Chapter 8 – Endless Abyss


The hang glider is like a pair of large wings gliding within the abyss. Of course this pair of “wings” are unable to fly upwards.

Hang gliders as usual are hardly able to propel forward, especially this set of wings that can barely be called a  “hang glider” that is invented by Luo Bing, don’t even have the tiniest amount of propulsion.

The hang glider that Bai Song uses in his previous incarnation is called Breeze Glider. It is a mass production good, but when compared to this experimental one, Breeze Glider which has a bit of propulsion is such so much more “luxurious”.

If there is no comparison, there will be no need to puke blood.

In the past incarnation, Bai Song favourite pastime is to glide in the air with Breeze Glider. His ability to control the glider is superb and a good hang glider speed is as fast as a first-rate flying horse. Especially the Red Dragon Glider in the legends. It is a god tools that people will kill to obtain it.

Circling down the abyss requires strength and the airflow needs to be circling the abyss. When Bai Song saw that the conditions are almost right, he starts to straighten out his body and maintains a swooping position.

When Bai Song saw that he is about to reach the ground, he uses his strength to pull the lever on the hand glider backwards. The massive downwards forces was dispersed in an instant, allowing a smooth descent onto the ground, after which Bai Song kept the hand glider in his backpack.

Endless Abyss is a lifeless area. Those that can live in it are those few shadow creatures. Bai Song starts to operate his weak perception, slowly and carefully waiting in the darkness. In the past incarnation, the player that completed this task have already learnt stealth manoeuvres, but still nearly died in the process of completing this task.

In the Endless Abyss, a small and ordinary worm level can go up to Lv30. If you are unlucky and meet any elites even Cat Maiden will suffer badly trying to escape.

Sunlight seldom shines into the Endless Abyss, hence it is almost impossible to see. If it is an ordinary player, even if he knows the location of both the ring and the herb, it is also very hard to find it. Since it is hard to see, Bai Song shuts his eyes and walk towards the location of the objective.

That one point in perception, most important objective is to unlock perception system. To be honest that one point in perception does not help Bai Song much. But to other ordinary players, even if they have 100 points in perception, with both eyes shut, they will not be able to perceive as much as Bai Song.

This is the torment caused from living in darkness for several years!

With every step, Bai Song ascertained the surroundings before taking another step. Dying once is not scary at all, but if he dies during the process of completing this task, the hang glider will definitely drop. The hang glider is not considered as his equipment but a task item.

There is only one chance. Usually before doing a high risk task, players would usually store their valuables in the warehouse. But Bai Song did not store the Cat Maidens personal guard bracer in.

If he fails to obtain the Form Changing Grass, holding onto a useless item is pointless.

Another reason is that he has no money.

Bai Song can feel the rate of his heartbeat. He has no confidence in completing the task despite placing all his points into agility

[TL note. Why can’t he level up more before doing this damn task?]

He has prepared for failure. In the event of failure, he will have to practice Empty Hand stealing technique and slowly steal Cat Maiden necklace. He will be able to obtain the necklace sooner or later, just that timewise, to the current him will be very painful.

At this time, Bai Song reached the objective area according to his memories. This area is not very large. Bai Song with his eyes closed slowly and carefully feels each and every spot. The ring and herb are located near to each other, hence the player in his previous incarnation is able to complete the task.

The Form Changing Grass grows in a crack. It is shaped like a strip, at the top it is split into 3 and at the edges of each strip is a small ball. Bai Song open his eyes, relying on the weak rays of light to search for the Form Changing Grass. But before he found the Form Changing Grass, he found the ring first.

Searching upwards from the ring he found the grass. Bai Song softly plucks the crucial Form Changing Grass and place it in his bag. As Bai Song has not learned Herb Gathering skill, this stalk of Form Changing Grass is slightly damaged. But if it is for usage, it is still passable.

Bai Song did not relax after getting both his objectives as getting back up is the real challenge.

How on earth is he supposed to go up?

Bai Song walks back to where he landed. From his backpack, he took out a piece of meat. The piece of meat is very long and wide, as it is specially cut out by cutting the pig into half1.

That player in his previous incarnation relies on Gecko Shoe to climb out bit by bit. As for why Bai Song did not go and get a Gecko Shoe as well, it’s because Gecko Shoe is inside a special treasure chest in a cavern which is located in Getto Forest. By the time he would have reached it, some other fleet-footed player would have gotten it.

Just as he has taken out the meat, he quickly puts it back into his backpack. He just realised that this valley contains lots of underground creatures, who knows if they are picky about their food, hence he starts to wait and this wait lasted for over an hour.

The moment he heard the eagle cry, Bai Song quickly ties that big piece of meat around him. After making sure that it is tied tightly, he lies down on the floor covered by the large piece of meat.

Screech! Screech!

As the hunting eagle flies down as usual to search for food, he suddenly saw a large piece of fresh meat that is still dripping blood, it could not help but to call out in joy twice.

As Bai Song worries, the hunting eagle lets go of its suspicion in the face of delicious food and with its two claws grabs the meat and flew out of the Endless Abyss.

When Bai Song could finally see the sunlight, he has already reached the surface and saw the nervous Luo Bing. At this moment Luo Bing also saw Bai Song and can’t stop waving his hands towards him.

After reaching a certain height, Bai Song took out his dagger. Despite it being a newbie dagger, it is still able to cut through the rope easily and soundlessly. Bai Song falls from the sky like a bullet, but as he does not wish to die and revive, he opens the hang glider in mid-air, slowing down his rapid descent.

This scene was not seen by another other player, otherwise their jaw would have touched the floor. Let’s not talk about his seamless technique, just based on the fact that he owns a glider is enough to shock any players.

In his previous incarnation, during this early phase, no one owns any sort of mounts, not even a horse.

When no one is able to run and you can fly, every one will not just envy you, but rather envy you like a delicious food.

After seeing how far the eagle has flown, Bai Song finally relaxes. This is a last minute modification to his plans. But as he could think of using the eagle as a plan to replace the loophole of needing the Gecko Shoe showcases how venerable of an internet addict he is.

“My beloved friend, I really have no idea how to thank you. Please accept the leftover pork and this hang glider as my gratitude. You must accept them.”

When Bai Song passed the ring to Luo Bing, while Luo Bing is thanking him, Bai Song received the notification that he has completed the task.

1 是通过将猪肉折叠切割所弄出来的 – well I tried but if anyone else knows how to describes it better let me know



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