MKW: chapter 328

Hi guys,

Second chapter of the week!!!

@ImJustTesting, well bad luck for the people who build the lab…who the hell would have known that Liu Yi would have a portable AI that is able to scan for tremors…

And yes mature content will be up soon, PG 1X/ R XX whichever you prefer and it will be on ***day, this week

Enjoy the chapter hehe

Cheers and have a nice day ^^

Posting Schedules

MKW: Daily ^^ – which I will do my best to accomplish as it is my new year goal ^^

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Next bonus chapter 11/15 patrons

On side note, I just had to check the box for mature content for my patreon >.<

hahaha wonder how many of you would be reading this ^^

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Here is the MKW chapter for today

TL: SkyFuji


Grammerly: Nekorus(when he/she decided to read it and let me know on discord)

Hall of Fame for Patreon

Grand-master: Alexander.E, Nolan.N, Fabian.L and I.E.Shadowless

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Expert: Luis.F.U.M

Rookie: Andrew.C and GGIS

Beginner: Freddy.C and James


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