MKW: chapter 304

Hi guys,

Six chapter of the week

And Alaneo regarding increasing cultivation of Liu Yi through external help, well Ma Hua will definitely not agree to it as it will result in Liu Yi becoming weaker in the later stages. And most importantly like all cultivators, his cultivation speed will decrease as his cultivation increases as most of you would have noticed, his cultivation have not increase for quite some time (since he officially become Ma Hua’s disciple 2 years ago?).

Also Crywolf I’m guessing the Ghost Fox clan might have people high earth grade around 15/16 stars…

hehe so who else have a better guess let me know in the comments or on discord ^^

RoriconKnight you might have the best answer ever to all questions…hehe

Cheers and see you guys in the next chapter and goodnight all ^_^

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Here is the MKW chapter for today

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