Chapter 59


Chapter 59 – Promise


After making sure that Qiu Yu has eaten her medication as well as sleep, Bai Song starts to think about a very realistic question: He does not have the money currently!

“Hai.” Bai Song turns away from Qiu Yu when he suddenly remembers: “Right! The two gold that Spectral Fire has lent me, I seem to be left with 50 silver.  ”

Based on the current market price, although the value of a gold coin is dropping, there are still people who are willing to pay 1k for 50 silver. But if he does it, he will be broke again.

Let’s not say about anything else. Currently, Bai Song is regaining his health through natural regeneration! He is so poor that he is unable to consume health potion. Originally, Bai Song had planned to use the 50 silver to purchase some basic items, but now it seems that it will be impossible.

But as long as it is going out to play, there will be expenditures. As a man, how could he refuse to pay for the trip’s expenditures? Even if he does not care about what other people think, but Bai Song is unable to bear to let Qiu Yu down as she is the one who has supported the family until now.

“Blast it. The time wasted can be made up by some overnights and money can be farmed.” Bai Song clenches his teeth: “Worst come to worst, I can sell one of my key equipment. Afterall, didn’t I clear that quest without the Geeko Boots?”

Bai Song scanned his ID on the transaction website. The game ID is based on the personal ID; thus stealing accounts is impossible.

As Bai Song is in a hurry to sell the silver, he did not ask for a high price. Instead, he asks for a slightly lower than the average price. The market price is 1200 while Bai Song asks for 1199…. well it is only slightly lowered.

But with this 1 dollar difference, if arranging from lowest to highest, Bai Song’s sale will place the first, thus very quickly there is a person who purchased his silver. There isn’t much-complicated procedure during the transaction. Bai Song sends the items to the buyer, and after the buyer has confirmed that he had received the goods, he transfers 1199 dollars to Bai Song’s account.

Bai Song logind to the game and read the return home scroll. Just as he is about to log off, he is called back by Spectral Fire.

Spectral Fire ask: “Brother Song do you have anything one? Do you want to grind levels with me?”

As Bai Song wishes to log off, he shakes his head and says: “ I will in the future, but I have matters in real life. Let’s talk about it some other time.”

“Right.” Spectral Fire flusteredly takes out two gold and passed them to Bai Song. “This is the gold that Ghost Dance owes you from the bet.”

Only then did Bai Song remember about the bet with Ghost Dance. But as it is not proper, Bai Song shook his head and rejected it.

But Spectral Fire forcefully passes it to Bai Song. “Take it. The two gold that I have given you is already refunded by the guild treasurer. This is the gold that Ghost Dance has lost to you. I definitely will not keep it.”

It is hard to reject the kindness. Thus Bai Song accepted gold in the end. He passes the other gold to Spectral Fire well like what pirates always say: splitting the booty.

No longer willing to talk, Bai Song logs off.


Meanwhile, around an hour has passed after Bai Song cleared the Imperial Palace Ruins hell mode.

A player lies on the ground as a strong wind blows by him.

Party eliminated.

Bai Cheng gloomily stares at One Blade. “One Blade didn’t you say that you have almost finished analyzing? It has been a day! After wasting an entire day here, we are still stuck in this damn stage while the Spectral Guild has already cleared the Imperial Palace Ruins hell mode!!”

One Blade lowers his head as he ponders, disinclined to listen to Bai Cheng nonsense. After a while, he shakes his head and says: “It should not be possible ah. We have also tried to clear the Imperial Palace Ruins normal mode. With the abilities of the players, we can only pass through 2 stages at most. Spectral Guilds allocation of manpower in that dungeon is lower than ours, in fact, it is way lower than ours…..”

Bai Cheng is also not an idiot. After listening to One Blade’s analysis, he calms down and frowns before asking: “Then tell me how did they clear Imperial Palace Ruins?”

This time, One Blade looks at Bai Cheng seriously before answering: “Unable to understand…unable to understand… it should be they have hired an external helper.”

“External helper?” Within Bai Cheng mind pops up that hateful face. He thought: Don’t tell me it is him?


The afterglow of the setting sun has already disappear, hidden behind the Azura.

The curtain of night draws across the sky as it waits for the morning sun to lift it open.

“ Bai Song, help me wipe my body. I am unable to sleep with the sweat on my body.” Qiu Yu powerlessly calls for Bai Song.

When Bai Song hears it, his face turns red as he starts to have second thoughts: She is my wife, what am I afraid of?! Although this is what he thought in his heart, he is having other feelings as he has not seen her for a long period in the past.

There is a water heater in the house that uses natural gas, but it is already worn down after many years of non-repair. Thus the temperature of the water can only be used to bath during summer. If he uses this temperature water to clean Qiu Yu’s body, there is a high chance of her getting a cold again.

There is a large pot that is set aside for bathing usage during winter. Bai Song uses it to heat up a pot of water for Qiu Yu. Bai Song carries the hot water to the bedside as well as preparing the towel that Qiu Yu uses to bath in preparation to clean her body.

Qiu Yu watches as Bai Song walks over and hovers over her. Facing his wife that he has reunion finally after many years, Bai Song swallows his saliva before using the warm towel to gently wipe Qiu Yu’s body.

As Qiu Yu is still wearing her underwear, there are a few places that were not wiped. Seeing this, Qiu Yu wants to remove the clasp at the back. When Bai Song notice, he hurriedly stops her not knowing why he does so.

Qiu Yu looks at Bai Song curiously, not understanding him. Looking at Qiu Yu’s beautiful face, Bai Song is slightly bewitched as he slowly leans towards Qiu Yu…

At this time, from outside the window comes a baby cry. Bai Song rushes over and opens the window to take a look, only to see that it is a wild cat…

But how did a cat cry become a baby cry???


High up in the sky, the birds look at the ground and see a group of ants. The ant’s head is very big, but their hands and legs are very slim.

It is the weekend; the depressed people are welcoming the brief holiday that they have. But the as the number of people who comes out for relaxing are too many; there is no way to relax.

“Blossom, did you listen to the teacher in the kindergarten?” As the public bus is slightly crowded, Bai Song carries Blossom as he is worried that Blossom will be squeezed.

“Uh.” Blossom nods her head and says: “The teachers tell us a lot of stories and teaches us how to sing.”

“Is it? Then later when we return home, you need to sing for mama and me.” Bai Song tweaks Blossom’s nose happily.

Blossom wrinkles her nose, seeming to indicate that she is unhappy about Bai Song tweaking her nose. Seeing this, Bai Song and Qiu Yu glance at each other in merriment.

The surround two passengers is smitten by Blossom’s cute behavior. As they smile, they move away slightly, seeming as if they are not willing to squeeze the cute angel.

After alighting from the bus, Blossom got off Bai Song. Holding Bai Song’s hand she asks: “Papa, when can I return home and tell you and mama stories?”

After those that need to alight alighted, the public bus slow amble away to the next stop.

Bai Song looks forward and says softly: “Very soon.”


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