Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – Change


The alarm sound is the cry of a cuckoo bird. When Bai Song wakes up, he immediately turns off the alarm as he does not want the sound to wake up Qiu Yu who is still resting. Bai Song climbs off the bed slowly and gently.

The gaming cabin does have some protection for the users’ body when they play overnight. But Bai Song still feels lethargic as he has only slept for 4 to 5 hours. Luckily although his body cannot be considered young anymore, his body is still fit.

Opening the fridge, Bai Song realizes that all the frozen rice has been eaten and there is only a piece of lean meat left. Bai Song picks up the lean meat to check and make sure that there is no fatty meat before taking it out of the fridge. After thinking for a while, he decided to make a pot of lean meat porridge.

Of course, he does not know how to cook it. But with the help from gods’ guides online, Bai Song manages to cook a large bowl of lean meat porridge. After making sure that Qiu Yu has eaten, he reminded her to take her medication.

“Remember to take you medication half an hour from now, I need to do some work.”

“Okay, you go and do your work.” Qiu Yu uses both hands to hold the bowl and drink the porridge. Because she is sick, she looks lethargic and powerless.

When Bai Song sees this, he is slightly mesmerized and wants to kiss her. But before he can take the opportunity to kiss her, he got pushed away by Qiu Yu. “Stop messing around. I still have a fever. Later I might pass it to you.”

Bai Song smiles shamelessly and climbs into the gaming capsule. Entering the game, he realized that he is still in the cave. He quickly search for a safe zone and uses the city return scroll.

[TL: No idea where he got the scroll from but think it is part of the basic pack he receive when he started the game]

Returning to the Wind Sprout Village, the first thing that Bai Song sees is the big windmill. Bai Song looks at the side where there is a crowd of players surrounding a player trying to sell an item.

“A canoe with two paddles. This is the very first boat that I have worked day and night to complete, those that wish to buy it can try it out in the stream.” After saying that, the player also added: “Only for those who are serious about buying it.”

While the rest of the people in the surrounding are pointing and commenting, Bai Song is slightly curious. There is actually a player who managed to construct a boat so early into the game?

Finally, there is a person who asks for the price. “How much does it cost?”

“A gold. This rowboat can sit two people, there is no negotiation.” The person who constructed the boat says without confidence.

“Idiot. If you want gold you can go and steal it then” That person says and walks off.

The rest of the people shake their heads and sigh as they watch.

When Bai Song sees it, his eyes brighten. Wind Sprout Village is not that far from the sea, and he remembers that there is something interesting on an island nearby. Originally he had planned to use the Breeze Glider and glide over from a tall mountain. But if he comes across a sea breeze, there is a high chance of him falling into the sea.

Of course, he does not put such a small boat into his eyes. Have you seen a reincarnated person look for such a small wooden boat? How hilarious! After all, at the minimum, a boat needs a propeller, right?

The communication device ring. It is Spectral Fire.

“Hello? Brother Song, you have finally logged on. Have you reached Lv 10? We are all waiting for you.” The voice of Spectral Fire comes from the communication device.

“Yeah, wait for me a while, I need to change my job first.” Saying finish, Bai Song hung up.


At the dungeon entrance.

“Old Fire, I have already told you, that fellow is a liar. He does not even dare to come and have you actually return the dagger back to him.” Ghost Dance mocks and ridicules Spectral Fire.

Originally, Ghost Dance was the leader of the main dungeon clearing party, but suddenly Spectral Fire this black horse suddenly appears and takes over his leadership position. After Spectral Fire has taken over the position, he did not show any dissatisfaction on the surface, he is dissatisfied in his heart.

Ghost Island did not say anything about Ghost Dance complaints, instead, he sits on a stone on the side and acts as if he is concentrating on reading his things.

“I believe the character of Bai Song. He says that he is going to change this job, then he will definitely come over.”

Spectral Fire can only toughen his stance, although he knows deep down what Ghost Dance is thinking of.

But the moment Spectral Fire has finished talking, the communication device came with Bai Song reply. “Brother Fire, if you don’t mind, can you lend me 2 gold, I will return it back later.”

Spectral Fire: “…….”

“Okay, I will send it to you by mail.” Spectral Fire says helplessly.

“Old Fire, this liar is really too extremely fierce and evil, after cheating you of 40 grand, he does not let go of even 2 gold.” Ghost Dance criticizes Bai Song, but in reality, the smile on his face is about to bloom.

As for Ghost Island, all he did is to smack his lips together and flips a page.

“Oh, congratulations to Ghost Island Guild Leader successfully clearing ordinary stage, Congratulations Congratulations.” At this time, a young voice comes from outside of the dungeon entrance area. The person speaking is Bai Cheng who is wearing a white shirt.

Ghost Island only raises his head but did not stands up and remains sitting on the stone. His mouths edge raises slightly as he says: “How can I be better than Sir Bai of the Glorious Guild, today you will be able to pass the obstacle?”

Bai Cheng is not bothered by the fact that Ghost Island is sitting down and talking to him. He uses an extremely ‘modest’ tone and says: “Yeah, after working hard for such a long time, we have finally reached the last stage of the dungeon. Don’t know if we will be able to successfully clear it today.”

“Wish you success.” Ghost Island smiles faintly and replies.

Seeing that Ghost Island have no intention of opposing him, Bai Cheng cannot help but to smiles in delight. Afterward, he calls over a subordinate and says: “By the way, a few days ago I had asked you guys to take note of a fellow, he is almost Lv 10 already. Later after the fight, immediately get a few periphery groups to select a few people to block him off.”

Bai Cheng is not that stupid as to let the main team waste time on a random person, using a few members from the periphery groups should be enough.


Bai Song walks up to the job changing instructor. Looking at his objective, he can’t help but become speechless. Although he knows of the price from his previous life, the price of a gold has already fallen in his previous life. The price is very tough to pay or the current players.

Spending 50 silver, he directly buys a Job Change Proof Book and successfully changes his job to a thief. Bai Song also spends 1 gold to learn a skill: Random Slashes

Random Slashes: Using slashing techniques and produces dazzling slashes. Attack the target 4 times, each attack causes 150% of the weapon damage and the last attack will definitely crit.

[TL: luckily I have translated ahead else it be so annoying to edit a posted chapter ): in chapter 47 the author changes physical damage to weapon damage]

Originally the Job Change Proof Book can be obtained by killing a quest target, but the wage of the job changing instructor is rather low, thus to earn some money, he puts some Job Change Proof Book’s up for sale in private.

As Bai Song does not wish to waste time, he directly uses 50 silver and purchases it. As for the other skills, Bai Song does not have any more money to learn, he has already spent almost all of the 2 gold that he has borrowed in an instant.

Something interesting to note is that when Bai Song brings up that he wants to purchase, the instructor specially instructs one of his trainees to bring Bai Song into an empty room to conduct the trade. After all, they are an establishment of the kingdom. If they were caught, they will suffer punishment.

But thinking back, when purchasing of the Job Change proof Book is done by everyone, purchasing of the Job Change proof Book will be publicly assumed to be something right. Some players who know about it think that there might be a hidden quest, thus they secretly went to report it, but the end results is they got expelled from the village and their prestige got deducted.

As time passes, everyone became used to purchasing the Job Change proof Book.

[ED: That time when you text rp until 2 am arguing using quantum physics and remember you have a chapter to edit and are like FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU]



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