Chapter 39 – Nocturnal Creature


But Bai Song can still feel from Liu Jing that he is actually suffering inside, despite his strong words.

Bai Song believes that there is no need to advise too much and after he has returned the money, Liu Jing and his wife will not really divorce in the end because of him borrowing money.

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In <Myth> night time is very dangerous, as there are lots of nocturnal creatures that will start to come out and hunt players.

If a player got killed by a nocturnal creature, they would lose 70% of their current experience. Thus, there are very few players that are willing to grind levels during the night unless they are daring experts.

Pre-Lv10 protection does not protect your experience from being lost after you are killed by a nocturnal creature.

But this cave should be considered safe and extremely concealed. With Bai Song’s current strength, even if they really met a nocturnal creature, they might be able to kill the nocturnal creature if he activates the Three Corpse Ring’s abilities.

Half of the night has passed and the moon is starting to turn hazy.

The torches are burning vigorously but Liu Jing keeps sneezing. Bai Song smiles and teases: “The Overnight 13th bro of the past can’t even last half a night now?”

“Damn you lah, it is because I have not stayed up overnight for such a long time that’s why I am not used to it.” Liu Jing rubs his eyes and suddenly exclaims: “Just now there seemed to be a shadow that flashed behind you.”

“Don’t joke around okay? Concentrate on levelling up.” Bai Song smiles and teases him. “This is just a game, don’t be so suspicious.”

“Yes yes, I’m old already, really can’t take it anymore.” Liu Jing also thinks that it is his own misperception, after all, he is somewhat tired.


Liu Jing sneezes again and picks up stones as he had nothing to do. After all his job is to pull mobs and do some damage.

Actually, after getting used to it, he feels that it is quite good.

Bai Song is busy with killing mobs, other than Puppet Foreman, he also does not let go of the Puppet Miners, turning the entire cave into his private levelling spot.

As they continue to grind, from outside of the cave came the cries of a creature.

“How much longer till Lv10?” Liu Jing’s eyelids seemed to be fighting, although he felt like sleeping, he decided to stay with Bai Song until he gets to Lv10 then sleep.

“Soon, soon.” Because Bai Song is going to level up soon, he still feels very wide awake as if he had just downed a barrel of coffee.

After clearing waves after waves, Bai Song is missing just one Puppet Overseer. After he has killed it, he will be Lv10. At this time, Bai Song suddenly narrows his eyes as he feels his back turn cold.

Bai Song glances around, in the surrounding other than the Puppet Overseer, there is only Liu Jing who is trying to fight back his sleep. “Just now you said that you had seen a shadow come here?”

“Ah?” Liu Jing sneezes again. “Maybe it is due to tiredness and I saw wrongly.”

Bai Song frowns before closing his eyes and activated his perception, after sensing the surroundings for a minute, he did not sense anything because his perception is too low.

“Oi oi, if you want to sleep, finish fighting first before sleeping!” Liu Jing walks over and uses his wand to knock Bai Song on the head, thinking that Bai Song has fallen asleep.

Bai Song shakes his head to indicate that there is nothing wrong but grips his chopper tighter.

“I hope that it was an illusion.”

Bai Song decided to kill a mob, after all after he has killed this mob he will be Lv10 and he can go and sleep earlier.

Just after he has chopped the Puppet Overseer twice, he has a stronger feeling that something is wrong and he instinctively dodges to the side. A blob of green fluid shoots past the area where Bai Song was standing previously and lands on the Puppet Overseer’s body.

When the Puppet Overseer is hit by the blob of green fluid, a string of damage appears on top of its head. Puppet Overseer is a Lv10 elite mob and its health is very thick, even Bai Song can only slowly grind it down. This the Puppet Overseer is still alive.

“God damn it, there is a ghost.” Liu Jing looks at the black shadow and throws a Small Fireball over. But the shadow’s speed is very fast and instantly it moves beside Liu Jing.

“Drop down!” Bai Song roars.

As Liu Jing trusts Bai Song, he follows his instruction immediately and drops down onto the ground, resulting in the green fluid flying just over his head and hitting the air.

At this time, they are finally able to see the true appearance of the creature attacking them. On his face, there is an elephant tusk and nose but its body is like a wild boar standing on two legs.

“A nocturnal creature!” Bai Song is shocked in his heart. “Don’t tell me this nocturnal creature is the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar which is based on physical defence?”

An Elephant Nose Boar and a Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar are two completely different monsters. Elephant Nose Boar is one of those single digit Lv mobs outside while a Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar’s lv is equivalent to a Lv12 BOSS.

Other than having a super high physical defence stat, just like all other nocturnal creature, it is proficient in sneaking and has high speed, these are the two similar points that all nocturnal creatures have. Furthermore, a nocturnal creature will have the same strength as a BOSS of similar level during the night.

Luckily, the fire inside the cave has slightly weakened the effect of the night. Without the protection of the curtain of darkness, the nocturnal creature is slightly weaker than a similar level BOSS, thus it is termed as fake BOSS.

Even though it is as such, if a player is killed by a nocturnal creature, he will lose 70% of his current level experience. This condition causes most players to be afraid of leaving the village at night, instead, they would log off and sleep.

The Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar’s intelligence is not low as well. Knowing that it is due to Bai Song’s instructions are the reason why its target was able to avoid its attack, it rushes with its highest speed towards Bai Song.

The more dangerous the situation, the calmer you must be.

Bai Song without hesitation dodges the attack before taking out his Spectral Cloak and equipping it. At the same time, he activates his Three Corpse Ring ability.

Under the massive agility boost from the Spectral Cloak, Bai Song’s speed is no longer slower than the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar’s. Bai Song does not have plans to attack the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar because his strength is currently in the negative, attacking only allows the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar to regain health although it has not lost health yet.

Bai Song runs to the side towards the Puppet Overseer that has not died. The Puppet Overseer is actually starting to slowly regain health. No matter what, levelling up is more important.

Bai Song’s agile movements allow him to dodge the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar’s full power attack. Taking advantage of the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar’s pause, he immediately chops towards the Puppet Overseer.

Bai Song’s luck is pretty good, immediate crits and called out a Corpse Ghost, furthermore, it is the Lava Corpse Ghost which has the highest damage. Although the Lava Corpse Ghost is the only Lv1, it is able to stay in existence for 30 seconds.

The Puppet Overseer’s health is already very low. Although the Lava Corpse Ghost did not activate the low probability corpse fire immolation, it finally dies after Bai Song and the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar play hide and seek for 20+ seconds, resulting in a bright glow around Bai Song’s body.

He has finally levelled up to Lv10.

When Bai Song sees that he has levelled up to Lv10, he immediately activates the 2-second long Strong Concealment. As the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar does not have any searching skill that allows it to break the Strong Concealment, Bai Song is able to run in the opposite direction, instantly pulling away from the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar.

After pulling away from the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar, Bai Song did not run further away, instead, he unequips his Spectral Cloak and takes out the Earthworm Dagger and prepares to fight the Nocturnal Elephant Nose Boar.

As for Liu Jing?

He is on the side cheering for Bai Song.


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