Chapter 42 – Dawn

[TL: EDIT: Thanks for the suggestion Yunchii and Elliekit ^^. I have updated the term Quenching Poison to Enchant{Poison}]


After Bai Song has finished explaining the usage of the skill, he hinted that it would be a waste for him to learn the skill and tosses it to Liu Jing.

When Liu Jing received the skill book, he did not reject it anymore. Holding the skill book, he said: “You know something.”

Bai Song smiles faintly.

When the relationship between two people is good to a certain degree, “thank you” these words became negative.

“Enough, not going to BB[1] with you anymore. I’m so tired.” Liu Jing lazily yawns and logs off without waiting for Bai Song to reply.

Looking at the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar’s body that has not disappeared, Bai Song smiles. This time he has obtained a decent piece of loot from killing the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar and obtaining that skill book is way better than obtaining a silver grade equipment.

Bai Song opens his status and takes a look. On his status, there is a small black gas. This is the record of killing a nocturnal creature.

In the past, there were a few powerful players who relied on killing nocturnal creatures to earn money. But every time you kill a nocturnal creature, you will accumulate a point of black gas.

These overlaying black gas points will cause additional damage towards the nocturnal creatures when attacking them.

But there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Although the black gas points can cause additional damage towards the nocturnal creatures when a person is killed by a nocturnal creature, the more black gas points he accumulates, the worst the punishment he receives from being killed. Loss of experience is normal when the black gas points are accumulated to a certain amount, even bind equipment will be lost.

Bai Song does not plan to walk down this path. As for those players who hunt nocturnal creatures, it is because they do not have any other options. As for whose path has more options, whose will have more than a reincarnated persons?

Breath in Breath out~~ Bai Song is feeling slightly tired and logged out immediately.

The wee hours of the morning sky are as white as a fish belly, this indicates that today should be a sunny day.

Exiting the gaming capsule, Bai Song rubs his eye and picks up his phone to check the time. The time is 5:15 am.

As Qiu Yu knows that Bai Song relies on playing game to earn money, she did not bother Bai Song. She completely did not control his eating and sleeping time.

Qiu Yu lies on the bed, her beautiful and graceful sleeping posture makes Bai Song not willing to wake her up by accident, and hence he softly puts on his shoes and silently walks out of the house.

As it is still 5 in the morning, the street lights are still turned on. As this area has few cars and people, at 5 am, there are no cars on the street. Bai Song walks on to the street and stands in the middle, opening his arms wide like this whole road belongs to him.

But there are people around.

Swish, swish, swish.

A 50/60 years old person wearing public cleanness livery is sweeping away the leaves that have fallen. There are a few people jogging while wearing headphone and listening to music.

Something worth mentioning is a very fit elderly man. He is carrying a radio on his waist which is playing an old drama.

Being a normal overnight person, Bai Song familiarly walks into a noodle shop in the food market and shouted for a bowl of noodle. The shop is busy from the moment it opens at 5 am.

“There are no noodles yet, we are still waiting for the delivery.”

Replied a middle-age woman who had a few strands of white hair from all of the work that she had done.

It is at this time Bai Song remembers that this shop only starts selling noodles at 5.30am. Bai Song looks towards the clock on the wall. It is 5.20am.

Bai Song indicates that he can wait and looks for a place to sit.

At this time, only Bai Song is in the shop. Back then when he and Liu Jing were night owls, after overnighters, they would frequently come to this shop to eat noodles.

Although it is a noodle shop, it is actually half way a vendor stand.

The store is very small, thus the number of tables and chairs inside is very small with the majority of them placed outside. In the past, the city management kept making her keep the tables and chairs inside the shop, but as the city manager also lived in this area, over time he allowed her to place the tables and chairs outside until after 8 am before asking her to store them.


A person cannot be constrained by his business. Like the darkest soil is also able to grow the most beautiful flower.

[ED: Don’t know how to fix this one] [TL: basically it means that sometime you need to be flexible with the rules]

At this time, two young men walked into the noodle shop and sat outside of the stall. The noodle delivery person just arrived and the two of them familiarly placed their order before chatting.

“Hai, congratulations for joining a good guild. Yesterday I had joined a random party to do the Abandon Mine. An idiotic mage went to pick up equipment, resulting in the tank dying.” The skinnier of the two angrily proclaimed, his tone filled with anger.

“Elder brother don’t you envy more already? I am thinking of leaving my current guild. It is too weak already. We are still stuck at clearing the hard stage.” The slightly fatter person reply while peeling a head of garlic. “Our guild leader has already decided to temporarily stop trying clear the dungeon, instead, he decided to wait for the lower level players to level up and get better equipment before trying again.”

The Skinner person says in shock: “Is your guild leader brain dead? The dungeon is the fastest way to farm equipment. By the time you have farmed up equipment you will be behind other players.”

“Who says it’s not? The guild welfare is also trash. I have already decided to leave it and join you in the random parties.”

At this time, the fatter guy has finished peeling the garlic and takes a small bite. He immediately sticks out his tongue. From his expression, it can be seen that he does not frequently eat garlic and is only trying it out of interest.

At this time, Bai Song’s noodles are ready. Bai Song also peels a head of garlic and pops the whole head into his mouth without any expression, making the fatter guy stare in shock.

After chatting for a while, the two of them start to boast.

“By the way, there are experts in the random parties. Yesterday I saw a thief who annihilated my party on his own. The BOSS still had half health, you guess what happened afterward?” The Skinnier guy boasted like an expert. Although he asked people to guess, he did not wait for the other person to reply and immediately say: “That expert was able to stand his ground against the thief until we were all revived. Although we were all wiped out again, what a pity what a pity.”

“Ceh.” The fatter guy said calmly: “what does that count as. I saw a video on the forum, a thief stealing monsters from a group of people, all of it was the last hit. But I don’t think that you have seen that post. There are too many forum posts already, every minute and second, there is a new post. I only saw the post by luck.”

“What you say is nothing, that day mine is the one.”

The skinnier guy is a stubborn person and became unhappy. He cites an even more exaggerated case, thus, in the end, it does not matter if the case is real or fake.

Bai Song hears until his hair is standing, thinking: “A person snatching a group of monster? It can’t be me right. But luckily, from the way, the fatty said it, it is not blown up out of proportion and he only sees it by luck.”

Bai Song becomes happy from the thought as that video is not considered stunning. On the internet, within a day there can be a hundred to tens of thousands of views.

Anything that you do that is recorded and posted on the internet can, afterward, make you become a person that a whole bunch of people are shocked by, worship or even envy, regardless it isn’t a situation of overnight becoming famous.

This kind of situation only happens in the melodramatic MMORPG novel.

[ED: Fourth wall much?]


1 BB means nag or complain


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