Chapter 41 – Creation of Filthiest Skill Combination


Looking as the arrogant Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar’s health plummeting at a shocking rate, Liu Jing who is cheering at the side is finally not willing to be just the cheer squad.

He starts chanting his Small Fireball spell, forming a fireball in his hand. When Liu Jing sees that the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar does not have any intention of disrupting his chant he is very happy. Narrowing his eyes, Liu Jing tosses the fireball over.

“Let me give you a helping hand.” Liu Jing says as he tosses the fireball over.

The Small Fireball landed on top of the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar’s body, but it is slightly off target and instead of hitting the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar, the Small Fireball hits the location where the Small Earthworms were congesting. As the Small Earthworms are afraid of fire, two of them were knocked off by Liu Jing’s Small Fireball.

Bai Song: “…”

Liu Jing: “…”

The Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar: “…”

This Fireball that Liu Jing has thrown makes the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar start to doubt human nature. As the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar has intelligence, if it could speak, it would definitely say: “What a good person.”

Liu Jing has already mastered the art of cheering but as for the art of assisting teammates, he seems to be walking further off the more he walks.

That fireball not only knocked off two small earthworms, it also clears the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar’s mind. It cannot try to fight back anymore, otherwise, it might be turned into bacon.

Snorts ~Snorts ~

The Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar let out two boar cry and turns around to try and escape. Bai Song is not willing to let it escape and chases after it, hacking down several times onto its back. But only two small earthworms spawn from his efforts.

Originally, Bai Song’s speed was lower than the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar. But the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar’s speed was drastically reduced after being surrounded by a group of small earthworms. Thus Bai Song’s speed is no longer below that of the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar.

After the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar’s body is covered with small earthworms, its speed is drastically reduced. As its speed is reduced, it became harder for it to be able to hit Bai Song who is as slippery as a loach. The most hateful thing is that the more small earthworms it kills, the more the small earthworms spawn. This makes it even more awkward.

Upon seeing that it is about to die here, the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar no longer restrain itself. Its nose starts to grow bigger. Seeing this, Bai Song immediately retreats as he does not have any information on it. In the previous life, the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar did not appear often. More importantly, its level is low, thus when the higher level players saw it, why would they wait for it to use its ultimate skill when they can kill it with two strikes.

In the early stages of the game, there were indeed players who disclosed information on the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar, but those are forums from the past. Other than those enthusiasts that loved to excavate the forum graves, who would go and search for it?

A part of the elephant nose actually broke off. The Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar bears with its pain and hurls that portion in Bai Song’s direction. Before the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar has thrown it’s broken off nose Bai Song has already pulled out Spectral Cloak from his backpack and equipped it.

The Spectral Cloak’s Strong Concealment cooldown of 5 minutes has already past. The moment the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar had aim towards him, Bai Song immediately turned around and ran, afterward he activated Strong Concealment and ran in the opposite direction again.

The moment the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar sees Bai Song disappear in the middle of the fight, it throws it towards the first direction where Bai Song was heading as it does not know where Bai Song disappear to.


The broken off portion of the elephant nose exploded. Following which, countless drops of liquid scatters into all direction. An unlucky Puppet Miner is caught in the blast, its body and pickaxe slowly corrode from the liquid. Even the ground is affected by the explosion.

“It is actually so horrifying?” When Bai Song sees the blast he got a shock. Luckily he had activated Strong Concealment and caused the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar’s AOE to land off target, otherwise, he would have been instant killed.

Strong Concealment not only forcefully concealed his body, it also raised his speed slightly. As Bai Song ran, he put the Spectral Cloak into his backpack.

After the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar has used its ultimate skill, it has become weaker, seeing that Bai Song has not died and is rushing towards it, its heart is filled with despair.

The Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar swings its nose without strength, the clumsy attacks can even be dodged easily by Liu Jing. Bai Song does not mess around anymore and directly unleashes all his attacks and ends the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar’s life.

Snorts ~Snorts ~

The Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar finally collapses, its body is crawling with countless small earthworms, well countless is exaggerating, but there are over ten of them.

Bai Song walks closer and loots the body. There is no copper or equipment which is within Bai Song expectations. Nocturnal creatures do not drop copper and it rarely drops equipment. But the moment it drops a piece of equipment, it will definitely be an amazing one.

Reaching around, he finally feels a book-like object. Bai Song takes it out and sees that it is a skill book, at this time Liu Jing has walked over.

