Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Does not listen to instruction


The moment Bai Song says this, Ghost Island’s expression became shocked. But he entered the dungeon as a viewer.

Comparing the First Clear of the Imperial Palace Ruins hell stage to the Abandoned Mines hell stage, the returns can only be higher never lower. Wind Sprout Village, all of the guilds are trying to obtain first clears and for the Imperial Palace Ruins, no guild has even obtained the First Clear for its normal stage.

Though the difficulty level of the Imperial Palace Ruins is not so much higher than the Abandoned Mines, it is still harder. Because it is slightly harder, most of the guilds are putting all of their efforts on the Abandoned Mines. There is very few guild who will put their attention on the Imperial Palace Ruins dungeon before clearing the Abandoned Mines dungeon.

As for the equipment that will drop…… Because no matter if the equipment is good or bad, Bai Song will choose three pieces of it, thus to Ghost Island there is no difference.

But it is Spectral Fire that asks Bai Song: “I say Brother Song, are you sure that we can clear? These Imperial Palace Ruins are harder than Abandoned Mines.”

“Older Brother Fire, since you know that Imperial Palace Ruins are harder than the Abandoned Mines, if we clear it then can you clear the debt of the 2 gold earlier, how does that sound?” Bai Song smiles and pets Spectral Fire shoulder.

Spectral Fire: “……..”

Should Bai Song at the last minutes decided to change the dungeon they are going to clear, he should have brought it up earlier. But clearing Imperial Palace Ruins is a very big deal.

If Bai Song had stated this outside of the dungeon, most of the Spectral Guild members will make a fuss resulting in Bai Song being in the centre of attention of the crowd.

Bai Song’s choosing to so after entering the dungeon is not because his IQ is low but because he is planning far ahead.

Furthermore, Bai Song has already accepted the money, thus he will do his best. Although he is close to Spectral Fire, he is only an acquaintance. If it was not for the fact that both dungeons have items that Bai Song need and the items that he needed the most are from the Imperial Palace Ruins dungeon, even if he has to sell away the Earthworm Dagger, he will not sell them the strategy for clearing at such a low price.

After you carrying them once, that is equivalent to selling them the guide.

[TL: Carrying – directing?]

“If you can really carry us, you don’t need to return the two gold.”

At this time, Ghost Dance speaks out from the side, his tone and expression bad.

Bai Song says calmly: “Then that is a deal.”

“Heng!” Ghost Dance looks at Bai Song actions and snorts coldly. In his eyes, Bai Song is nothing but a cunning wolf from his head to his toes.

Let’s not say that Ghost Dance does not believe Bai Song, in fact, more than half of the party members do not believe that Bai Song will be able to lead them to clear the Imperial Palace Ruins dungeon. Earlier when they were told that Bai Song will be leading them to clear Abandoned Mines, they were half suspicious and half believing. But now when Bai Song has brought all of them to Imperial Palace Ruins, all of them no longer believe him. If it was not for Ghost Island not speaking out, there will definitely be more people stepping out and scolding him.

As for Bai Song’s last minute changing the dungeon they are entering, it is definitely not fooling around.

After all, Liu Jing has learned the Poison Quenching skill, thus fire magic is the best combination for him. Hence Bai Song decided to let Liu Jing change his job into a hidden fire mage class, Arsonist. Adding the fact that Liu Jing’s goal in playing a mage is to sunder the sky and burn down the earth, an Arsonist is able to burn down the earth but for sundering the sky…..let’s see in the future.

[TL: wow badass name… well looks like Liu Jing will definitely succeed in burning the earth]

In the rankings for mass destruction, a mage always holds first place. And the craziest damaging skills in a mage’s repertoire are either lighting or fire magic. An Arsonist’s destructive abilities among all types of fire mage ranks although is not in the top 3, it is still around rank 5.

As for lighting hidden mage jobs, Bai Song indeed knows of a few but he does not know how to obtain the jobs, this makes Bai Song slightly regretful. To be honest, in the previous life, the methods to obtain a few hidden jobs was publicized, but no one else was able to obtain them thus everyone treated them as a story and paid little attention to them.

Thus among all of those stories, are there are parts of the stories changed or removed no one knows because no one else was able to try and obtain them anymore.

