Chapter 53


Chapter 53 – BOSS final skill


The Fire Arrow Storm finally ended with them losing a few leather classes. Earlier, Xi Tu An purposely stopped moving to lure them into attacking him, thus when he released his skill, they will be wiped out.

What are you looking at me for. Tanks hurry up and block properly, make sure that he is unable to close in on us without using his Leap skill.” Bai Song’s shout draws their attention back to the fight. Following on everything becomes smoother. After using his big skill, it becomes harder for Xi Tu An to even use his small AOE skill.

The shield bearers are either using a sword and shield or even two shields. But at this time, those who are using a sword and shield keeps their sword. Because their job is to make the BOSS unable to use his leap skill and to stick on him like a leech and nauseate him.

Most of Xi Tu An’s attack are single target attacks. Earlier he had the small AOE fire arrow, but after using Fire Arrow Storm, he is unable to use the small AOE fire skill. Thus the current situation ends up as Xi Tu An attacking a shield bearer but the shield bearer did not die, the clerics immediately focus heal on that shield bearer and within two seconds that shield bearer health is full.

Within moments, the situation becomes brighter. At the beginning, no one had faith that they can clear the dungeon. Later it becomes nervous and now everyone is able to move calmly. This is the influence of Bai Song. Although Bai Song did not make a move from the beginning to the end, but the effects of his instructions are way better than him personally taking action.

As the situation became better, the atmosphere becomes lighter. Spectral Fire walks to Bai Song and jokes: “Brother Song, if I did not know that you are a thief, I would have suspected that you are a NPC.”

By the way, Brother Song are you an expert who has caused a sensation from the past, but because of the fame, you decided to return back to your roots, but due to the lack of money you decided to come back to the familiar battlefield to earn some money?” The more Spectral Fire speaks, the more he believes it is possible: “It must be that cause. From the first time I meet Brother Song, you looks like a person who is lacking of money.”

Bai Song mouth twitches. The hole in Spectral Fire’s brain is going to pierce through the universe. If he decided to write a storybook, I don’t know if it is sorrow for the reader or sorrow for the authors.

[TL: perhaps it is authors. Because after all, stories that pierces the universe is the best!!]


[KG: Points to the people who understood that reference]

You think too much.” Bai Song replies faintly. As he is currently directing the party, otherwise he would have ask him if he had read stories until he became crazy.

Seeing that the party’s atmosphere is clearly becoming undisciplined, Bai Song reminds: “The BOSS health is getting lower. Everyone pay attention and increase your vigilance.”

Hearing what Bai Song says, everyone feels that they are loosening too much, thus they stop talking and dress the line again while concentrating on the fight.

After fighting for a while more, Xi Tu An stops using his agile movements to dodge, instead he tanks the attack of the crowd and targets a cleric at the back row.

Impact Arrow.

The arrows speed is faster than a bullet. The moment the arrow is released, the cleric turned into a white light. The cleric’s body collapses on the ground while his eyes shows shock. Their luck is rather bad as the cleric that died is one of the two cleric that has the Revive skill. That cleric did not wait for people to try and revive him, instead he quickly gruns back to the starting point.

After Xi Tu An have killed a cleric with an arrow, he did not stop, instead he takes out another arrow and aims. One of the shield bearers has an outstanding awareness, he instantly predicted the direction of the arrow before it is going to leave the bow. His prediction is accurate and his movements have no errors, but that Impact Arrow pierces through his shield and instantly kills him.

After the shield bearer was killed, the power of the Impact Arrow did not decrease and the targeted cleric is unable to escape calamity. Both the shield bearer and cleric dies. To kill two birds with a stone.

Damn it!” Someone cries out in shock.

Xi Tu An does not seems to be satisfied as he continues to carry out the actions for Impact Arrow. Seeing his actions, it seems that he will only stop after killing off all of the clerics.

Just when the party is about to lose their backbone, Bai Song shouted: “Everyone stop caring about the clerics. Clerics make sure not to stand behind anyone. Everyone else concentrate all your efforts on attacking the BOSS.” Bai Song feels that it is not enough and adds: “All of the shield bearers, keep your shield and use your short sword. Those that do not have a sword, use your shield and bash the BOSS. From now on, there is no need to defend all in an attack.”

Bai Song speech instantly gives the party a direction. After Bai Song solidified  his prestige, the party’s ability to execute commands became better. The clerics moves to the edge of the area and waits for the arrow to come towards them. Some of the clerics who believe in their techniques prepare to try out the dodging techniques that Bai Song previous use.

One of them takes out his staff to prepare to parry the BOSS arrow, thinking that if Bai Song can do it with a dagger, why can’t he parry with his staff. When Bai Song sees it, he becomes speechless for a while and pretends that he did not see anything.

Xi Tu An next arrow just nice is aiming towards that cleric that is preparing to learn Bai Song dodging technique, but his low agility prevent him from dodging the Impact Arrow. As for the cleric using his healing wand to parry the arrow… erm let’s change the question.

[TL: pitiful mortals]

Although Xi Tu An’s Impact Arrow damage is very high and is able to penetrate defences, this skill have a very obvious weakness, it is he cannot move and turns into a stationary target.

At this time, Bai Song is no longer idling at the back. Since there is a stationary target, he would be a bastard if he did not attack the target. He did activate Sneak, instead running as fast as possible behind Xi Yu An. Pointing his dagger towards the ribs, he unleashes his flying thrust attack routine.

Xi Tu An did not get pushed back nor did he move. But a high string of damage appears amongst all of the damage. Everyone classes was raised rather well, their hands was kept busy the entire time.

[TL: I think it means that they are always spamming skills?]

Bai Song did not use Continuous Strike. Although Continuous Strike crit chance is higher, but each instance of damage is lower by quite a bit when compared to normal attacks. As for a living sandbag, there is no need for increasing attack speed to do more attack frequency, instead he just need to honestly inflict a continuous damage.

This time, Bai Song activates the Earthworm Dagger special effects, after hitting for a while, over tens of earthworms are crawling on Xi Tu An’s body. Although individually, each earthworm damage is very low, but when there are over ten of them, the damage becomes quite significant.

After Xi Tu An kills another two more clerics, his health is about to be depleted. When everyone sees the BOSS health, they were like being shot up. Xi Tu An finally cannot take it anymore and roars angrily and leaps towards the sky.

Everyone stop attacking and quickly gather at the centre of the hall. Those that still have water quickly pour it in the centre of the hall.” Bai Song hurriedly roars at the players who are preparing to chase after Xi Tu An.

Although they are not willing, but all of the players follow Bai Song instructions. After all from earlier they have realise that everything Bai Song does is definitely correct.

The front and back of the hall is higher up, while the centre of the hall have a depression. Within moments, the depression is filled with a low level of water.

At this time, raging flames suddenly appears at the front and back of the hall. The raging flames also appears in the centre of the hall. But how can a fire burn with water?

[TL: Damn suicidal boss.]



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