“Enchant {Poison}? This skill looks like a skill that you can learn after you have changed your job?” Liu Jing smacks his lips: “After half a day of fighting, the only thing we get is this toy?”

Bai Song’s face does not have any disappointment, making Liu Jing curious and ask: “You ah why are you not disappointed? Is it because you are so disappointed that you became numb?”

Bai Song shakes his head and points towards the skill book’s border.

While the skill book looks simple and unadorned, and the design on it is messy and incomprehensible, the border colour is a very deep purple.

Ordinary skill books have a white border, a better one will have a green border. While a purple border represents rare ones, of course, this is not the best, there are even higher grade ones.

“Eh? Enchant {Poison} this skill it can’t be a skill that all classes can learn right? Is it a BUG? This skill can’t be a purple ah!” Liu Jing carefully flips the book and confirms that it is Enchant Poison skill book.

Although Liu Jing has not played <Myth> before, at the very least he has played MMORPG for several years. He knows what purple means.

“That’s right this is a purple skill book.” Bai Song shakes his head as he speaks to Liu Jing: “You use this skill book.”

“No thanks, I am a mage what do I use Enchant {Poison} on?”

Liu Jing pushes away Bai Song hand and rejected it. “Since this skill book’s grade is so high, it should be different from the Enchant {poison} from your job class. You should be the one to learn it if you don’t want to learn you can sell it for money.”

When Bai Song hears what Liu Jing said, he shows the skill book’s description.

This time, Liu Jing noticed the disparity, this skill book is not for a specific class, and this is a skill book for all classes.

“This.” Liu Jing opens his mouth and closes it.

“Yes that’s right, this a skill book that all classes can learn, furthermore the Enchant poison does not only apply to a weapon. If I did not guess wrongly, this Enchant poison is a status buff. If you learn this skill, all of your attacks will automatically apply poison effect.” Bai Song says out his ‘guesses’. After all, to make Liu Jing believe him, he can only say it is a guess.

This skill book drop rate is not high, but it is not that uncommon. In the past, Bai Song had seen a mage who cast a Firestorm skill which not only causes a burn damage, it also caused poison damage. If a player does not have poison resistance, he will be very miserable due to it.

This skill when combined with a fire system magic is the filthiest combination. A fire system continuous burn DOT can also trigger the poison. Bai Song has finally though of which path Liu Jing should take.

[TL: PS. does anyone have a better term for Quenching Poison? I accepting ideas cause I hate that skill name but am too lazy to think of one ^^]

[TL: EDIT: Thanks for the suggestion Yunchii and Elliekit ^^. I have updated the term Quenching Poison to Enchant{Poison}]


6 thoughts on “Chapter 41 – Creation of Filthiest Skill Combination

  1. IoI that was awesome Skill!! all attack will added extra Poison Dot Damage and it also can be used with magic attack!! really Filthiest Skill Combination 😀

    btw, the name Quenching Poison is a bit weird, why not Enchant Poison ? that is name of skill from Ragnarok online 😀

    i hope beside Quenching Poison skill book there will also a similar skill book that will make a more Filthiest if it combined ahahaha 😀 well, maybe something like;
    -Quenching Bleeding skill book[Dot Damage by widen the Scar for blood flowing like river],
    -Quenching Curse skill book[Dot Damage by Dark Magic],
    -Quenching Extreme Pain skill book[Feel Extreme Pain+Dot damage by Illusion of Phantom Pain],
    -Quenching Corrosion skill book[Dot Damage by Death Mana/Magic],
    -Quenching Disintegrate skill book[Dot Damage by Void/Eraser/Extermination Magic],
    -Quenching Melt skill book[Dot damage to body and equipment by Extreme Heat],
    -Quenching Frostbite skill book[Dot damage to body and equipment by Extreme Cold],
    -Quenching Infection skill book[Dot damage by Bacteria],
    -Quenching Disease skill book[Dot damage by Virus],
    -Quenching Blight skill book[Dot damage by Plant], ,
    -Quenching Holy Judgement skill book[Holy Dot Damage],
    -Quenching Electrocuted skill book[Paralyze+electric dot damage],
    -Quenching Mana Burn skill book,
    -Quenching Stamina Burn skill book,
    -Quenching Petrification skill book[Petrify+Earth dot damage],
    -And so on

    thx for the chapter ^^


  2. When I first read Quenching Poison, I thought that it was a skill that gave immunity to poison. Because the word quenching is used when using water to stop something, such as quenching a fire or quenching thirst. If Enchant Poison doesn’t work, how about Pervasive Poison or Persistent Poison?


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