Chapter 52


Chapter 52 – Superior Operating Techniques


Being a Ranger, Xi Tu An does not have a lot of health. But under the fact that control skills are not very effective on BOSS, with Xi Tu An’s agility, the rate that his health drops is slow.

As this situation continues for a while, the party morale drops slightly.

Take note of the pattern of the AOE skill. Everyone must avoid the skill. Tanks don’t stand there like an idiot. Your task is to chase the BOSS and protect the healers at the back row.” Bai Song is not in a panic as he calmly directs the party. Xi Tu An belongs to the group of BOSSes that knows how to go after those people that are able to threaten him, as well as taunt skills affect him for a short duration only.

Bai Song just finished speaking when Xi Tu An suddenly disappeared. A second later, he appears among the clerics. With a free and easy slash of the throat, one of the paper clerics instantly dies.

At this time, a few of the large shield bearers finally arrived and obstructs Xi Tu An movement space. As Xi Tu An’s Leap skill is still under CD and to avoid being restricted, Xi Tu An can only try to kill a few of the shield bearers first, but under the support of the clerics, it is hard to kill them in a short time.

During this time, without needing Bai Song to remind them, all of them focus all of their attacks on Xi Tu An. The good thing is that there is almost no one who misses their attack. After all if they can miss such a restricted target, they will be the first to be expelled from the party.

Everything will be okay as long as we dodge the skill properly. When we lure him in and when he cannot use his Leap skill, the shield bearers must immediately block his path properly.” After Bai Song have finished talking about his battle tactics, thinking of those other commanders who raises the morale by saying something, Bai Song adds another sentence: “As long as we fight steadily, we can defeat the BOSS.”

It is almost as if Bai Song words are very effective as everyone starts to calm down. Not sure if it is an illusion but the accuracy of the ranged combatants seems to be better.

Ghost Island nods his head slightly. In his heart, sprouts the thoughts of collecting talents as he faintly sees a shadow of a great general on Bai Song.

A guild, other than solid power, it needs an excellent commander to raise its fighting potential. A commander with very clear decision making is a rather decent commander.

A commander that can raise the morale of the people he leads is a worthy of the word excellent. Ghost Island clearly sees it from Bai Song. Although it is only a shadow, it is very precious.

It is really rare to find a young man who is neither arrogant nor impatient. When Ghost Island thinks to here, he shakes his head. Because will such kind of person makes his home in this small Spectral Guild.

[TL: young indeed, if you take his bone age that is.]

[Kg:Cheating Time Travelers]

Actually this is Bai Song’s first time being a commander. In the past, he did not become a commander. The main reason is because after watching for such a long time, he picked up a few commanding methods. Like the ancient saying: Long illness makes the patient a good doctor. Although this saying is perhaps not appropriate, but there is completely nothing wrong.

[TL: basically it means that the doctor will become very good at treating that particular illness. You can also say]

But Bai Song once walked down a path, the darkest and coldest path. A person who has walked the path before will never be confused again.

After Xi Tu An killed three clerics, his health was lowered until it could be seen by naked eye. One of the clerics that died already run back after reviving. Only two of the clerics in the entire party learned the skill Revive. There is no way of reviving a person using the skill because the moment they try to use the skill, they will definitely die.

The chant for Revive is quite long. When a cleric tries and revive a tank, it equals to one less healer supporting the group. Furthermore if the cleric got interrupted, his efforts will be wasted.

Xi Tu An’s body starts to have more injuries. His previously arrogant face becomes malevolent.

[TL: warning warning the Sith is coming]

He still has not drop to half why is he changing his combat style so early?” Bai Song frowns in thought.

Xi Tu An finally stop using his Leap skill to kill a paper target although he knows clearly that those clerics are the biggest threat to him. But continuing on is also not the right method because those shield bearers are very annoying.

Xi Tu An stops dodging, instead he returns to the front of the door and moves both torches in front of him. After which he lowers his head and stop moving.

This is an obvious time to hit a live target, thus everyone starts to attack faster. But at this time, Bai Song shouted: “Everyone stop attacking. The BOSS is going to release his ultimate. Everyone go to the wall and find a concave portion to hide your body. For those that can’t, lie down on the ground.”

As Bai Song’s earlier instructions were all accurate, even Ghost Dance also stopped questioning his order. Everyone follows Bai Song instructions and hide in the concave portion of the wall. As for those unlucky ones, they quickly lie down on the floor and keep still.

Almost like he is proving Bai Song’s word, Xi Tu An suddenly raises his head and pulls out a bow. Orientating the centre of the room as his target, he releases countless of densely pack fire arrows.

Luckily Bai Song gave his warning in time otherwise the party had a high chance of being wiped out. In the end, there are a few unlucky ones who got struck. Those leather classes got insta-killed. After all it is one of Xi Tu An’s final attack, if the damage is low, how could it be called a final attack?

Even if he cleared this dungeon during the beta test and is very familiar on how to clear, it’s impossible to determine that the BOSS is going to use his ulti immediately with just one action.” Spectral Fire is kneeling on the ground as he thinks. He looks back towards Bai Song and exclaimed: “God damn what is he doing?”

Spectral Fire loud exclamation attracts the attention of everyone, almost everyone is curious about the thing that makes their Vice-leader so shocked. Thus everyone turns their head and look back to see what is happening, only the moment they turn around they are dumbstruck.

Only to see Bai Song who is the furthest away from the BOSS dodging the densely pack fire arrows. There is even someone who saw Bai Song using his dagger to forcefully parry a fire arrow that he cannot dodge.

Wait a moment. Perhaps using forcefully is wrong, because in the eyes of the player, that parry is very gracefully.

Are you a thief or a swordsman? To think in <Myth> there is such technique. It should be a kind of defensive skill.” That player’s heart is pounding like thousands horse galloping pass. As he is lost in thought while watching, his body which is originally just outside of the arrows range, leans out slightly and hits the jackpot.

Luckily it did not hit any fatal parts and the player quickly shifts back and drank a health potion.

Actually Bai Song does not have any intention of seeking fame.

It is because by the time he reaches the wall cracks, he realise that all of the wall cracks are filled and it is too dangerous to lie on the ground. If the commander dies during the battle, it is equivalent to losing the soul and backbone of the party. In the past, there are battle tactics specialised in killing the commander.

Thus Bai Song helplessly displayed his wave techniques to avoid dying.



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  1. The Unlucky MC 😀 now 1 of his card has out in the open IoI and this guild will be benefit from know that there is suchs a technique! so inadvertently he just change the Fate and Future, and this amazing technique will come out sooner than his previous life ahahaha:D

    thx for the chapter ^^


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