Chapter 57


Chapter 57 – [Clearing the Dungeon]


Ghost Dance does not care why Bai Song still takes the time to change his equipment when he is already unable to retreat. But all of this is not important. As long as Bai Song is the first to die, then it will be enough.

Bai Song smiles in humor and activates the Spectral Cloak skill, Strong Concealment. He is no longer concerned about revealing his Strong Concealment as he does not want to hold in his anger when others are trying to harm him in secret.

After all, it is nothing but a piece of trash equipment that relies on the special skill to be a Dark Gold equipment. As long as he does not reveal Artifacts or Ghost grade equipment, the equipment will not be in the line of sight of the leviathans.

The next moment, Bai Song disappears right in front of Ghost Dance. In Ghost Dance eyes, he can only see the BOSS infuriated red eyes. Ghost Dance who had planned meticulously is unable to dodge the attack.

Jump backward.

At crucial moment, Ghost Dance does a backward jump. Although this action is unable to completely evade the BOSS pike, it is enough to avoid death. It can be seen that Ghost Dance will not die even if he is struck by the attack. But at that instant, a blaze appears on the head of Ah Ke Shi’s pike.


Ghost Dance was forcefully smashed onto the ground and instantly turn into a white light. Thus Ghost Dance becomes the first person who died.

Bai Song sneers in his heart. If you want to plot against me, you need to be prepared to suffer losses. One Ghost Dance lesser does not affect the plans for the BOSS.

After Ghost Dance died, another two people died as well. It becomes obvious that they will not be able to hold the BOSS back any longer. At this time, Spectral Fire shouted from the platform: “We have killed the four-guard monstesr. Everyone quickly engages the BOSS.”

Spectral Fire being the Vice-guild leader while Ghost Island does give commands, the crowd will follow his orders. As Bai Song is already very busy with the battle, being the vice-guild leader, Spectral Fire takes over the command while the commander is too busy.

A few stupidly heavy shield bearers step up, and within moments, they have resolved the disadvantages situation. After clearing the guard monsters, the clerics no longer have to worry about aggro anymore. They immediately heal the shield bearers properly.

Being the strongest existence in the dungeon, there is no need to doubt Ah Ke Shi abilities. Although he does not have a lot of AOE skills, those few AOE skills are much more ruthless.

Ah, Ke Shi stands on the spot and starts to chant. As he chants, an iron chain appears on his body. Bai Song immediately shouted: “Shield bearers position yourselves properly and surround him. Clerics make sure that you are standing behind a shield bearer!”

Group pulling: Ah Ke Shi uses a second to chant and can shots up to 6 iron chain from his body. The chain will bind the target and pull the target towards him.

The shield bearers hurriedly surround the BOSS properly, but there is a small gap which allows a chain to go through and binds an archer. After the targets are pulled to him, with a sweep, Ah Ke Shi instantly kills the archer. The 5 shield bearers who were prepared did not have much trouble resisting the attack.

After using this skill, Ah Ke Shi does not seem to finish. He immediately activates Sudden Dash. Ah, Ke Shi’s body turns into a light ray that continuously dashes around. Ah, Ke Shi dashes into 4 archers and instantly kills them.

Seeing the situation, Bai Song know that the situation is far from good. At this time, the BOSS health has already dropped to around half. Ah, Ke Shi raises his pike which starts to blaze. Ah Ke Shi sweeps his pike in front of him, and the blaze rushes towards the crowd like a wave.

At this time, there is no longer any use of a commander. Bai Song holds the Earthworm Dagger tightly and rushes forward. Seeing Bai Song rushing towards him, Ah Ke Shi sweeps with his pike again. With a jump, Bai Song jumps over the fire wave. Despite that, Bai Song’s health drops slightly from the heat.

“This attack radius is as perverted as usual.” Bai Song swallows his saliva and uses Flying Assault to draw close to Ah Ke Shi.

In the past, Bai Song only uses Flying Assault as a burst attack. But this skill is originally a skill that is used to dash forwards. Bai Song successfully dashes in front of Ah Ke Shi.

Instead of continuing and attack, Bai Song dodges in advance and dodged Ah Ke Shi’s thrust. Although Bai Song has dodged the thrust, his health still drops. Ah, Ke Shi is already thoroughly raging. Not just his attacks, even his entire body is covered with blaze. As long as a player is standing close to him, that player’s health will continuously drop.

Seeing that he is unable to kill Bai Song with the two attacks, Ah Ke Shi decided to ignore Bai Song. But Bai Song is like a bedbug, annoying Ah Ke Shi. As he moves behind Ah Ke Shi, he uses Random Slashes. Not only is Bai Song like a bedbug, but he also summons a bedbug that is even more annoying than him. This bedbug also crawls up his body.

But this does not have any effect as Ah Ke Shi entire body is covered in flame. When those small earthworms crawl up his body, they were burned to death instantly. But the small earthworms have no fear of death and continues to ‘vengefully’ throw themselves onto Ah Ke Shi.

Ah Ke Shi is unable to stand it anymore. If he ignores Bai Song and allows him to freely attack him, Bai Song damage is quite significant. Ah, Ke Shi angrily attacks Bai Song wanting to kill him. But Bai Song is a pure agility thief with tons of experience from the past. With his understanding of the BOSS, Bai Song can stubbornly hold back the BOSS for close to seven-eight rounds of attack.

Within this seven eight rounds, the rest of the members are very busy. There are even a few that take damage increasing potions and completely release all of their firepower.

Ah Ke Shi who have achieved his rage form had a large increase in attack and attack radius. But this comes at a cost of a large reduction in his defense.

During the duration, while he is tangled with Bai Song, Ah Ke Shi’s health has dropped until he is left with 10%. Ah, Ke Shi immediately ignores Bai Song and jumps to the center of the battleground.

The raging inferno is still burning, except it is burning even more furiously. All attacks that land on it will be reduced by 90%.

This is the BOSS final skill. If they are unable to kill him within this period, everyone will receive an explosive damage, and the party will be instantly wipeout.

“Everyone stop attacking and toss the water you have collected onto the BOSS. All the mages directly jump off the platform. You will not die from the fall damage.” Bai Song quickly gives out a chain of commands.

After which, all of the mages jump off the platform. One of the mage with very little health left also jumps down when he heard that you will not die from fall damage. The result is he instantly dies. This causes Bai Song to be speechless.

Sizzle, sizzle.

The water was splashed onto the BOSS like no tomorrow. Very quickly the fire on Ah Ke Shi’s body was put out. After the BOSS final skill was broken, he does not have any strength to lift his pike and retaliate.

Under a relentless hail of attacks, the BOSS finally collapse.

“The BOSS died just like that?” Spectral Fire asks. In this entire battle, all he has done is throwing down skills from the platform and then jump down to splash water on the BOSS. With just these actions, the BOSS got defeated…

Bai Song rolls his eyes at Spectral Fire. “While you are relaxed, I’m about to tire myself to death.”

Spectral Fire scratches his head and laughs shamelessly. After which he uses the ultimate Tai-Chi technique to divert attention. “Right the BOSS has died. Quickly loot the corpse. Forget it. Let my red hand loot the corpse.”

Spectral Fire turns around and walks towards the BOSS corpse. The first item immediately causes Bai Song’s eyes to light up.



Chapter 57 – [Clearing the Dungeon]

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