Chapter 6 – Accidental Harvest


When Bai Song enters the hall, he realized that there is a long queue in front of the mayor.

You cutting in line?.” A valiant looking warrior lifts his arm thinking of pushing Bai Song away, but Bai Song with a slight dodge, causing him to the push air instead.

Not bothering about that guys anger, Bai Song circles around and stands near the mayor. Those at the back who wish to push Bai Song away saw that Bai Song is just watching the crowd, ignores him when they realize that he is not here to receive a task.

Bai Song did not say anything, instead put up an act of walking around the hall. Moving nearer to where the mayor is Bai Song starts stretching. But it seems that the mayor is too busy giving out and receiving quest and did not saw Bai Song actions.

Bai Song as also not in a hurry, staying there and does his stretching. His objective is to allow the mayor to see the bracer he is wearing. Not sure if it is because there is too many people around, but after 5 minutes have passed, the mayor still have not noticed Bai Song.

At this time, Bai Song is no longer satisfied, and in front of the crowd, he started to do broadcast gymnastic1 instead.

What the heck, where did this crazy guy come from, did he not take his medicine before leaving the house.”

Wow, he is also doing the Generation at Beckon2, he is a real genius.”

I want to post this video up on the forum, this is too funny.”

The attention of the crowd of player were attracted to the scene, causing the village mayor to glance at Bai Song. The moment he glanced over, the mayor eyes starts to shine.

That really is the Cat Maiden personal guard bracer… How did you get your hands on it?” The village mayor Xi Meng Si excitedly grabs hold of Bai Song: “Impossible, with your ability how did you accomplished it?”

Ah ah , village mayor boss if you keep grabbing me, I will die soon.” Bai Song hinted toward the mayor’s hand. When the mayor loosen his hand, Bai Song said: “This, mayor boss there is so many people around, I…”

Mayor Xi Meng Si eyes swept around the hall and waves his hand to the players and say: “All of you wait here, i’m temporary not giving out quests.”

You, come with me.”

Mayor Xi Meng Si done talking brought Bai Song up to the second floor. He also hinted to a guard to guard the stairways and to not let anyone up.

I’ll be damned, what’s the matter with the mayor.”

Damn it, I have killed monsters for several hours before finally finishing the task, are you kidding me.”

The village mayor brought away the exercise bro, don’t tell me doing exercises can get a thief quest?”

Bai Song who is unable to hear the crowd guesses follows the village mayor and enters a study room.

Mayor Xi Meng Si sits on a big soft chair before lighting up his pipe and say: “Young adventurer you can speak now.”

Now Bai Song took out his own newbie dagger and says: “Village head you see, I am a thief.”

A thief eh? Since you can steal it, your luck must have been very good…” Done talking, Mayor Xi Meng Si sudden stood up and say: “Sorry… with your ability, it is impossible to succeed in stealing as you are unable to enter that forest area.”

At this point, Mayor Xi Meng Si stares at Bai Song like a falcon seemingly penetrating into Bai Song’s mind. But Bai Song expression does not change, not giving off a frightened behavior.

Bai Song circles the mayor’s room, picks up the mayor’s spare pipe. After getting back his feelings, walks to the side of the mayor before saying softly: “Please pardon me.”

Mayor Xi only felt that his pocket watch was almost hook away by the pipe. Then he saw that Bai Song is rooted on the spot. This is the punishment for failing to steal successfully.

Bai Song name seems to have some changes in color. This is the punishment that all players will receive regardless of the results when they try to steal from the NPCs. Mayor Xi did not retaliate against Bai Song, but instead waited until the 3 seconds frozen status is over. Clapping his hands and says: “What a superb technique, please forgive me for my suspicions towards you earlier.”

After hearing Mayor Xi words, Bai Song finally felt relief. This Mayor Xi is really like a cunning old fox. Fortunately Bai Song has made many preparations, otherwise if Mayor Xi got suspicious, he will never be able to complete his task.

Of course, Empty Hands in his previous incarnation after he quit the game, left behind some techniques for stealing, which helps Bai Song a lot. Even though he have failed in stealing, he have showcased his ability, hence clearing away Mayor Xi’s suspicion.

It is only an inferior skill. May I know the reason for Mayor Xi to call me here?” Bai Song asked despite knowing the end results: “Is it because mayor is interested in this bracer? If mayor is interested, I can gift it to sire.”

Ha ha ha, of course not.” Mayor Xi laughs loudly, afterwards decline with his hand before saying: “In this lifetime, my favorite activity is to socialize with heroic people who have exceptional abilities. With sire’s ability, in the future you will have many accomplishments.”

You can’t imagine that this is a conversation between a village mayor and a thief.

After Mayor Xi lighted up his pipe, he says seriously: “Towards the North of the village, there is a Demon Cat Forest. Since you came back from that area, I will not introduce much. But deep in the forest, there is a very strong Demon Cat. In the past, I have lead groups of guards to encircle the forest to kill it, but fail due to lack of strength.”

If young hero can make a trip to steal that Demon Cat’s necklace, her strength will drop substantially. At that time, young hero will be famous.”

[System Notification: Hidden Task Triggered “Demon Cat’s precious stone”. Do you accept?]

After listening finish to the mayor words, Bai Song accepted the task, afterwards he spent some time to chat politely with Mayor Xi.

Just as Bai Song is about to leave, Mayor Xi called him back. He took out a small transparent bag from his drawer. And in the bag contains a strand of black string. “Young hero, when you are about to use the Rob skill, coils this string around your fingertips. This can substantially increase your odds of success. But this string can only be used once. Regardless of success or failure, the string will disappear after using it. You must grab the opportunity and use it well.”

After Bai Song received the bag and takes a look, his heart is filled with shock. ‘Isn’t this Despicable Pass?!’

In his past incarnation, the person who passed this task had actually hidden away this particular detail. Or should we say that person actually used this Despicable Pass on stealing? Upon realizing his folly, decided to hide this particular detail. The more Bai Song thought the more it made sense. As Despicable Pass does not have any equipment description, when the mayor pointed out that it can substantially increase stealing chances, that person must have believed him.

Or should we say although Mayor Xi has chanced upon this item, he himself does not know of its uses. Written records have only stated that it can substantially increase the odds of stealing. If Mayor Xi have known it uses, he will never give this item to people easily.

Accidental surprise!

Towards this accidental harvest, Bai Song was super excited in his heart, but on his face, he displayed an expression of getting a good stuff with a bit of surprise, and gives off a feeling of surprise in getting a good tool.


1广播体操this is actually something that they do apparently in China, I think almost all student have to learn how to do it

2 时代在召唤a type of broadcast gymnastic take a look at the link below and enjoy

Actual :

Joke one that someone make :


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