Chapter 60


Chapter 60 – Panda

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Every time seeing the summer, the thoughts would be blisteringly hot. If seeing that in front is suffering, then cold winds this term should be able to lower the heat.

The air is slightly stuffy, and Bai Song is a person that does not like sweating, but sweat is flowing out of his forehead currently.

Perhaps only during such hot weather would there be so few people in the zoo during the weekend.

“Papa, it’s very hot.” Blossom gives off an unlively appearance.

“Come, papa brings you to buy ice-cream.” Bai Song says as he leads Blossom.

Blossom perks up and nods her head.

“Go ahead; I’ll wait for you here.” Qiu Yu indicates that she is not going.

Today Qiu Yu is wearing a white border blue dress and is carrying a small fashionable bag. She is also wearing a skin color stockings to protect her beautiful legs from the dust and sun.

Who could imagine that such a goddess like the pretty lady is already a mother?

Bai Song brings his daughter to the shop that sells ice-cream, outside the shop are a few al fresco tables and chairs which are meant to increase business.

“Papa, look, look, the panda is coming over.” Blossom pulls Bai Song’s hand.

Bai Song faces the direction that his daughter is pointing and take a look. The ‘panda’ that she is talking about is a person wearing a panda costume. Places like the zoo usually hire part-timers to do such jobs to welcome the guest.

The ‘panda’ walks over and sits down on a chair. The boss of the shop did not chase away neither did he question him, apparently the boss is used to such situation.

The ‘panda’ takes of its headgear and reveal a man who looks around 27/28 year old. His hair is neither long nor short but is very wet like he has just taken a bath.

The man did not place the headgear on the floor. Instead, he hugs it and takes a deep breath. In such hot weather, the temperature inside the costume is like being above a stove.

“Papa, what happened to the panda sir?” Blossom asks Bai Song curiously.

Just as Bai Song is about to reply, the boss cuts in and ask: “What do you want to buy?”

“Give me three ice-creams.” After Bai Song reply, he asks Blossom: “Do you want to eat ice-cream?”

“Eh.” Blossom nods her little head.

The boss actions are adept, and very quickly, he has made three ice-cream.

“Six yuan.” The boss passes the ice-cream to Bai Song.

Bai Song takes out the money that he has just withdrawn from his card, which is all in hundred. The boss skillfully takes out the change and say: “94, please count.”

Bai Song passes two of the ice-cream to Blossom, this way Blossom is holding one in each hand. Bai Song did not count the money neither did he leave immediately, which causes the boss to look at him curiously.

At this time, Bai Song takes out two yuan from the change and passed it to the boss: “Make one for him as well.”

Bai Song points to the ‘panda.’ Seeing the boss nods his head, Bai Song brings Blossom and leave. After walking further away, Bai Song turns around and take a look. Despite being far away, Bai Song can see that the ice-cream that the boss has given the ‘panda’ is…rather big?

Right, there is no one who will look down on those who struggle to make a living.

Blossom also follows Bai Song’s gaze and looks back. When the young man sees Blossom looking at him, he puts on the headgear instead of receiving the ice-cream and does some comical actions and makes Blossom laugh.

But, other than the child, no one else can laugh.

Bai Song leads Blossom away saying: “Blossom don’t watch anymore. Panda sir is tired and needs to rest.”

“Eh.” Blossom’s gaze seems to have some understanding.


Bringing Blossom to see the fierce lion and tigers, graceful cranes and peacock, quick-witted golden snub-nosed monkeys and the cute pandas.

But the fierceness of the lions and tigers are gone. With only an inch of land how to be graceful? A false rock garden restricted their intelligence. The cute and simple appearance is the wrapping around a ferocious beast.

But there is nothing bad about this.

It is better than being busy from morning to night, so hurried that he is like a passing traveler, throughout one’s life, he survives in the midst of fluster.

When leaving the zoo, the ‘panda’ is still at his post, when he sees Blossom, he makes a cute action to bid Blossom farewell. Perhaps…..he thinks that it is this little angel that sent it to him.

Afterwards, they stroll around the park before going to a large shopping center to purchase some daily necessities. After which, he brings his wife and daughter outside to eat a ‘delicious’ meal.

Originally, Bai Song suggested to have hotpot, but Qiu Yu rejected him with a no discussion tone. Thus he can only compromise and suggested to have mutton soup. It is not considered expensive, around 15 yuan a bowl, thus for three people, the cost is only 45 yuan.

The sun has strolled a round in the sky, at this time he is preparing to go to the other side of the planet to take a stroll. He is diligent.

The family of three decided to stroll back home. Along the way, occasionally there are people who turn around and stare. Their gaze is either on Qiu Yu or Blossom, after looking at them, they will stare at Bai Song.

That gaze should be… envy? Perhaps it is.

But along the way, Bai Song’s heart is wandering. He is questioning himself: Is this the way I wish to live? For family, struggling with a depressing mode like the ‘panda’?

At this time, a beetle flies past his eyes. Blossom reaches out with her hands wishing to catch it. Bai Song starts to recall an extracurricular book that he had to read in elementary and junior high school.

Faber’s book of insects.

Geotrupidae is a type of beetle, only its body is larger, and there is a lance growing out from its chest.

The female bug only job throughout its entire life is to take care of its offsprings in its underground lair; it’s whole heart is in its family. As for food, the male bug is the one responsible.

The male bugs entire life is: transport the earth, collect food, help lighten its wife workload. There is no rest in its entire life.

Finally, after constructing, finishing the lair, it wearily and tiredly leaves home and dies in somewhere else miserably.

In the loose nature of insect world, it is like another kind. It does not have companion to be joyful with, no woman to flirt with. When dying, it can say with clear conscious: “I have done my best for my family!”

The ‘panda’ is perhaps like the geotrupidae, maybe they have the same situation, same life, and same duties….

[TL: geotrupidae is a type of stage beetle]

The stuffy summer day finally welcomes a breeze of cold wind during the night. The restlessly of the people walking slightly ebbs. When the cold wind blows on Bai Song’s face, his messy hair starts to sway.

Glances at his lively and adorable daughter and his youthful and beautiful wife, but within Bai Song’s heart, depression starts to form.

Is this the life that I wish to live?

From the sky comes the sound of plane flying by, leaving behind a long stream of cloud-like exhaust.

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  1. that’s a good choice, because it’s already dropped. it will waste your time and energy. but we readers will say thank you for translating it ^^. i hope if you translate another novel, it will also Virtual Reality if Possible it also have time travel genre.

    btw, there are 2 interesting novel that has been dropped by the author.

    -Heroes Prison
    it’s a Virtual Reality and have 1317 Chapters (Ongoing)

    -Survival Game
    it has Game Elements and also Time Travel 😀 , and not to forget the system also let the player to make their own skill. 217 Chapters (Completed) and The Author are the one who write Reign of the Hunters novel.


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