Chapter 51


Chapter 51 – Ranger BOSS


The good thing is that although the guard felt some danger, it did not immediately realize that its key was stolen. Originally Bai Song wanted to find an opportunity to kill it but, with its health, he will not be able to instant kill it.

Luckily, that fellow left the stone room when he felt danger, allowing Bai Song a chance to reveal himself to open the chest.

When he obtained the item inside the chest, his Sneak CD had just cleared.

Bai Song’s Sneak technique is very high, thus when there are no detection skills, it is almost impossible to rely on one’s senses to detect Bai Song. Although there are a lot of mobs in the area, none of them are able to detect Bai Song.

This is also the reason why before they entered the dungeon, Bai Song asks if there is anyone who ‘knows’ the Sneak skill. Originally he hoped that there was a person that can assist him, but pitifully there was no one.

But when he thought of Empty Hand’s godly techniques, he gives up looking for an assistant.

“Let’s hope that those fellows realise it late.” When Bai Song thinks to here, he increases his speed. The torches flicker like a breeze is flowing through when Bai Song passes by.

Moments later, he sees the party. As Bai Song walks over, he notices Spectral Fire waiting for him at the forefront.

“Brother Song how is the progress?” Spectral Fire asks with concern.

Even Ghost Island ask as well: “Brother Bai Song, how did it go?”

Bai Song nods his head and says unconcern: “Yeah, it is settled. We can continue to push forward.”

“Then that is really good.” Spectral Fire can’t help but exclaim as he glances towards Ghost Island.

Even when Ghost Dance hears it, he also got a shock as well as some suspicion. After all, it is almost impossible to obtain an item that is guarded by close to a hundred monsters.

Bai Song passes the rustic key to the tank at the very front. This key will automatically disappear after they exit the dungeon. If it could be kept after clearing the dungeon, it would be so simple to clear the dungeon again after the first clearance.

As for the fragile key, Bai Song did not throw it away like rubbish, instead, he kept it inside his backpack. After all, it will disappear when they exit the dungeon

[TL: more like he wants to withhold some secrets from the Spectral guildies.]

The shield bearer carefully inserts the rustic key into the keyhole. After the rustic key was inserted in, it immediately breaks in half and the gate swings open before they could react. The shield bearer is left holding half of a key in confusion.

“Keep that half of rustic key properly.” Bai Song tells the shield bearer. After hearing what Bai Song said, the shield bearer nods his head and keeps the key in his backpack.

Past the open gate is a quiet hall. There is almost nothing inside the hall. At the end of the hall is a wooden door. In front of the wooden door are two standing torches which are burning brightly.

Other than that there are no other sources of light.

“Brother Bai Song, there seems to be something strange? Do we need to take out stuff for a light source?” Ghost Island did not ask his underlings to make light sources, instead, he asks Bai Song if it is alright.

Bai Song appreciates Ghost Island’s actions. It is not because Ghost Island knows how to act, but rather his intelligence.

Because there are places where it is not appropriate to create light sources.

But it is alright for this area, thus Bai Song says: “It is alright to make light in this area.”

Thus Bai Song calls out a person who takes out four torches from his backpack and placed them separately on the ground.

These torches are the large torches, the kind that is used in a house. When the four torches were taken out, the whole hall became brighter.

Bai Song can’t help but glance at Ghost Island. Looks like Ghost Island development plans are quite daring. This type of torches cannot be bought from the NPC stores, thus it is very obvious that it is crafted by players.

Being able to create such large torches in this early stage, it is obvious that such person is being nurtured by a guild. The people nurtured by other guilds definitely will not be able to take out the items they created to sell to the public because the items he created will be used by their own guild. Thus the person who created this large torches is being nurtured by the Spectral Guild.

Nurturing crafting skill players is a very normal thing. Even nurturing those neglected crafting skills, thus it can be said that the guild is daring.

“Brother Bai Song is interested in this item?” When Ghost Island sees Bai Song keeps staring at the torch, he says straightforwardly: “If Brother Bai Song wants, I can gift you two of them.”

Bai Song waves his hand to reject it. The things that belong to him, he will not be so modest, for example, the Earthworm Dagger that he put in a lot of efforts to obtain, that is something that belongs to him. But if he accepts a gift from others for no reasons, Bai Song will not take it. After all the more you accept, the more you owe the other person.

A debt of gratitude is the hardest to return. Of cause for those people who do not have the face, no matter how much gratitude he owes others it is alright.

Seeing how insistent Bai Song is, Ghost Island is shocked, but he does not say any more. In his heart, his opinions of Bai Song raises slightly.

At this time an archer wearing a cowboy hat walks out from the shadows. In his mouth, he is biting onto a piece of grass and he lazily sneezes.

Bai Song glances all around the room but he is unable to find a place that has grass. How the heck did this fellow find a grass in this underground ruins.

When Spectral Fire sees that fellow, he cannot help but say: “Take a look at that fellow, pretending to be cool.”

Bai Song glances at Spectral Fire but did not say anything. When you bite a piece of grass in your mouth, they are confident but when others do it they become acting cool?

[TL: basically Spectral Fire does it in chapter 29]

Isn’t it a crow standing on coal? A pot calling a kettle black.

“This should be the first BOSS. Everyone be careful.” There is not enough time to roast Spectral Fire as he hurriedly directs the party to prepare for the BOSS.


“Only this few people?” The archer NPC laughs lazily: “Little fellows, only after you defeat me then you will be able to open this door.”

“Oh right.” The archer NPC sudden turns into a blurred image and arrived in front of the foremost shield bearer. Before the shield bearer could react, the NPC has kicked him flying for a few miles. “The person who killed you is called, Protector Ranger Xi Tu An.”

Done, Xi Tu An immediately returns in front of the two standing torches. Using his leg, he moves one of them in front of him as he unslung his bow.

Seeing Xi Tu An’s actions, Bai Song instantly knows that he is about to use his area attack skill thus he immediately shouted: “Disperse the formation.”

Just after Bai Song finish speaking, Xi Tu An takes out 5 arrows.

The arrow is coated with a flammable coating, after being lighted up, it becomes a fire arrow. The fire arrows are shot out after Xi Tu An pulls to half bow. Luckily due to Bai Song’s early warning, the party have already evaded the attack.

[TL: I believe the attack is like LOL Ashe’s Volley]

Other than two unlucky shield bearers who were hit by the attack, no one else was hit. The two shield bearers health instantly dropped largely. Luckily they were not instantly killed. With potions and heals from the healers, they were saved.

“Oh? This is slightly interesting.” Xi Tu An spits out the grass and smiles widely.

As the party counter attack, Xi Tu An does not remain on the spot and as a BOSS, Xi Tu An agility is needless to doubt. Thus most of the attacks hit the air.



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