Chapter 54


Chapter 54 – Hellfire Staff


This is how Bai Song resolved Xi Tu An’s final skill. The traps in the hall will cause fire to blaze on the entire ground. In other words, this is an undodgeable Dot final skill.

[KG:Dot equals Damage over time]

In the past, this shortcut was found a long time ago, but few people uses this shortcut. Although this shortcut has two checkpoints and is half the duration of the usual path, it’s difficulty is way higher than the usual path.

If Bai Song did not know the strategy to clear this checkpoint, none of the current players would be able to clear either way, obtaining the key among hundreds of monsters or defeating Ranger BOSS Xi Yu An.

Especially stealing the key. If it is another thief that tries it, it is impossible. Firstly let’s not say that they might be found by the monsters while Sneaking, instead trying to steal the key is actually very hard.

Unless they can kill the monster guarding the key instantly without making a sound, otherwise with just a soft cry, it will attract a large number of monster over as the guard post is every close to the outside.

In fact even Bai Song  cannot guarantee that he is able to kill the monster without him making a sound. Only the most outstanding thief will able to accomplish it.

Furthermore, stealing either depends on technique or skills. As for the current thieves who have just started out, let’s not think about their stealing technique. As for skills, unless they have high grade Stealing skills, it is impossible.

As for using might….. unless everyone in your party are experts of their respective classes. Using might is actually not that difficult, just that the number is rather high. If there are enough experts, they can decrease their dungeon run timing by slowly grinding down the numbers.

Where else, Xi Tu An’s checkpoint depends mainly on the commander strength. As Xi Tu An’s attack patterns are weird, unless they have try fighting for at least 20 times, they will not be able to figure out his attacking patterns.

After Xi Tu An’s final skill ended, he used up all of his strength and is unable to use any other skill. Without needing Bai Song’s command, the party quickly rushes up and kills Xi Tu An.

After Xi Tu An collapses onto the ground, the shield bearer tasked with looting the body steps forward and picks up three items.


[Hellfire Staff (Silver)]

Damage : 72-78

Intelligence +15

Release Speed +2

Level requirement: Lv12

Durability 50/50

Supplementary Skill: Burning Upheaval

Burns an area in front, reducing the speed of the enemies in the area. There is a chance of burning the enemy.

[TL: where is my percentage >.< and looks like this staff will be going to Liu Jing]


[Blazing Bow (Silver)]

Damage: 68-75

Agility +20

Accuracy +4

Level requirement: Lv14

Durability 50/50

Supplementary Skill: Fire Volley

Instantly shoots out three fire arrows in an arc. There is a chance of burning the enemy

[TL: too bad it is not as strong as the BOSS skill]

Other than these there is a key.

<Wooden door key: can be used to open a wooden door>

The last item is the key to open the door at end of the hall. Thus there is only these two equipment for them to split.

What do you think? Is there any item that have caught your eye Brother Bai Song?” Ghost Island being the guild leader will not go back on their earlier pact. Remembering that Bai Song wants three items, thus he asked Bai Song first.

Bai Song looks at the two equipment. The skills attached to the two equipment are based on the BOSS skills. That bow Fire Volley is the Xi Tu An’s Fire Volley. After thinking for a while Bai Song decided to give up on them.

He is not like Alone Survival who is a thief that uses a bow. Even if he wants a long range weapon, he would rather look towards flying daggers, darts or crossbows and the like. As for such obvious conventional longbow, he would rather pass.

Bai Song’s gaze drops onto the staff. In the past, he has seen people using this particular equipment, but by that time, such low level equipment was no longer worth much money. Usually if one has no friends carry him, he will choose to buy it, after all it only cost so little.

Of course, this Burning Upheaval is way weaker than the BOSS final dying skill. The radius is only a normal size AOE radius, but after throwing away that impossible expectation, it is still not bad.

The damage is rather objective and there is a chance of burning the target. The single time chance of causing damage is not high, but the secondary reduction in speed and frequency of occurrence makes this staff quite good.

Can be used at LV12?” Bai Song considers for a while: ‘Should I get a staff for Liu Jing and furthermore, this staff is a fire element staff which suits him.

After thinking it through, Bai Song tells Ghost Island: “I would like this staff.”

Ghost Island nods his head and the shield bearer directly passes the staff to Bai Song. Bai Song did not say anything else and keeps the staff into his backpack.

Ghost Island happy keeps the longbow, thinking that with the dagger from earlier and this longbow, he has already earned back the 40k that was spent. In fact he earned so much that he is all smiles.

At this time, Spectral Fire secretly walks over and pokes Bai Song with his staff: “Brother Song.”

???’ Bai Song’s face is full of question marks. “Er Brother Song, can we talk in secret?” Spectral Fire pulls Bai Song to a corner. When Ghost Island sees it, he knows what Spectral Fire is thinking of, thus he pretends that he did not see it.

After the rest of the party are not so close to them, Spectral Fire finally faintly says: “Brother Song, can you let me have the staff please? I can buy it for 10% more than the market price.”

Bai Song carefully looks at the staff that Spectral Fire is using. Seeing from the meticulous workmanship on the staff and the abundant magic power in the staff, it is obvious that it is not an ordinary staff.

Brother Fire, isn’t the staff in your hand at least a silver grade equipment? This staff is also silver grade. Even if it is 1 or 2 level higher than yours, there is no need to change so frequently?” Bai Song looks at him curiously.

Ah… Brother Song has a good eyesight.” Spectral Fire somewhat vulgarly strokes his staff: “This …ah… Brother Song, to be honest, when I sees such tender, beautiful and alluring.. no, such excellent workmanship staffs, I am not able to control myself longing for it and wants to gather them.”

[TL: …. Speechless]

[KG: ….Equipment pervert confirmed]

Bai Song looks at the staff he obtained. Indeed, the entire staff is smooth and clean, when holding it, there is a faint feeling of slipperiness. Thus all of these in Spectral Fire’s vulgar eyes, there is no need for anymore explaining.

[TL: frozen fingers]

Brother Fire, I am sorry. I already have a person who needs this staff.” Bai Song shakes his head and adds: “I am really sorry.”

Oh……” Spectral Fire painfully covers his eyes, appearing to grieve and lament over it.

In the past, Bai Song have already heard that the Spectral Vice-guild leader had a strange craving. In the past he did not mind it so much, but now thinking about it, it is indeed: Wind from an empty cave, certainly has its cause.



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