Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – Entering the dungeon


After successfully changing his job and learning the skill, Bai Song immediately heads towards the dungeon entrance.

The moment Bai Song reaches the dungeon entrance, the first person he sees is not Spectral Fire, instead, it is Bai Cheng. At that moment, Bai Cheng is also looking towards the entrance.

“You can enter the dungeon zone? Looks like you are Lv 10 already.” Bai Cheng’s tone when talking to Bai Song carries no malice.

“Yeah, although grinding is slightly slower, luckily I finally reached Lv 10.” Bai Song replies with a faint smile.

“Do you have a team? Don’t tell me that there is no party that is willing to accept you? Are you an expert?” Bai Cheng gives Bai Song a provoking look. “Do you want to join my team? I can take you around for a run or two.”

“Oh, no need. I have a party.” Bai Song says faintly.
If a person did not know about the grudge between the two of them, they would think that they are old friends from their conversation.

“Who is that person? He seems to be friends with the Glorious Guild leader.”

“Very strange. The Glorious Guild Young Master Bai actually called him an expert, no wonder today he is so confident.”

“Hai, the two of you do not know the truth. That person is not Young Master Bai friends, furthermore, there is bad blood between the two of them.”

“Ah? There is actually such a thing?”

The Glorious Guild is in the lead for clearing the dungeons in Wind Sprout Village. Thus the crowds are paying close attention to them. And each and every one of Bai Cheng’s movements are closely watched by everyone. Thus everyone in the surround is discussing what is happening between Bai Song and Bai Cheng, there are also people who have found out about the bad blood between them.

Bai Cheng seems to enjoy being the center of attention and is not bothered by it. “I’m curious, which party dares to accept you.”

At this time, Spectral Fire walks over laughing: “Young Master Bai, currently Brother Song has accepted my invitation, thus he is unable to join your party.”

Bai Cheng looks at Spectral Fire, narrowing his eyes thinking it is this fellow again. Thus he does not bother anymore, only the surrounding people start to recognize Bai Song.

“I have heard that he is the person that Glorious Guild Bai Cheng declared that he will prevent from reaching Lv11.”

“Is that true? When such a large guild decides to hamper you how are you supposed to play? When leaving the village to grind level it must be super nerve wrecking.”

“Don’t talk about nerve wrecking, I don’t think he will be able to walk out of the village.”

As for those comments, Bai Song only smiles.

“Brother Song, it seems that the problem is rather big?” Spectral Fire says softly to Bai Song.

Bai Song smiles faintly and replies: “It’ll be fine when I get used to it.”

It’ll be fine when I get used to it……. Listening to Bai Song’s reply, Spectral Fire becomes speechless for a while. This logic is a bit too overpowering. What the heck does he mean get used to it will be fine ah?

When Bai Song reaches the center of the Spectral Guild party, Spectral Fire starts the introduction: “This person is the person that I had previously mentioned that is able to bring us through the Hell mode, One Inch Bai Song.”

Afterward, he introduces Ghost Island and the rest of the main party members to Bai Song.

Bai Song nods his head, seeing that Spectral Fire has finished the introduction, Bai Song opens his mouth and say: “I’m not that good with greetings so I will directly say the main point. First, Ghost Island Guild Leader, please pass me the party leader position first.”

Ghost Island pauses and thinks for a while, but in the end, he passes the leader position to Bai Song.

“From now only, everyone please change your main chat channel to the party chat channel.” Bai Song only said a sentence but at this time a person jumps out.

Ghost Dance says with disdain: “I say, you’re here to lie to us and earn some money and you still want to pretend to be so impressive, isn’t it a bit too much?”

“I’m not here to lie to you to earn money, please talk about it when we finish fighting.” Bai Song’s tone is frosty, he can see that this person is plainly trying to cause trouble. “Later whoever who does not listen to instruction and gets kicked out of the party, don’t come and blame me. If you feel that I cannot lead you guys, I can immediately leave and return you the entire 40k.”

The 40k, Bai Song has already used finish all of it, if Bai Song really needs to return the money, he will not be able to take out a single cent. Though there is the 20k he gave to Liu Jing, it is the money that he has returned back to him, how could there be such things as borrowing the money that was returned.

But Bai Song knows that at this time if he does not establish his power, later if Ghost Dance tries to create trouble in the dungeon, it will cause a lot of problems.

[TL: Looks like we got ourselves a flag]

The moment Bai Song says this, Ghost Island who has not spoken at all finally say: “Everyone will follow the instructions of the leader. Ghost Dance if you do not want to take part, you can not go.”

Previously, Ghost Island had some doubts, but seeing the attitude of Bai Song, he finally decided to believe Bai Song this time. Previously Ghost Dance decided to jump out to determine Ghost Island’s attitude. He can ignore Spectral Fire’s vice-guild leader position, but he will absolutely not dare to go against the guild leader.

The moment guild leader has spoken, the rest of the people no longer speak up. Ghost Island smiles faintly towards Bai Song and Bai Song reply with a nod.

“How many thieves are there? They must know Sneak. Please take note, the Sneak I’m talking about is not knowing the sneak skill but they must really truly know how to sneak. At least they must not be able to be noticed by monsters other than the BOSS!” Bai Song asks.

At this time, the crowd of people look at each other and are embarrassed. Ghost Island can only explain: “There are 2 thieves here, but based on your condition, neither of them make it because there are some elite monsters with detection skills.”

“Yeah that’s right, a few times when we were sneaking, we got discovered. Furthermore, it is no use in the Abandon Mine.” Seeing the guild leader speaking, a thief also speaks up.

“Who told you that you are unable to Sneak when there are detection skills?” Bai Song smashing reply causes the crowd to become confused, not comprehending what Bai Song is saying.

[TL: Thieves who don’t know how to sneak about (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻]

Hai! Bai Song sigh. Looks like the things that I as a conductor needs to do is a lot.

Bai Song seeing that the crowd does not speak, asks: “There is another thing that I need to confirm, are there any archers that have AOE skills?”

“I have AOE, but I am a mage.”

“…….” Bai Song became speechless. Bai Song finally understands why Spectral Fire became so happy when he said that he is able to lead a team for Hell stage. With such a badly configured party, how do you clear the dungeon.

“So be it, other things I will not mention now, later on, I will give commands as we see the situation.” Looking at the current team configuration, based on what Bai Song saw, they will not be able to clear the dungeon. But under his leadership, it will be another story.

Done Speaking, Bai Song leads the party into the dungeon. The surrounding crowd more or less are paying attention to them, although they are unable to hear what they are saying, but seeing that the majority of the players are listening to him, the crowd are starting to guess that this person who is like water and fire with Bai Cheng is one of the higher ups of Spectral Guild.

Bai Cheng only gives a cold snort when he sees the situation. He has heard the comments of the surround people but he does not care.

After entering the dungeon.

“Wait……” At this time, a Spectral Guild member speaks up in shock. “Commander, did you enter the wrong dungeon? The dungeon we are clearing is the Abandon Mine hell stage, this is the Imperial Palace Ruins hell stage.”

“There is no mistake. The dungeon I want to enter is the Imperial Palace Ruins hell stage!” Bai Song turns around and asks Ghost Island: “Ghost Island Guild Leader, don’t tell me that Imperial Palace Ruins hell stage is not as good as Abandon Mine hell stage?”



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