Chapter 55


Chapter 55 – Bet


As the two of them return to the party, Spectral Fire appears like he is very sad. Those that do not know the truth will think that Bai Song has wronged Spectral Fire.

“Don’t mind him. He always likes to exaggerate, after a while, he will be fine.” Ghost Island walks over and jokes with Bai Song who nods his head to indicate that he does not mind.

Spectral Fire’s gaze seems to bear a grudge as he watches them, making him seems like a mistreated wife. But due to the number of guild members around them, he smoothly restores his emotion back to normal.

After all, Spectral Fire knows that if such things are spread out will not be pleasant to hear. Thus he needs to pay attention to his image.

If Bai Song can hear Spectral Fire thoughts, he will think that it is not worth it, after all, taking note of his image is no use as this thing in the past has already spread to the entire gaming community.

As they have obtained the key, Bai Song ignores Spectral Fire and commands everyone to turn back and collect as much water as possible.

In this dungeon, water is the most important. If they do not have water to rely on, they will have to forcefully push through. If they have to use force, they will need to use levels or equipment to suppress the monster.

After passing through the first few stages, everyone knows the importance of water. Thus without complaining, everyone turns around and go back to the beginning to collect as much water as possible.

“If only we had plastic bags.” One of the player moans.

“You ah please think before speaking. With the background of this game, how can there be items such as plastic bags.” Another player scolds.

“Meh, why are you so serious. I am only making a joke.” That player rolls his eyes and continues to collect water.

Bai Song who is beside them smiled when he heard the entire conversation, but he did not say anything. Actually, in <Myth>, as long as you have an idea, it can come true.

The main ingredients for plastic are petroleum and natural gas.

For the manufacture methods, the trade professions need to firstly find out the macro-molecule composition of petroleum to natural gas. After which, they have to split up the monomer before combining them into a polymer and form plastic.

[TL: O.O well looks like I still can’t run away from all of the polymers and chemistry]

With the hard work of <Myth> players during the beginning of the late stage, it is no longer impossible. But the conditions are not as complicated as the modern time processes. Other than those bored players who are seeking amusement, no one will intentionally create things like plastic bag.

After paying a huge price to manufacture, the results will be left forgotten in the backpack because a small fireball from any random person will instantly destroy it.

People are such complex beings. When they are in a modern science and technology era, they yearn for the world of sword and magic. But when they are in the world of sword and magic, they will start to miss the world of modern science and technology.

“Alright, since we have packed as much water as possible, let’s open the door.” Bai Song seeing that everyone has finished collecting water, he resumes his commander role.

Although he is the commander, Bai Song also follows the party to collect water.

The shield bearer opens the wooden door. It is another dark tunnel. This time around, there are no torches along the tunnel. Thus one of the player wants to light up his torch.

But after thinking of Bai Songs earlier warning, he asks: “Commander? Are we allowed to light the torches?”

“Light it.” Bai Song nods his head. It looks like this party member is teachable.

After obtaining Bai Song’s permission, that player finally lights up a torch.

It is not that the players are stupid, after all, they are a member of a guild’s elite party. Their mistakes earlier were all because this is their first time doing this dungeon. In the past, they have given up before clearing the first stage in normal mode.

Another reason is Ghost Dance has particular status in the elite party, and most of them are his friends. Thus they did not trust Bai Song in the beginning. After they saw Ghost Dance following Bai Song’s orders to the letter, they stop messing around. Otherwise, Ghost Island will punish them strictly.

In the beginning, Ghost Island wants to observe Bai Song capability, and now he is indeed impressed by Bai Songs capability. After all, he is a guild leader who has to roam around the Jiang Hu for a long time, thus how can he not see what the party members are doing.

The tunnel is not narrow and can accommodate several people walking shoulder to shoulder. At the same time, it is very long. After walking for a long time, the party is finally able to see a faint light from a fire in front of them.

At this time, the front most player is shocked. The rest of the players hurriedly walk out of the tunnel only to see something that looks like a diving platform in front of them.

When compared to a diving platform, it is even wider and longer and could accommodate the entire party. Vines grow all over the surrounding walls, and if a player climbs down the vine, he will be able to see that underneath the platform is a circular battlefield.

In the circular battlefield, there is a person with long hair, wearing a ChangPao. His face is blurry, and his two feet are not touching the ground even though he cannot fly.

There are 4 warriors surrounding him. Each wearing a suit of steel armor covering their entire body. The warriors are holding simple steel swords, and all of the warriors look alike without much difference.

Bai Song looks at the monster in the center. It is indeed the final BOSS of this dungeon. The final BOSS is a doppelgänger of Jing Hua Shi and its name is Ah Ke Si. Being a doppelgänger, it can possess its name proof that……it is rather powerful as a doppelgänger.

“This BOSS is rather difficult to defeat. I cannot guaranty that we will be able to defeat it on our first try.” Bai Song knows that simple words of motivation are not enough. He needs to let them know how tough the following fight will be to ensure that they are serious throughout the entire fight.

Seeing that no one speaks up, Bai Song continues to speak: “I will roughly brief the battle strategy. All of the mages stand on top of the platform, the rest of the players will head down. This time round, there is no need to assume any battle formation.”

One of the mages ask: “Commander if we do not assume battle formation, what about the healers? Without healers, the shield bearers will not be able to tank!”

At this time, Bai Song says: “The rest of the player’s task is to settle the 4 warriors. While they are settling the 4 warriors, Number 1 to Number 10 task is to stall the BOSS.”

After which, the elite party looks at each other. Finally, their gazes stop at the ten players with number 1 to 10 on their forehead. These ten players are the players that Bai Song have marked before entering the dungeon. All of them are chosen after consulting Ghost Island. Every single one of them has the best techniques in the elite party.

Warriors are number 1 to 5 while archers are number 6-10.

Ghost Dance is number 10. At this time he is unable to bear it any longer and speaks out: “Are you awake? That is the final BOSS, and you want to rely on eleven people to stall him! Are you dreaming?!”

“Yeah.” Bai Song faintly replies. “If we are unable to delay for a while, Guild Leader Ghost Island, there is a sentence which is a little unpleasant to hear. I rather not say it.”

Although Bai Song did not continue speaking, everyone can guess what the latter half of the sentence is. Instantly the ten appointed players including Ghost Island got mad.

When Ghost Island hears it, he narrowed his eyes but did not say anything.

At this time, the warrior bearing the number 1 on his forehead steps up and say: “Isn’t it just stalling for a while? I don’t believe that we will not be able to.”

The rest of the appointed players also agree when they hear it. There is even a player who says: “Let’s have a bet, including Bai Song, whoever dies first needs to take out gold.”


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