Chapter 56


Chapter 56 – Mistake


The ten players are the most outstanding archers and warriors in Spectral Guild. They can also be acknowledged as experts, and each of them has their pride, even Ghost Dance as well.

“Such a pity. I also wanted to join the bet.” Spectral Fire slips over. As the ten players were very agitated, all of them ignored him.

Ghost Island stops Spectral Fire. “Enough, you properly stay with me up on the platform. Your most important job is to make sure of your accuracy.”

When Spectral Fire hears the orders from the big boss, he can only take his staff and be a battery(like the towers in dota2). Although Ghost Island is the guild leader, he is also a mage. Thus he can only stand on the platform and toss out spells.

The ten players who have objections in the beginning, within moments become motivated due to a sentence from Bai Song.

Of course, Ghost Island will not get angry from Bai Song’s sentence. Instead, he becomes more appreciative of his talents because of it.

Ghost Dance is different from those zero intelligence villains written in the novels. He is also considered talented otherwise how could he almost become the vice-guild leader of the Spectral Guild.

Bai Song’s physiological method is not considered as very high level. Although Ghost Dance immediately recognize the physiological method after Bai Song has spoken, he did not try to ruin in. Instead, he prepares fight tactics with tactics.

‘Later on, when I lure the BOSS I will attack in his direction. The money is a small matter. If the first to die is the commander, that face slapping will be awesome.’ Ghost Dance sneers coldly in his heart. But on the surface, he displays an incited appearance.

But what Ghost Dance does not know is that to Bai Song, being slapped in the face is a minor matter while money is a big matter. After all, he does not have much money currently.

A gold coin is around 2k RMB. Although this amount is not considered small, only large guilds can take out a few tens of hundreds of gold coins. A normal rich person is unable to take out so many gold coins and only those multi-millionaires can.

On the exchange network, there are very few people selling gold coins, even if it is way higher than the actual price, the early stages of the game are the most special period. The early stage capital determines the future structures.

Most of the guild has their own established gold farming parties, and it is very expensive to set up such a party. Only those people who are unable to find a job in real life will join a gold farming party, thus how are they able to afford a gaming cabin? Thus the cost of hundreds and thousands of gaming cabins and the wages are all to prepare their early stage capital only.

Countless players mock and look down on the members of a gold farming party, thinking that they are being played by the game. But the truth is the game is never played around with any person, the only thing that can play with a person is their livelihood.

There is no need to lure the monster as Jing Hua Shi’s doppelganger Ah Ke Shi has already notice the crowd of players climbing down the vine. When Bai Song sees the crowd not moving, he pats his head. ‘Nearly forgotten that I am the commander.’

“Mages attack the small ones first. Warriors block those small monsters from running around. Clerics unless the warriors are about to die, do not heal them. Do not establish aggro on them and reduce your existence.”

Bai Song’s Sneak skill is superb. But being the final BOSS, Ah Ke Shi can see through such superb sneaking. As Bai Song continues to sneak forward cautiously, as this time, Ah Ke Shi sweeps over with a pike.

As Bai Song is wary, he has already guarded against it. This overbearing attack did not land on Bai Song’s body, but the wind from the attack landed on Bai Song’s body and took away from his health along with it.

‘Only the wind from the pike can damage me slightly. If that attack lands on me, I will be instantly killed. It looks like an extreme thief is too paper.’ Bai Song shakes his head inwardly.

But what Bai Song did not think much, if he is a balance thief, with his agility as a balance thief whether if he can dodge that attack is another story. Even if his health is higher, if he got hit, he will most likely die.

Luckily Bai Song is not the only person. The five archers also attack and instantly attracts the attention of Ah Ke Shi. Although the rest of the warriors did not attack, they use their Taunt skill. Taunt skills are unable to aggro the BOSS. Thus the taunt actions become pointless actions.

Ah, Ke Shi who wields a pike, his eyes start to release red lights. This represents that he is angry.

A shield-bearer is quickly picked up by Ah Ke Shi with the pike. At this time, the crowd quickly take advantage of the time and attacks. Ah, Ke Shi angrily tosses the shield bearer outside. As the shield bearer had high health, he did not die after being smashed onto the ground.

In the sense of way, he did not need to pay up a gold coin from the bet. Bai Song starts to sweat as he watches. If he receives that horrifying attack before he smashes on to the ground, he would have died.

After drinking a potion, the shield bearer energetically returns to the battlefield after his health is back to full. Seeing that the shield bearer is fine, Bai Song is suspecting if he is purely adding constitution only.

But this is also a good thing. As least until now there is no reduction in numbers.

Seeing the shield bearer being tossed out, Ghost Dance is slightly worried. But it is not because he is worried for his guild members, but because he is worried that he is not able to let Bai Song be the first to die and loss his face.

If Bai Song loses his face, Spectral Fire will also lose his face. After all, Bai Song is a person that Spectral Fire brought in. He does not have any hatred with Bai Song, and there is no need to make life difficult for Bai Song after he has seen the talents that Bai Song had displayed.

After all, he is not those mindless villains that randomly anger people as written in novels. The most important reason is his grievance with Spectral Fire.

Bai Song has already pulled a long face earlier. If they can overcome this BOSS, although he will receive some rewards, at the same time, Spectral Fire position in his guild will improve.

At this time, Bai Song executes a movement to completely evade the BOSS attack. Just at the same time, Ghost Dance makes a ‘mistake’ and walks into Bai Song retreating path. Bai Song who was retreating properly suddenly feel a gust of wind behind him.

Through his peripheral vision, Bai Song sees that Ghost Dance makes a very real ‘mistake.’ At least from the surface, Bai Song can’t find any problem, but he immediately guesses that Ghost Dance is trying to harm him.

On the high platform, Ghost Island frowns as he watches the situation. Although Ghost Dance ‘mistake’ seems to be caused by him trying to dodge the BOSS long-range attack in a rush, the path he is running to is just nicely along Bai Songs dodging pathway.

Although Ghost Dance pathing ‘mistake’ can work on the others Ghost Island can see through it with a glance that he is trying to secretly harm Bai Song.

As Bai Song retreats, he takes out a cloak from his backpack and wears it. This action is very fast; the entire action does not take more than a second.


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