Chapter 5 – The quest to kill the village mayor


In <Myth>, other than NPC’s who gives out quest, some monsters ask players for help. Even in his previous life, there are very few people who are willing to accept the request from the monster, because after you’ve helped the monster and before giving you what it has promise, the monster can renege on giving it to you.

And as for the price of the monster reneging the quest, it’s only to lose some credibility points.

NPC tasks that are given out are usually from the Main God Program, hence very few are able to renege on it. But the monsters will only give you a verbal agreement. Only through a contract tool and giving out the task will the BOSS be unable to renege on it, but the price for such tools are very expensive, not to say even if there is one, no one is willing to take it out to use.

Bai Song chose Cat Maiden because Cat Maiden has already been tested in the previous life by other people. Furthermore Cat Maiden is extremely strong, she is a Lv 20 Gold BOSS. In this early period, she is practically unbeatable.

I need to accept a quest regarding you from the village head.” After saying so Bai Song stood up and points at his current novice equipment: “But you know, the village head will not give such a high ranking quest to a person that looks like me.”

Meow, speak clearly.” Cat Maiden lost interest in speaking in riddles with Bai Song hence speaks directly to the point.

I need to prove my strength, as you can see, I am an agile warrior, hence if my agility is recognized by the village head, I can earn the village head’s trust.” Bai Song said with a wide smile.

Meow~ damn you this wretched warrior, you are just like a shameless thief.” Jeered the Cat Maiden and disappeared from Bai Song sight.

Half an hour later

Meow~ this is my personal guard bracer. All you need to do is to show it to that damn undying as a proof of your ability.” Cat Maiden passes Bai Song a pretty bracer.

Bai Song received the bracer and took a look.

[White Jade Bracer]

Equipment requirement: 12 agility

Properties: Cannot be equipped

Item description: This is the Cat Maiden’s personal guard bracer

Cat Maiden is still wary of Bai Song, afraid that Bai Song will take the bracer and run off. It is not just the players that are afraid of being scammed by the monsters, the monsters are also afraid of being scammed by the players.

After passing Bai Song the bracer, Cat Maiden seems to have no wish to look at Bai Song anymore and with a swish of her body, disappears deep into the forest.

Bai Song placed the bracer into his backpack, he originally wants to look for Cat Maiden for some news, for example, he still has not learned the Rob Skill yet…

Tracing back his path.

When the group of players who are at the outskirts killing Demon cats saw Bai Song walking out from the forest, all of them reacted as if they are facing their greatest enemy, but Bai Song did not show any sign of stopping and walked all the way back to the village.

Hey young man, want to come in and take a look at my used equipment?”

Brave warrior, you look very tired, do you want to rent a room and rest?”

Little boy, come and try my apples, they’re very sweet and smell very nice.”

The NPC shopkeepers inside the village are hawking their business. Bai Song walks past all of them, walking directly towards the player vendor’s district in the village.

Agility +2 bracer, selling it cheap at 2 silver.” Bai Song is too lazy to open a stall, standing still and shout out.

Originally a white equipment is not worth so much money, but a bracer that’s slightly uncommon, along with an attribute boost is pretty good, adding a solid 2 points in agility. If it was an even boost of 2 different attributes, it is equivalent to leveling up once.

Originally Bai Song has no intention to sell it, but he is in need of money, hence he has no choice.

Can it be a little cheaper, a white equipment actually selling at 2 silver, how about 1 silver?” at this time a dagger user walked over and said: “Oh, you are also using a dagger.”

Yeah, I myself am also a thief, bracer drop rates are very low, if I am not in a need for money, I would have saved it for myself to use.” Bai Song nodded his head, with no intention of lowering the price.

While Bai Song and the thief are talking, a few other people came over.

Sell it for 1 silver and 30 copper? The price for such a kind of white equipment has already began to drop.”

2 silver is too much, how about this, you sell it to me at 1 silver and I and my friends powerlevel you for an hour. How does that sound?”

All of them obviously fancy the bracer, but because they feel that 2 silver is too expensive and are not willing to spend that kind of money.

Bai Song rolls his eyes at the guy who offers to power level him. Currently his time is precious, why would he want to power level. The first person who have taken a fancy on this bracer is starting to get nervous. He really wanted the bracer, hence from his backpack took out a book: “This is the Rob Skill Book, I myself still have not learn it yet. You add on 20 copper and we do an exchange.”

During the first 3 months, <Myth> did not open the real money direct exchange as the drop rate for money is very low in the early stages of the game. Despite the fact that three days have already past, the ones who can take out the golds are the big guild’s core members. The amount of gold the gold farmers can farm are also limited, furthermore most of them are from the big guilds who sell the gold to outsiders at an outrageous price.

Rob Skill book! Bai Song eye shone, but he does not have 20 copper, only 15 copper. The reason why he is selling the bracer is to buy a Rob skill book. When Bai Song took out 10 copper and the bracer, the thief hesitated slightly before accepting the trade.

Rob skill books market price is around 2 silver and 50 copper, and most thieves are not really willing to learn this skill. Through the trials from the first batch of guinea pig, this skill is very deceptive.

Rob success change is not even 1%, and if the Rob skill fails, the thief will be frozen for 3 seconds. How can a thief with such a low health survive being frozen for 3 seconds? Furthermore, it also takes up one skill slot, hence this thief is not willing to learn this skill and was planning to sell it for some money.

Originally, Bai Song is also not willing to learn the skill as well. Although this skill in his previous incarnation have been mastered by a thief call Empty Hand which increases the success rate to an extreme figure, but the more Empty Hand steals, the poorer he gets.

His Rob skill success rates depends on his equipment grades and stealing is originally a crime, hence Empty Hand most of the time is bearing an orange or red name. And every time he is killed, his equipment losses amount to over a million.

The best result from stealing would be like Empty Hand, a comet that brighten up the sky for an instant before disappearing from then on. The influence of <Myth> is very large. Bai Song is not willing to be a comet that disappears.

The most important reason is for learning is…

If he did not learn the Rob skill how on earth is he going to explain to the village mayor how he obtained the Cat Maiden personal guard’s bracer? No matter how realistic <Myth> is, this is still a game. If he does not have Rob skill, the only way of getting the bracer is to kill Cat Maiden personal guards, but ………… Bai Song is still Lv 3.

Not willing to stay anymore, the thief wanted to add Bai Song as a friend, but Bai Song does not accept. Currently he has no time to waste on socializing.

His daughter’s 20k school fee, Liu Ying’s large debt, his wife disappointment in himself, as well as his parents cold attitude towards him. These are like 4 mountains pressing down upon his head.

Wearing the Cat Maiden personal guard bracer on his arms, Bai Song shake his head and walk toward the hall that the village mayor is located at.



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