Chapter 43

Chapter 43 – Sickness


At dawn, if you don’t meet anyone, then there is only the red light of the streets that is awake with you.

Qiu Yu will wake up around 6.30am, thus Bai Song bought an additional portion of rice-flour noodles for her. Although the food does not go cold so quickly in this temperature, if the noodles are left for too long, they will become rough and no longer taste nice.

To prevent the rice-flour noodles from cooling down, Bai Song intentionally waited outside of the stall for a while before allowing the boss to start cooking the rice-flour noodles.

Current it is 6 am. If Bai Song was standing above the tall building, he would be able to see the sun slowly raising its head.

Beggars wearing tattered clothing walk past, the large trucks and are warming up by their engines, the sweeping sounds are as before bright and sparse. Those who are going to be rushing about for their livelihood are already awake by now. As for those night owls, with their hazy eyes, they are preparing to head back home. Perhaps those hard working people look down on them, but would they willing to be in their situation?

Bai Song walks very slowly. By the time he reaches home, the sound of the door opening woke Qiu Yu. Qiu Yu with slightly messy hair raises her head powerlessly. Seeing that it is Bai Song, she shuts her eyes.

Bai Song washes his face and lies down on the bed. Feeling Bai Song lying down on the bed, Qiu Yu says powerlessly: “Bai Song, my head hurts.”

Head hurts?

The moment Bai Song touches Qiu Yu’s forehead, it is very clear that she has a fever. Bai Song worriedly says: “It looks like you have a fever, why don’t you take leave for today?”

At this time the alarm clock rings. It is 6.30am.

Qiu Yu uses the bed as a support and gets up. “It is okay after I take two fever pills then it will be fine. Today there is a client coming down the company, I will not be able to take leave.”

As she speaks, Qiu Yu’s arm that is supporting her gives way and she collapses on to the bed. Luckily Bai Song is also on the bed and with fast reactions, he uses his body to cushion her body to prevent her from falling off the bed.

“I think it is better for you to take leave today. Looking at the situation, it seems that your fever is quite bad. There is no need for you to worry about earning money.” Bai Song comforts her.

“But.” Qiu Yu tries to climb up.

“There are no buts. Listen to me and be good okay?” Bai Song comforts Qiu Yu like he is comforting a little child.


On Qiu Yu’s powerless face there suddenly appears a faint smile. It seems like she is amused by Bai Song’s method of coaxing a kid. Thinking back it has been years since they had such an intimate conversation. In the past, even when Qiu Yu was sick, Bai Song did not care or bother about her and continued to gamble and drinks.

[TL: really feel like smacking the old him]

[ED: Smacking? More like doing a Saint Margaretta to him (Note: Do not look up unless you are ready for some NSFW)]

[TL: Bad boy stop corrupting the mind of kids]

He has really changed.

Thinking about it this way, Qiu Yu finally listens to Bai Song and lies down on the bed.

After waiting for around 30 minutes, Bai Song places the take out rice-flour noodle that he has brought into the kitchen.

Bai Song clumsily washes the wok before placing the rice-flour noodles into the wok to recook them again. It is not good for a person with fever or cold to eat greasy food, thus Bai Song plans to recook it again and wash away the oil.

When he finally pulls out the rice-flour noodles, the oil is already washed away. Bai Song recooks a bit of water and pours it into the bowl of rice-flour noodle. Afterward, he adds a bit of soy sauce and the bowl of double boiled clear soup rice-flour noodle is done.

“Here, you need to get up to eat a bit.” Bai Song inquiries a bit. “By the way is there a thermometer in the house?”

Qiu Yu points powerlessly for Bai Song. He walks towards the direction and after a short search, he finds the thermometer. Despite being impoverished, they did purchase some small items.

Bai Song opens Qiu Yu’s sleepwear and places the thermometer under her arm. During the process, he rubs slightly against a smooth and tender part, but Bai Song does not have those thoughts.

Bai Song looks at the time, around 8 minutes have passed. Bai Song removes the thermometer and takes a look at the reading: 38°.

For an adult temperature to be around 38°, there is no need for injections, just taking some medication will be fine.

“Your temperature is 38°, do you want to take an injection? You will recover very quickly after the injection.” Bai Song tries and ask.

Qiu Yu shakes her head and rolls her eyes at Bai Song. “It is not like you do not know that I am afraid of pain since young.”

“Okay then, finish eating the noodles, I will go downstairs and buy some fever medication for you.” After Qiu Yu mentions it, Bai Song faintly remembers Qiu Yu mentioning that she is afraid of pain in the past.

As Bai Song feeds Qiu Yu another mouthful of noodles, she shakes her head and her long hair smacks into Bai Song’s face.

“Husband, this I don’t want to eat anymore.” Seeing that their daughter is not around, Qiu Yu makes a small fuss.

When there is no one to rely on, a woman can be tougher than an iron-bone man. When a woman has a shoulder to lean on, she will become like water, soft and gently.

Bai Song helplessly puts down the bowl on the table and puts on his sandals. He reminds Qiu Yu to call her company and apply for leave, as well as rest properly, so on and so forth before leaving the house.

Bai Song walks to the clinic nearby, the clinic is neither small nor big, it has two store fronts, and its reputation in this district is quite good.

“Dr. Duan, I would like to get some cold medication.” Bai Song walks in, the Dr. Duan he is calling is the main doctor in this clinic whose reputation is good.

Doctor Duan’s actual name is Duan Guo Shen, he looks around 30+ years old, but those who know him know that he is currently 40 years old.

“What is your sickness?” Duan Guo Shen has heard of Bai Song’s reputation before, after all, he is also from this district, thus he knows that he is an unreasonable person.

As a doctor he has a parent’s heart, thus regardless of baby or anybody, Duan Guo Shen always treats them all the same. This is the reason why everyone respects him a lot.

“I am not sick, it is my wife. She has a slight fever. When I took her temperature, it was 38°” Bai Song replies.

“Ah, then I will prescribe you with some fever medication and it should be fine.” Having finished saying this, Duan Guo Shen takes a few bottle of medication and packs 4 packs of medication. “Take 3 packs, one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night. After consuming 3 pack if she is still unwell, then let her take the 4th pack. If she is well by then, then there is no need to take the 4th pack.”

“Thank you, Dr. Duan, how much will it be?” Bai Song feels his pocket.

“15 dollars.” Duan Guo Shen says the amount.

Bai Song paid the money and says “Sorry for disturbing you” before leaving. Selling medication has always been a profitable job, if it was from other places, they would ask for 30 dollars.

That is still considered kind-hearted. It is rumoured that there is a person being charged over a thousand dollars just for his cold.

When Bai Song returns home, he prepares water and the medication for Qiu Yu. This time round, Qiu Yu has recovered a bit of strength and is able to take her medication herself.

After she has placed the cup at her side, it is noon. Bai Song finally rests beside Qiu Yu.

After he wakes up, not only does he need to take care of his wife, he also has to complete the promise he made with Spectral Fire. When Bai Song thinks about all of them, he feels a little exhausted. After a while, he finally falls asleep.



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