Chapter 58


Chapter 58 – Hellfire Staff


Spectral Fire found 4 items. A medal, a shoe, a blueprint and a large shield.

When Bai Song sees them, he instantly becomes happy.

<System Notice: Your party has cleared ‘Imperial Ruins Hell grade.’ We are going to announce it to the world. Please give a name for your party.>

At this time, the atmosphere froze. First clearance name this matter was not mentioned by Ghost Island. In Ghost Islands heart, Bai Song accepting such ‘low-price’ is to become famous. Later if all the main force members are from Spectral Guild, he still can carve out his fame.

Of course, it is even more beautiful if the party is called Spectral Guild.

At this time, Bai Song smiles towards Ghost Island. “Does guild leader Ghost Island wish to have this commander position?”

The commander is the person who can name the party.

If Bai Song wants to establish his guild, he would not say such thing, and instead, he would directly input his guild name and start to recruit players with the fame.

Only that when the guild becomes very large, internal turmoil for benefits will become complicated. Casually forming a guild with a group of friends and call out for other friends, then a large group of highly skilled, upright and selfless players who will kneel down and join the guild to play together…. this will only happen in a melodramatic novel plot line!

The truth is the early stages for a guild is a phase of the burning of money and resources.  Up to thousands of elite members, capturing for benefits, the will of the people is hard to comprehend. Even if Bai Song knows of a few economical source information, it is not enough for him to support an entire guild development.

Additionally, the benefits are also tangled and complicated. Enemy guilds have innumerable methods  of attacking him.

Only relying on oneself is the strongest person!

When Ghost Island hears it, he becomes happy, and he knows that there will be terms. “Just tell me the conditions Brother Bai Song.”

“Guild Leader Ghost Island, I shall not beat around the bush then. Additionally to the agreement earlier, I would want one more of the items that the BOSS have dropped.” Bai Song voiced out his conditions.

Ghost Island hesitates slightly because, at this time, Spectral Fire has just walked over. Originally, of the 4 items, Bai Song will be taking two of them. If he can take one more, that will be three of them!

The shoes and shield are both LV 15 gold grade equipment. The medal, in contrast, is worthless as it does not give a single attribute. As for the blueprint, it is a blueprint that can improve a hang glider.

Base on Ghost Island plans, Bai Song, will take the two gold grade equipment or take one gold equipment with the blueprint for the hang glider. Regardless of how Bai Song chooses, he will still be able to obtain either a gold equipment or the hang glider blueprint. If he agrees to Bai Song request, he will be left with a useless medal.

Ghost Island hesitated for a moment, but he nods his head. Bai Song takes the medal, shoes, and blueprint and keeps into his back, leaving Ghost Island with a gold grade shield.

Bai Song originally wanted to steal the gold shield for money, but the hang glider blueprint and shoes are very important for him. Don’t forget, the main purpose for Bai Song wanting to clear this dungeon is to obtain the medal. Other than the 100% chance of it dropping during first clearance, the chances of it dropping, later on, becomes very very low.

Originally prepared to take home a ‘rubbish,’ Ghost Island thought that Bai Song is giving him face when Bai Song left behind the ‘highest value’ gold grade shield. Ghost Island wanted to place Bai Song’s name at the top but was rejected by Bai Song.

{World Announcement: Player “Ghost Island” have successfully led his party <Spectral Guild> and clear Imperial Palace Ruins Hell stage. Player Ghost Island, Spectral Fire, Ghost Face, Bat Baron…. prestige +200}

The system announces it three times.

Among the names, Bai Song’s name is hidden under his request, and he also requested that they do not let others know of his involvement of being the commander for the dungeon. Ghost Island solemnly vows to guarantee: “The members of this party have signed a contract in real life. After this, I will immediately declare that this matter will be considered as the guild’s classified information.”

“Brother Bai Song, the matter of Glorious Guild listing you as a wanted person… I know that you are a person who loves freedom. If you take up an empty post in Spectral Guild, I can be able to try and medicate if the Glorious Guild tries and look for trouble with you.”

“Thank you Guild Leader Ghost Island for your kind intention; I can settle my matter.” Facing the olive branch that Ghost Island has offered, Bai Song only smiles and directly leaves the dungeon.

There are only a few idle players in the dungeon zone. The makeshift parties and guild parties are all hard at work inside the dungeon. When Bai Song check the time, he does not even bother to check the equipment stats before choosing to log out.

It is about to turn dark during the summer night. The fiery red sun burns the horizon a deep red.

Bai Song climbs out of the gaming cabin and walks to the window as he stretches. He sees three kids carrying a bag fighting against each other. When they fall, their body becomes stained with dirt.

Later when they return home, they will be harshly scolded by their elders.

“Bai Song…”

Qiu Yu who is lying on the bed not far off, calls out feebly.

“Yes, I’m here.” Bai Song walks to the bedside. Seeing Qiu Yu who gives him an expression that she wants to get up, he hurriedly supports her to sit up.

[TL: he is whipped]

Qiu Yu half lying on the bed uses her hand to knead her chaotic hair. “What is the time now?”

“It is 6:15pm now.” Bai Song looks at the clock again and says apologetically: “I’m sorry, I am late due to some matter.”

Qiu Yu shakes her head. Seeing that she wishes to get up to cook dinner, Bai Song lets her continue resting. He follows the instruction from an internet cookbook and clumsily cooks a dish of non-greasy dish. He even simmers a pot of vegetable soup with the leftover vegetables.


Bai Song learns as he cooks, using nearly an hour to prepare the food while the elderlies below have already finished eating and are starting to stroll around alone or with a partner.

As the two of them eats, there is conversation but no subject.

Qiu Yu suddenly have a feeling about Bai Song but how to say? Obviously, he is very familiar, but he is also like a stranger, a familiar stranger… it should be this feeling.

When Bai Song sees Qiu Yu suddenly lost in thoughts while holding her chopsticks, his hand automatically moves and brushes aside her messy fringe gently. “What is the matter? Are you feeling unwell?”

Qiu Yi uses the chopstick to pick up a cluster of rice and shakes her head saying: “It is nothing. I am thinking… tomorrow is the weekend and Blossom is coming home from the kindergarten.”

[TL: yup we don’t understand women…]

Blossom is studying in a private school. Thus she can only come home a day per week.

When Bai Song hears that his daughter is coming home tomorrow, he becomes very happy and blurts out: “Tomorrow you are not working, and the fever should recede tomorrow. How about we and Blossom go out to the zoo tomorrow?”

“Really?” Qiu Yu earlier thoughts are replaced by Bai Songs current sentence. But she starts to have second thoughts and say: “But how about your matter in the game? Wouldn’t it hinder you?”

When Bai Song hears Qiu Yu mentioning it, he suddenly remembers his plan for <Myth> tomorrow, but when he recalls Qiu Yu’s happy expression earlier, how could he bear to say such things.

“No… it will not be a problem. A day more or a day less is alright.” Bai Song withdraws his hand that is in front of Qiu Yu’s forehead.

“Then it is a promise.” Qiu Yu charmingly blinks her eyes.

“Yes, it is a promise.”

In his previous life, he has thought before, but he did not accompany them properly, resulting in Qiu Yu’s surprised expression. Thinking to here, Bai Song faintly sighs.


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