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4.

TL: SkyFuji


Grammerly: Nekorus(when he decided to read it and let me know on discord)



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