Chapter 7 – Hand Glider


After storing the Despicable Pass carefully into his backpack, he said goodbye to the mayor before jumping out of the window.

With a thump, Bai Song landed on the ground. Looking at his health which is left with a sliver, he dusted himself and walks off as if nothing has happened.

Mayor Xi stares at Bai Song’s back view stupefied. “This… is a special thief. A talented person is indeed different.”

After that, Mayor Xi went down to the first floor and continues to give out and accept tasks.

The reason why Bai Song jumped down from the window is not to pretend that he is a weird anti-social person. Since the mayor takes hims for a solo talk, to the other players, Bai Song must have gotten a large advantage. Hence he does not want to be noticed by those with ill thoughts.

Bai Song took out 5 coppers from his bag and uses his hands to play some coin tricks. But in his brain, he is thinking of his next step as quickly as possible.

The most important thing to do next is to collect the Form Changing Grass from the Endless Abyss. This is the first step for the collaboration with Cat Maiden. At the beginning it’s because he had mentioned about the Form Changing Grass which makes Cat Maiden agrees to cooperate with him.

Actually, Bai Song is tempted to complete the hidden task that Mayor Xi have given him. After all it is a hidden quest. Its rewards defiantly will be quite good. But as for what kind of reward the mayor will give, Bai Song has no idea. This includes everyone else during his previous incarnation.

Thus in Bai Songs heart, he is more bias towards helping Cat Maiden. Because the reward can make anyone tempted. But regardless whether he is helping Mayor Xi or Cat Maiden, he still has to obtain the Form Changing Grass first.

As he made up his mind, his footsteps quickens. As he hurries, his stamina starts to run out. His breathing bar have already drop to the point it turns yellow.

This is due to Bai Songs stats being all in in his agility. While he is walking faster, his stamina value drops at a manageable rate. If he is a tank, he would have been dead due to hunger.

The repercussion for starving to death is very harsh. After reviving, you will be in a weaken condition for 48 hours, hence without any choice, Bai Song has to spend 4 coppers to buy 2 raw eggs.

Raw eggs contains cholesterol and have abundant nutrition. The egg white contains the required amino acid that a human body requires and is easily absorbed at more than 98% being absorbed. This point is perfectly showcase in <Myth>.

In the previous incarnation, Bai Song incidentally found out that raw eggs as compared to those food of the same price replenishes more stamina. As Bai Song pocket is very constrained, he is forced to research a few money saving tricks. When he is lacking in gold, this trick is the most useful.

Oh?” Bai Song stops outside of a stone mansion, his hand playing with his last copper coin. “Looks like this is the place.”

Bai Song knocks on the door softly.

Is it Precious?” A silver hair young man wearing a grey cap ask weakly as he opens the door. When he saw that it is not the person he mention, he shakes his head and say: “I am sorry, you have found the wrong person. There is no one in this place that want to look for me.”

After speaking, he proceeded to close the door. Bai Song used his foot to prevent the door from completely closing before saying: “No, I did not find the wrong person. The one I am look for is you, Luo Bing.”

How did you know my name?” Luo Bing was shocked. But soon mocks himself as he say: “Did the blacksmith uncle tell you? Are you here to collect the debt in his place? Please help me tell him to come a few days later. I currently don’t even have a single coin.”

No no no, I do not know of any blacksmith uncle.” Bai Song smiles towards Luo Bing. “Can I come in to sit?”

Luo Bing moves his body slightly, “You can come in and take a seat, but I do not have anything to offer.”

Inside the stone house, there are lots of unusual equipment placed all over the house. The light is still considered to be decent. At the back of the stone house, there is a pen that is surrounded by a metal railing. There is a  pig raised inside the railing. The pig is about to be mature enough for slaughter soon.

May I know the reason for this adventurer friend to look for me?” Luo Bing asked in curiosity. He can’t think of a reason. If Bai Song is not looking for him to collect debt what other reasons are there for him to for him.

I heard at the apple stall that the ring that you want to gift a person seems to have dropped into the Endless Abyss, causing you to be very troubled?” Bai Song asked carefully.

So you can me to about this thing. As I was walking pass Endless Abyss, I accidentally dropped the ring that I want to use to propose to Precious. And the worst thing is that it dropped deep inside the Endless Abyss.” Luo Bing says in depression: “That is my life time savings. If I don’t have that ring, where do I have the face to marry Precious.”

Poor Luo Bing, do you have any plans for finding the ring?” Bai Song ask while shaking his head and sign.

Of cause I have plan to. As you can see the two large wings behind you, that is my invention, Experiment Number 1. There is no Number 2 and 3 as I have run out of money after finishing Number 1.” After saying finish, Luo Bing expression got worst. “I am really an idiot. After finishing the hand gilder then I remembered that even if I can go down the hole, I am unable to come back up.”

You don’t have to worry. I can help you get it back.” After saying finish, Bai Song smiles faintly.

Luo Bing stand up emotionally and grabs Bai Song hand: “My most beloved friend, are you saying the truth?”

[System Notification : Will you accept the task “Precious’ Ring”?]


My beloved friend let us leave right away!” Luo Bing is so anxious about his ring that the immediately wants to pull Bai Song and leave.

Bai Song shakes his head.

I know that you are very anxious but please listen to me first. I need the hand glider that you have invented as well as a very large piece of pork and a rope.” Bai Song intentionally unintentionally looks towards the pig pen at the back of the stone house.

Gods that is my last fortune.” Luo Bing covers his face and cried out. But in the end he made up his mind: “So be it. To be able to marry Precious, I shall risk it all.”

After the two of them kill the pig, Bai Song keeps the pork meat in his backpack. As Luo Bing did not have a horse, both of them walk all the way to Endless Abyss.

The steep and deep walls. When you look down there is no bottom in sight. Endless Abyss like its name give people horror. Luo Bing looks over the edge into the abyss, retreated 2 steps in fright. Other than knowing that he is unable to come up if he enter, he have a deep fear for the Endless Abyss.

Bai Song stands at the edges of the Endless Abyss without any fear. He is a person who has climbed up from an actual abyss. How can he be frighten from a mere game.

It cannot happen as well as its not allowed to happen.

Luo Bing gave the hang glider to Bai Song. There are some special tasks, due to the tasks need, a player is able to obtain part of the task reward or the entire task reward. As for this ‘Precious’ Ring’ task, the reward is this hang glider. Due to the task needs, the reward is given to Bai Song ahead of time.

My beloved friend, how about we look for another place to practice using the hand glider first, this abyss is simply……”

Luo Bing has yet to finish talking before Bai Song with a slight spring, leaps vertically deep into abyss.



4 thoughts on “Chapter 7 – Hand Glider

  1. wow that was really interesting!

    and maybe he will even get a title when he reach the bottom of the abyss :D, or maybe not :D, but i hope he can get a title, because it’s something awesome that very hard to get ahahaha 😀

    btw, this npc so easy to manipulate, maybe because the game just starting and the A.I still not lower and still not perfected and updated 😀 , that will be good for him IoI

    thx for the chapter ^^


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