Chapter 9 – Cat Maiden


After returning back to the village, Bai Song says goodbye to Luo Bing before walking towards Demon Cat Forest. As Bai Song travels, when he saw the windmill pagoda, he is tempted to climb up and use to gilder to travel to Demon Cat Forest.

But after thinking, he decided not to. It is not because he is afraid of people but rather because like his kill stealing to level up he is afraid of being harassed by the world. If he is too bright, he will attract the attention of other people schemes. Even though sooner or later he will be famous among the crowds, but at least by that time he will have enough strength to fend off the schemes.

Demon Cat Forest BOSS party, party is completed, looking for an archer who can shoot.”

Cat Maiden BOSS, Cat Maiden BOSS, is there anymore looking for one more to fight with Cat Maiden BOSS?”

Bai Song was about to leave the village when he saw a large crowd of players standing in the party zone and all of them are selecting to fight the Cat Maiden BOSS. Originally Bai Song does not mind. Partying up in games to kill monsters is a common occurrence, as common as eating rice, but something is wrong if all of them are gunning for Cat Maiden BOSS.

Bai Song stop a worried looking player and ask: “This friend, what is happening here? Why is it that so many parties are the doing Cat Maiden BOSS?”

This player is like what Bai Song has imagined. At first he is not willing but after struggling to escape twice, finally reply terrified: “It is said that the Glorious Guild have accepted a task. Recently a few of their core member have come back and partying up, wanting to go and kill the Cat Maiden BOSS.”

All of them are from the Glorious Guild?”

Not all, a lot of them are random players partying up to try and grab a slice of the cake.”

A new task that was released? Taking advantage that Bai Song is not focusing on him, the terrified player disappeared like the wind in an instant.

Bai Song looked around and saw that the gathering area is congested with all kinds of player. There are those that wears heavy armour or leather armour and those that uses wands or swords.

As Mayor Xi is located close to this are, Bai Song rushes over to look for him. On the way, he keep hearing rumours that Glorious Guild has a strategy for killing the Cat Maiden BOSS, as well as the number of players with Glorious tag makes Bai Song suspicious.

Glorious Guild is not a famous guild when he entered the game after 2 years of its opening during his previous incarnation. But looking at the current situation, Glorious Guild seems to be a big and powerful guild which holds some sway.

Actually when Bai Song was kill stealing, if the people have reported a famous guild name, he would not offend them for a few elites. When Bai Song first heard Glorious Guild his first reaction is: who the heck is Glorious?

Unless it is a guild that is famous during the early stages but collapses after 2 years? To be honest, even super large guilds collapses within 2 years before. Towards this new top tier circles, Bai Song has always listen to it like a normal player.

When Bai Song saw Mayor Xi, just as he is about to ask him if he have news regarding the Cat Maiden Task, he was pulled up to the second floor by Mayor Xi.

I am just about to send people to look for you. Regarding the task to steal the necklace, I am unable to send guards to support you, hence I have sent expedition request to the adventurers against Cat Maiden.” Mayor Xi delightfully rubs his chin after finished talking. “I believe that with this group of adventurers advancing in wave, the Cat Maidens energy will be drained. With your technique along with the treasure I gave you, you will definitely be able to successfully steal it.”

Bai Song jaw dropped. He has thought that there is some changes in the situation, hence he rushed over in a hurry. Unexpectedly this is Mayor Xi scheme.

Is the precious stone really that important?

So be it, Mayor please do not worry. This one will definitely do my best.” Facing Mayor Xi confident look, Bai Song can only give a devoted reply.

Oh, think of a plan carefully. As long as you can obtain that necklace, I will not treat you badly.” Mayor Xi looked at Bai Song attitude and pets his arm happily.

This time Bai Song did not jump out of the window as the hall does not have much people, most of them have already accepted the expedition request and are gathered in the party zone.

Bai Song walks along the pavement of the village, looking at the players rushing all over the place and shakes his head. Lv 20 gold BOSS, and most of the players are currently Lv 4-6. Maybe they have thought that the BOSS is around Lv10.

No one is able to imagine that Wind Sprout Village which is like a beginner village is surrounded by Lv 20 and above BOSSes and not just any normal BOSS but a gold BOSS.

Every single gold BOSS when facing same level players is able to totally annihilate them. And if there is no specially trained team or a god level player, it is impossible to kill a gold BOSS. Because a gold BOSS will run if it feels that it is losing.

These low level players will never be able to kill Cat Maiden. Their biggest usage is like what Mayor Xi say: wave after wave fighting to wear down her energy to allow Bai Song to steal the necklace.

As for Mayor Xi’s integrity, Bai Song has not comprehended it completely. For his own goals, he issued out an impossible task. This will cause a large number of player to lose their valuable time, using an empty promise to send this group of players as cannon fodder.

Mayor Xi still does not know about Bai Song and Cat Maiden’s cooperation. And the one who is being schemed against is Mayor Xi himself. Of course when Bai Song walked into the gathering zone, looking at the thousands of player gathering, Bai Song’s heart is slightly swayed.

Looking at the current situation, if he does not use the Despicable Pass, he actually has a chance in succeeding Mayor Xi’s task.

Why don’t I try to complete Mayor Xi’s task?” this thought wormed itself into Bai Song’s heart. After thinking for around 2 seconds, Bai Song immediately eliminated this thought.

Let not talk about not knowing Mayor Xi’s rewards for completing the task. Even if the reward is pretty good, but even if he completes the task… but what about afterwards?

Afterwards, he will be chased by a Lv20 gold BOSS. Being chased by a Lv20 gold BOSS is very scary. Even those top-tier players from his previous incarnation are not willing to anger those strong and love to hold a grudge gold BOSS. If you are stronger than them, they will run away after a short fight. If you are weaker than I’m sorry.

This is the reason why Bai Song gave up the previous idea, completely burying it deep in his heart.

Bro lets group up?” At this time a warrior holding an axe called out to Bai Song.

Bai Song shook his head. He is not willing to group up with anyone. At this time, that warrior pulled on Bai Song hand: “I see that your stamina is already yellow.”

Here take this. We players who are not in a guild have a hard time.” Finished speaking , the axe warrior passes Bai Song a dried meat and turns around to look for other players to group up with.

You can see the value of my stamina?” Bai Song ask with curiosity after receiving the dried meat. Usually at this point of time, there are very few abilities that allows you to investigate other players’ status. Even among the large guilds, there is around 1-2 at most.

He he.” The axe warrior laughed: “it is not some superb skill, but Valour Awareness only.”

After finish saying, he even tell Bai Song the skill description of Valour Awareness skill.



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