Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – Drowning Pack of Dogs


Ghost Island thinks that Bai Song’s instantaneous usage of Flying Assault technique is a rare skill that Bai Song had managed to learn by luck. He does not mind because he also has his own rare skills. As for the final Random Slashes attacks, the way Bai Song use it is decent and as for the operating skills behind it, it seems to be rather simple.

Walking down the path, there is a medium size pond. Beside the pond are some worn out torture instruments. Looks like this pond should be the place where they obtain their water for daily usage.

After clearing the mobs on the path, Bai Song sends out a thief to scout while the rest of the party rests. Actually, there is no need for this step but to prevent people from suspecting him, he rather wastes the time and sends a thief to scout.

“Commander, there is a wooden door at the front, outside the door is a large altar. Inside the altar, there is a lot of dogs. I have counted around 40 plus dogs in total.” The scouting thief reported.

After Bai Song receives the report, he thinks for a while before giving out this command. “All of you go and search the surroundings for something that can contain water. No matter how everyone must have at least 2 containers filled with water. For those that cannot find a container, uses a helmet and fill it up with water.”

With Ghost Island observing at the side, no one dares to ignore Bai Song’s order. The elite party is indeed an elite party. Within moments, they have filled two containers with water. Some of them use a worn out wooden bucket, some use the large boots of the dead mob, while some use those torture equipment that has concave holes.

The most epic thing is Bai Song saw a person using the skull to carry water. That person is indeed talented.

TL: Talented indeed… I rather say he is too slow to get the proper containers or too lazy.]

Bai Song checks how much water each of them has and realize that although most of them have enough water, there are a few who do not have enough but it is alright.

“Good. Lets move out.” After check, Bai Song command them to move onwards.

Actually, Bai Song feels that he is not as competent when he compares himself to those ‘professional’ commanders from guilds. In the past, Bai SONG had mixed with a lot of big and small guilds. Although he was among the lowest ranks, he had seen all kinds of commander.

Wars between guilds or fights against the big BOSS’, can easily determine the commander’s skill. The following categories of commander below are among the few that Bai Song has seen in his past life.

Normal commander: Tanks move up. Long range personnel, take note of your distance and make sure to ensure your survivability. Healers take note of the health of the frontline.

This is the most commonly seen type of commander.

Aggressive commander: Charge!! Everyone god damn move up and kill!!!

This is a commander that Bai Song has seen when he is in a second rated guild. Regardless if they are tanks or archer or mage, even the healers also charge forward. calls, war is to see who is more imposing.

As for that group of people who has in that manner, besides their classes, all of them have become experts in chaotic warfare. Later on, this guild become famous due to their chaotic warfare power.

Strategic commander: Team One stall them, do not let them see the real number in your team. Team Two and Three inclines towards the side use the cover and disturb their line of sight.

Kamikaze squad, all of you charge forward and destroy their elite damage dealing team.

This person is actually close by. He is One Blade who is outside of the dungeon. Later on, he will leave the Glorious Guild and create his own Black Meat Guild and he is later proclaimed as a warfare textbook.

[TL: Look like One Blade is the Zhuge Liang in this novel]

Timid Commander: Damn it, we cannot win the fight, everyone quickly retreat, withdraw!

But currently Bai Song realizes that although he sees the way those commanders command their people is rather easy, but when he himself try commanding, it is actually very hard. Especially when he is being regarded as an incompetent stand-in, it becomes very difficult.

Some things when seeing others do it seems so easy… but when one personally tries doing ittries he can’t produce any results. This is almost like what the net says: There is no responsibility for the things said.

Now I see that those people who the that if I go and try I am also able to do it as they Let’s the videos of those expert operating skills are nothing but idiots.

“Wait here first.” As the group of people walks towards the small path, Bai Song commanded the group to stop before calling out Spectral Fire and ask softly: “Fire Bro follow me.”

Spectral Fire is also slightly curious why Bai Song wants to talk to him alone. Thinking so, he commands along. Bai Song brings Spectral Fire pass the group and to the wooden gate.

Pointing towards the group of dogs Bai Song ask: “Fire Bro, what is the size of your AOE skill?”

Spectral Fire gauges for a bit before shaking his head and say: “Not possible. My Firewall AOE is not that wide. Its width is around the size of this two wooden door. But it’s length should be enough.”

When Bai Song hear it, he immediately says: “Place a Firewall towards the center. Those dogs health should be inter-linked.

After you have placed your Firewall, follow me and run upwards.”

Spectral Fire nods his head to indicate that he understands.

Bai Song calls out two warriors to come down. The two warriors’ task is to open the wooden doors for Spectral Fire as well as carries Spectral Fire who is a mage up to safety.

“Everyone gather around me and listen up. Later when the three of them run up, everyone splash the water you have collected towards that direction. Do all of you understand?” Bai Song looks at the group of people and say.

Bai Song tries to act dominating, but the effect is rather bleak.

Thinking to here, Bai Song cannot help but to envy how dominating and awe-aspiring their eyes and speech were when those commanders were when they give commands.

Bai Song cannot help but shake his head. Looks like he should be honest and be a proper loner as he does not have the talent in leading. Of course, no one knows how the future path will end up.

[TL: looks like we have a Yu Illan in making (Everyone else is a returnee)]

Which he is thinking of nonsense, the two warriors are running up while carrying Spectral Fire. Behind them is the deafening barking of the pack of dogs which sends shivers down their spine. After waiting for Spectral Fire to escape pass the pathway, Bai Song immediately shouted out: “Splash the water.”

Swish, swish, swish…..

The water is splashes down like it is raining cat and dogs, causes the pack of dogs to yelp in anguish. After the water have flows past them, the dogs collapse on the ground.

“Okay we can move up now. Pay attention and maintain the formation.” Bai Song gives his next command.

As the group of people walks down, they were in shock as they stare at the previously ferocious looking dogs who are now crying so pitifully on the ground.

Based on common sense, a dog knows how to swim, thus it should not be such so afraid of water. But the dogs in this dungeon are Fire Dogs, thus their attacks will cause burning damage and the destructive power is very frightening. But then they meet water and ares splashed with water, they become the famous drowning dogs.

[TL: >.< no animal abuse please]

Facing this group of clawless drowning dogs, the Spectral Guild members moved forward bravely like they have been injected with chicken blood. If it is not for Bai Song’s command for them to keep in formation, a few of the archers would have become close combat archer who uses their bow to hit the dogs.

[TL: :gasp: why do Chinese authors like to inject chicken blood… does it really work?]

Bai Song becomes speechless when he sees this sight. Do you think that you are Alone Survival that prodigy? But Alone Survival is a thief… well, a thief that uses a bow.

[TL: Alone Survival is from chapter 24]

As the group of people happily hits the drowning dogs, as the largest dog collapse onto the ground, a dagger drops onto the ground.


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