Chapter 4 – Cat Maiden


Go and kill a monster yourself, coming here to kill steal a monster just what kind of ability?”

At the beginning everyone is cursing him, but after a while of cursing, everyone does not dare to curse anymore. Because from the beginning till now every time he kill steals he never missed. Especially the guy who swear to kill Bai Song every time he see him. He has already hid in a corner to kill monsters, afraid of Bai Song seeing him.

Young master Bai, this person is an expert. The early levelling time is very precious, why don’t we change the levelling area.” The bald guy is embarrassed, trying to find a way to escape. Furthermore, they are originally a leveling party not an elite member.

When Bai Cheng heard this, he was very pissed. When had he, Bai Cheng suffer such kind of grievance? His monster got kill-steal, stolen to the point where he had to change his levelling area. Such kind of this have only happen in the past where he kill-steal other people till they left. Now when the roles was swapped, he was very sullen.

There was a saying: If our roles were swapped, I will let you know what the meaning of cruel is.

After done listening to the bald guy, Bai Cheng had some hesitation. This stage of levelling spot, only killing Demon Cat gives more experience, furthermore if they have to move to change levelling spots, the coming and going will inevitably waste a lot of time. But if they do not change the levelling area, all the Elite Demon Cat will be stolen by Bai Song, how they can compete.

Suddenly Bai Cheng with a flash of insight, shouted:” Guys lets not fight first, he is only Lv 3, he is alone and is unable to kill the Demon Cat.”

When the crowd hear this and find that it is reasonable, hence all of them stop fighting. All of them were very angry about Bai Song kill stealing from them, hence when push comes to shove, all of them decided to waste time with Bai Song.

Bai Song glanced at Bai Cheng with interest, originally thinking that he is a person who uses his parent’s money to play this game suddenly grew a brain. Bai Song considers for a moment, now that he is Lv 3, and with 8 free stats point1, Bai Song adds all of them into agility.

Seeing that almost everyone is not fighting with the monster anymore, only those that are quite a distant away from him are still fighting, and there are even people who just walk off. If talking about wasting time, he alone making so many people waste their time is definitely now a loss, but Bai Songs objective in entering this game is to earn money. Not to have grudge with others.

Beside that, Bai Song is originally kill stealing from them, if this bunch of player have a grudge with him and posted this situation up onto the forum, he will become famous overnight. This is also the point that Bai Cheng had thought of, hence he dares to speak up.

Bai Song without looking back, walk towards the deeper parts of the forest, leaving behind a bunch of people looking at each other is confusion.

He left just like that?

In the deeper parts of the Demon Cat Forest, a horrifying cat meowing continuously comes from all around him.

In his previous life, Bai Song had come to this Demon Cat Forest a lot of times, hence he knew of a route to avoid the Demon Cats. The deeper he travels, the quieter the surrounding becomes, and the cats meowing have all disappeared.

Originally, he haves 3 points in agility, plus every time he levels up by 1, all his attributes will +1. Just now one of the Elite Demon Cat had dropped a white equipment which is for the arm which adds +2 agility. Other than the +1 in all attributes every time he levels up, he also gains 4 free stats points, which he added all into agility.

Which means that Bai Song has 15 points in agility.

If Bai Song have added his points according to the usual stats that a thief adds, 1 into strength, agility and life, he will need to be at least Lv 6 to get to 15 points in agility . At this time, Bai Song has 15 points in agility, although there is a small deviation in stats, he will still be able to skillfully fight deeper in the forest.

Bai Song thought: “Just need one more level and it should be easier.”

But that is only a thought. Kill stealing occasionally is still okay. Doing it too many times, will result in him becoming the public enemy. At the beginning he does not want to kill steal, but thinking about him entering the game later than others as well as some of the special items that are already hard to try and collect or have already been taken by other people.

Hence as a last resort, he must start from those that are the hardest to collect. If his attributes are too low, it will be too hard to accomplish.

Thinking till this point, Bai Song suddenly bend down his body, because he realizes that on the tree that is in front of him is an item. Bai Song hides in the grass, he stealthy steals a look.

Only to see a beautiful face, the beauty is lying elegantly on the tree, on her head is a pair of lovely cat ears. Looking at that young maiden like face, if Bai Song did not know about her historical story, he would have thought that she is a 17 years old girl wearing a cat ear.

The young maiden in front is the newbie forest strongest BOSS, Cat Maiden.

Suddenly a gust of wind blew by.

Meow, oh it’s a human, how did you get passed my personal guards?” Cat Maiden looks at Bai Song with a gullible look. Underneath the cute look, her cat claws flashes it’s sharp edges:”Meow ~ peeking at other people sleeping is a bad habit ah~meow~”

Noble Queen of Cats, this humble warrior greets you, this one has no intention of peeping at your beauty.” Bai Song saluted with a warrior etiquette.

Cat Maiden toys with the dagger that was on Bai Song waist: “A dagger wielding warrior, that is hardly seen eh ~ meow~”

Furthermore, Bai Song face did not redden nor does his heartbeat quicken, not giving off the signs of a person that is shy towards beautiful ladies. At the same time the Cat Maiden’s heart is beating every fast like the speed counting of an abacus, Cat Maiden looks at Bai Song not speaking. At first she was somewhat curious about how Bai Song despite being such so weak is able to enter this area, but thinking of continuing her sleep, she slashes towards him to end the fight in seconds.

Just when the sharp claw is about to hit Bai Song’s body, he says: “I can help you kill Wind Sprout Village Mayor.”

The sharp claws stopped in midair. Cat Maiden’s face turns serious: “You have succeeded in saving your life, I am interested, continue speaking in detail.”

Bai Song looks at the Cat Maiden’s reaction and knew that he has succeeded. Hence unhurriedly asked: “If you can enter the village and under the condition that the Mayor is poisoned, what is your chances of escaping after killing off the Mayor?”

After the Cat Maiden heard this, her tail was lifted straight up: “Meow? You say that you can let me enter the village without letting the guards know as well as poisoning the Mayor?”

Bai Song was relieved, the history was correct after all. Wind Sprout Village Mayor when he was young, drools over Cat Maiden’s mother beauty, invited a few friends to setup and capture her. Originally Cat Maiden’s mother is able to escape, but to allow Cat Maiden to escape, she with a few others entered the trap and fought to buy time, in the end they killed themselves.

Inside Headless Hole grows Form Changing Grass2, at that time you have to change into a pet, then I have to bring you into the village. As for poisoning the mayor, I have another idea.”

Why should I trust you?” Cat Maiden looks at Bai Song frostily.

Bai Song Shrugged: “If you don’t believe me, I also have no other methods.”

As for helping Cat Maiden to kill the mayor, Bai Song has a general idea on how to trigger this event. But for the specific details to trigger this event, he has no idea. If the Cat Maiden does not believe him, he haves no idea what to do as well. Hence he is betting, betting on the fact that the Cat Maiden’s hatred toward the village mayor is very deep.

After a long time.

Cat Maiden let out a sign. Shaking her head and ask: “You lowly human, you win. Tell me what I need to do?”

1 The original value is 6 free stats points but reading onwards, I realise that base on the what is stated later on in the chapter, every time he level up, he gains 4 free stats points which make sense to get 15 agility point by Lv 3 < 3 base+ 2 Level Up+8 free +2 equipment > but if anyone can come up with a reason for it to be 6 free points please let me know ^.^

2 隐息草 let me know if you have a better name for it.



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