Chapter 47

Chapter 47 – Awe


Bai Song felt that until now he is still an outsider, thus he could not be trusted.

That shield bearer’s equipment was not super good, at most, it was average, although he was healed slightly, he was still unable to withstand the enemy. Bai Song decided to no longer lead from the back and moved up to take over for the shield bearer.

The shield bearer originally was unable to hold his ground and without the healers’ healing, he could only rely on potions. Although the cost of the potions can be claimed back from the guild, he is barely able to hold his ground with potions.

When he sees Bai Song coming to take over from him, he is slightly worried because Bai Song is a thief. But thinking that he is the commander of the party and he is about to die, he quickly retreats and allows Bai Song to take over.

Being a commander, when Bai Song personally moved to the frontline, his actions caught the eyes of the rest of the party.

Although Bai Song needs to block a warrior type mob, he did not activate the Three Corpse Ring. After all, there are so many eyes on his and revealing his Three Corpse Ring is not very good. As for the Earthworm Dagger, it will be fine.

When that warrior type mob sees Bai Song, he ignores Bai Song and heads to the other people to attack them. But Bai Song immediately sends an attack towards its face. Although the damage is not considered high and it did not crit, this immediately angers the Qipao monster.

This method of drawing the aggro of the mob is absolutely amazing.

In <Myth>, there is a very special method of pulling the aggro of the monsters. After all, this is a game with a very large amount freedom. In actual reality, everyone has something they hate about themselves, an example being too tall or short, or ugly, preferring to have darker skin or whiter skin. Thus then someone makes fun of that part, they will easily be angered.

In life, animals are the same as well, after all, there is a saying: one must not touch a tiger’s butt.

[TL: well not so sure about it but well whatever.] [ED: I personally think the dragon’s reverse scale would fit better]

[TL: well both means the same thing.]

And <Myth> assimilates this into their AI for monsters. The cursed corpse also retains a remnant of this awareness, otherwise, they would not be able to attack. This strand of conscious believes that he is still a human, thus when Bai Song stabs towards its empty face, it triggers this awareness.

[TL: … so it is skeleton or corpse >.< can you make up your mind my dear author.]

After attracting the aggro, Bai Song displays a textbook technique that allows even leather armoured players to resist a monster. The warrior mob’s moment is not slow, rather it is quite nimble but it is unable to hit Bai Song.

When the warrior mob brandishes it’s sword and rushes towards Bai Song, he lowers his head and slips past the mob. It is another mesmerising technique. What shocked the people is that not only did Bai Song dodge, he used Continuous Strike when he reached the warrior mob’s back. As the warrior mob’s body is only a container for the soul, there are no weak points. Thus Bai Song attacks the warrior mob’s body.

After attacking the warrior mob, as Bai Song’s dagger leaves the warrior mob’s body, for no apparent reasons, the warrior mob suddenly retreats by 3 steps and its health decreases as well.

After Ghost Island had let go of his commanding rights, he was only watching from the side. At the same time, he is also taking note of the methods that Bai Song is using to clear the dungeon. When Bai Song personally moved up to the front-line, Ghost Island did not have any reaction, because he was thinking that Bai Song is a person who coincidentally managed to get some data on how to clear the Imperial Palace Ruins.

But the moment he sees Bai Song lightning fast maneuvers, his eyes widen. Is it an uncommon skill? Or is it a skill attached to an uncommon item?

But Ghost Island’s six senses are telling him that it is neither a skill or equipment ability. It should be an operating technique.

“Where did you find this expert?” At this moment, Ghost Island finally acknowledges Bai Song’s ability and immediately asks Spectral Fire who is standing beside him.

“Don’t ask me… I got to know him by accident.” Spectral Fire shakes his head before asking cautiously: “Boss, don’t tell me you also feel that it is caused by his operating technique?”

“Yeah. There is not a single skill that is able to do such an instantaneous attack.” Ghost Island feels that he has closed the case too early and adds another sentence: “At least there is no such skill at the present stage.”

Spectral Fire agrees and nods his head.

But due to Bai Song’s dodge, some of the archers at the back miss their attack. Luckily most of their techniques are quite good. After all, they are part of the elite members of the Spectral Guild, if their techniques are bad they would have been removed from the party.

Bai Song’s actions left behind a deep impression in the hearts of those watching him. Their impression of him changes from that of a useless conman to an astonishing expert.

Most equipment special effects can be turned on or off. But Bai Song did not activate the special effect of the Earthworm Dagger after all turning on the special effect will cause the equipment’s durability to drop faster. The reason why Bai Song did not turn on the weapon special effect is not because he wanted to save the cost of repairing the weapon, but rather because if the weapon’s special effect is turned on, some people might think that what happen earlier is cause by the weapon and reduces the effect of him trying to awe them.

At this time, Bai Song sees that the warrior mob’s health is already very low. Thinking of the new skill that he has just learned, he uses Random Slashes to increase its proficiency.

[TL: Random Slashes was learned in chapter 44]

Of the four attacks from Random Slashes, only the last attack manages to crit. Seeing the almost negligible drop of the mob’s health, Bai Song helplessly sighs.

Earlier Bai Song had mentioned that there are some common skills that are as strong as uncommon skills, but Random Slashes is not on this list. If it is not because of his equipment’s special attributes, Bai Song would not have chosen to learn this skill. After all, there is a need to increase the proficiency of almost all the skills, a skill the proficiency of which is not raised is equivalent to a white elephant.

Random Slashes: Using slashing techniques and produces dazzling slashes. Attack the target 4 times, each attack causes 150% of the weapon damage and the last attack will definitely crit.

[TL: why… now I have to edit my chapter 44]

Although this skill looks like it is very strong, it is only sub-par. Continuous Strike is 70% of his damage while Random Slashes is 150% of his weapon damage, when comparing the two skill, in the late stages when Bai Song’s strength increases, the damage from Continuous Strike will definitely be higher than Random Slashes.

Other than the deceptive 150% weapon damage, if the first attack does not crit, the next two attack will definitely not crit. To be honest, even if the first attack crits, the chances of the next two attacks to crit is also very low.

The skill Random Slashes is also very hard to control. Not only does Bai Song hardly ever use this skill, even the experts from his previous life also hardly used it. If the Random Slashes attacks do not crit, it is at most equivalent to a slightly lower damage Continuous Attack in the middle stages.

Because the second and third attacks were too fast, the experts are unable to control the angle of attack, not even Bai Song is able to control it. The first attack is also hard to control, but it is slightly easier as compared to the second and third attack. As for the fourth attack, there is no need to control it, just the need to have it follow through and hit the target as it will definitely crit.

But Bai Song is indifferent to it, after all, he is using Earthworm Dagger. To him, the four attacks are equivalent to eight attacks, thus he does not lose out in learning Random Slashes. Even if the Earthworm Dagger gets phased out, will the Three Corpse Ring be phased out?

Even though there are some flaws in the closing of the battle, other than Ghost Island and a few other people, no one else notices it instead they feel that the closing is very imposing.

By now, the shield bearer has finally recovered his health. Seeing how imposing Bai Song was, he immediately rush up and cleans up the battle. Bai Song did not continue fighting, instead, he conveniently returned back to the position a commander should be standing in.

Only Ghost Dance snorts and looks at Bai Song in disdain.



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