Even if Bai Song knew of any hidden thief jobs, he will not try and change it. On one hand, it is because a hidden job is nothing special, on the other hand, is because he is afraid that the information is wrong and cause him to waste time pointlessly. To be honest, a hidden job is nothing but being allowed to go to an Innate Tree and learn a few innate skills.

It is nothing but a slightly rare skill only, being a reincarniator thief, Bai Song has paid close attention to those rarer skills. If he is able to obtain those skills, will be able to display more damage?

To be honest, the skills obtained from normal thieves job transfer are quite good, a few of those skills are on par with those rare skills, except that those skills are harder to use. There is a saying, easy to learn hard to master. All of the thief’s truly strong skills are hard to learn and hard to master. Before an expert exposes the true usages of those initial skills, everyone thought that those skills were useless.

The dungeon starts in a prison. In the dungeon story-line, everyone digs their way into this prison from outside. In the prison, there are two people who are about to die.

The prison gate is not locked, thus it is clear that the prison has been abandoned. The gate can be easily lifted up by a few people. Bai Song is not in a hurry to move out, instead, he is checking the stats of the archers and warriors. After checking their stats, he picks out ten of the elites that Ghost Island has brought and puts a numerical mark on their forehead.

Nicely enough among this ten people, Ghost Dance is one of them. He is an archer and Bai Song gives him the number 10.

“The ten of you must remember your number, Warriors 1-5 and archers 6-10.” Bai Song uses his commander privilege and bosses people around emotionlessly.

Ghost Dance snorts coldly but does not say anything.

“Lift up the door. After lifting up the door all of the mages do not attack and stay in your position. The rest of the warriors move up, the back row spread out. Healers do not heal the warriors.” Bai Song says finish and led them out.

After lifting up the prison door, they continue onward until they reach six people wearing a red changshan. They are not NPCs, the mobs in the Imperial Palace Ruins are mostly humanoid monsters. Base on the pattern on theirchangshan, Bai Song is able to determine which one is a warrior or mage. These people are nothing but a cursed spirit possessing the body, they do not have the ability to think for themselves and only have a basic defensive instinct.

[TL: changshan is the male version of qipao]

The reason why Bai Song ask the mages not to attack is that if a magic spell hits the mages, the mage will be able to double the damage taken and shots back. This is hell stage thus the double damage return shot is not a joke. This is also the reason why the first question Bai Song ask when they entered the dungeon is ‘is there any archers with AOE skills’.

Following Bai Song instructions, the party walk onward unhurriedly. But because Spectral Guild is a guild built around mages, most of the experts are mages, thus their progress is quite slow.

At this time, one of the mages secretly throws a fireball onto one of the mobs, the return shot just nicely hits a shield bearer. The shield bearer’s health is not completely full and with that return shot, he almost died.

One of the healers seeing his health low wanted to heal him.

At this time Bai Song shouted loudly: “Do not heal.”

Bai Song is really starting to get angry. Although he has already given specific instructions, most of the members of the party do not believe him and are dissatisfied with the instructions that he has given. Bai Song feels that with this current situation, it is really impossible to clear this hell stage Imperial Palace Ruins dungeon.

Although Bai Song has already shouted out, there is still a healer which heals that warrior. That warrior was healed slightly but the six changshan mobs instantly got a group heal and their health increase by a large portion.

Bai Song really wanted to scold them. Originally these mobs are very simple, they can easily be defeated by physical damage, it does not matter how long it takes to defeat them, the most important thing is they are able to defeat them.

Originally, the hell stage dungeons are the hardest to clear, furthermore now is the beginning stages. Despite the fact that Bai Song knows how to clear the dungeon, more than half of this group of people does not know. If they do not follow his instructions strictly, it will be a miracle if they will be able to clear the dungeon.



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  1. This mistake really not good, like the first mistake, the MC not completely explain in detail about the enemy ability and just comand here and there, if only he explain it clearly like the MC in the novel MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian, maybe the mistake will happen in the later stage and not in the beginning. the second mistake the guild member have to much pride, they are elite of elite,but they can only judge book by the cover, they are not worthy called an Elite if they can’t do a simple job like that IoI. the third mistake, the MC called them by a number, it Annoyed them.

    i hope the next chapter, the Faker[Elite] can open their eyes IoI ahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^


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