Chapter 38 – Levelling up overnight


 Puppet Foreman’s are Lv10 elite mobs. And Bai Song’s current equipment is actually very lousy. He is still using a White grade chopper and earlier he had thrown away his shield at the 40th Bandit Head’s cave.

But throwing it away was also good. After all, how could it be called proper for a thief to use a shield as an equipment.

As it is only pulling a single mob, Liu Jing did not throw the stone, instead, he threw his Small Fireball over. Luckily the Puppet Miners do not listen to the orders of the Puppet Foreman, otherwise every time they attract the aggro of a Puppet Foreman, they would be pulling all of the Puppet Miners under that Puppet Foreman’s jurisdiction.

Bai Song has already activated his Sneak. Currently, unless he faces a BOSS, Bai Song will not easily use the ability of the Three Corpse Ring, as the expenditure is way to heart-wrenching.

The Puppet Foreman did not notice Bai Song sneaking within the shadows. Waving his long whip, the foreman rushes forward only to feel a stabbing pain on his back.

Bai Song’s first attack is Flying Assault. The moment the knife leaves the body, his body is suddenly filled with explosive power but it is a pity that Bai Song makes a mistake as the very edge of the chopper point in not touching the Puppet Foreman’s body. Although the Puppet Foreman does not collapse, it is stunned for 1.5 seconds. During this stun period, Bai Song did not take the opportunity to attack, instead, with two quick flickers, he moves to the back of the Puppet Foreman.

Attacking from the back is always the most commonly used method of a thief.

Bai Song’s actions are very quick. By the time the Puppet Foreman turns around, Bai Song has already hit out three continuous strikes. As for Liu Jing, he has already mastered the art of cheering.

But in the end, the Puppet Foreman is still a Lv10 elite mob. Although Bai Song movements are graceful, the Puppet Foreman’s ‘Wild Whipping’ skill cannot be dodged in melee range.

Bai Song relies on his superb reflex and only takes one hit. But with his low health, just taking one hit causes his HP to drop significantly.

“CD is cleared.” Bai Song is calculating in his heart and did not look at Flying Assault CD.

The moment Bai Song counted down to zero, he did not circle to the back of Puppet Foreman as it is a mob with some intelligence. After taking massive damage from Bai Song attacking from the back, the Puppet Foreman is wary of him and is protecting his back.

This is not because Bai Song is unable to get pass the Puppet Foreman’s guard but because there is no need to get pass its guard. With a Flying Assault, the Puppet Foreman is sent flying.

It is another damage value over 100.

“It is a pity that I did not learn Crazy Chop. If I have learned Crazy Chop, in the previous situation I would have dealt more damage using Crazy Chop.” Bai Song thinks in his heart as he leaps over with a jump and stabs the Puppet Foreman’s weak points a few time.

The Puppet Foreman stands up powerfully with a sliver of health.

As Bai Song had predicted the Puppet Foreman would use its skill, he dodged away immediately. After the skill has ended, the Puppet Foreman has run out of tricks and thus dies under Bai Song’s chopper.

Bai Song looted 10 copper from the Puppet Foreman’s corpse.

Based on this sequence of looking for Puppet Foremen to grind, previously when they were grinding Puppet Miners, Liu Jing was killing higher level mobs while Bai Song was killing lower level mobs. When one higher and one lower resulted in this type of party, a power leveling party.

Thus based on the party experience distribution, the party members will be rewards with a lot less experience. In a party, the experience from killing a mob is not split evenly to everyone in the party. If that was the case, everyone would be playing on their own and no one would be willing to party up.

Thus each party member has their own experience rewards. One of the criteria is based on the party member’s level, for example, right now the party had just killed a Lv10 mob and it is an elite grade mob as well, thus the party members experience reward will be a lot higher.

In the cave where they are unable to tell the time, Liu Jing finally reached Lv5 while Bai Song reached Lv10.

“Breaths~” Liu Jing pants. “Grinding this way is very tiring.”

Bai Song looks at Liu Jing dumbstruck. “You are so damn shameless. I am the only one working myself to death fighting the mobs why the heck are you tired?”

“I have stand until I am tired. Don’t you know that I have backbone problems, ouch, it’s starting to act up again since I started talking about it.” Liu Jing finishes saying this and pretends to massages his own backbone.


As for Liu Jing’s excessive acting cute, Bai Song is unable to say anything. That drat is lying on a massager and complains that he has backbone problem, furthermore, his massager also has a massage that loosens one’s body.

The sky outside has already turned dark, dinner time has clearly passed and the gaming cabin has already automatically replenished him with nutrient solution.

The two of them were like robots continuously grinding level. Liu Jing is already using the Lv5 White grade wand that had dropped earlier and greatly increased his damage. Currently, their method of grinding mobs was getting faster as Liu Jing got more wisdom.

The moment a mage has his skills and items, he will become a living godly mob grinding tool. Follow magic grandpa and you will never be worried about experience again. Only that Liu Jing this ‘magic grandpa’ is slightly cold.

The Puppet Foreman cries with frustration as it dies. Ding. A ring drops onto the ground. The two of them happily go over to pick it out but it ends up to be a rubbish white grade ring.

Luckily it gives quite a bit of wisdom, thus Bai Song without caring much about it throws it to Liu Jing.

“No more stamina, let’s rest a bit and recover our stamina.” Liu Jing sits on the ground and reaches into his backpack for a Small Millet Porridge that Bai Song had given him.

Actually, Bai Song is also tired, when he hears that Liu Jing is going to rest, he walks over and sits down on the ground taking out a Small Millet Porridge from his backpack as well.

Suddenly Liu Jing raises the porridge into mid-air and say:

“Come, cheers.”

“You think that this is drinking alcohol?” Although Bai Song’s mouth is saying otherwise, he still raises his porridge and bumps Liu Jing’s bowl. Thinking back this is actually their first time bumping glasses with Liu Jing since his rebirth.

Only that they are not drinking alcohol in real life but drinking porridge in the game.

“TX one?” Bai Song suddenly ask.

“TTT, since there is no one to bother me.” Liu Jing says randomly as he drinks his porridge.

TX, these two letters are not a message or professional terminology, this is a hidden signal that the two of them use to communicate.

Bai Song looks at the torches as he can’t help but get caught in his memories.

TX is actually ‘overnight1’ abbreviation. Since young, the two of them were best friends, their families were considered close to each other thus the two of them frequently played together.

While they were studying, the two of them were addicted to going to LAN shops and playing overnight. But when they call each other, it was not appropriate to say that they will be playing overnight while the adults were in the house.

Thus the two of them have agreed on changing ‘play overnight’ to TX. The one asking will say: “Tonight TX one time?” Then if the other person is going, he will say T one time. If he is not going, he will say Not T,

Later on, their conversation became: T one time? T!

The parents from both sides were confused when they hear their conversation, what the heck are the two kids saying? As the parents of both sides did not strict with them, both of them frequently played overnight till the sun rose.

At that time, they were still young. After playing overnight, they still had the energy to concentrate on school in the morning. But as they got older, their bodies were unable to take it anymore, thus they seldom played overnight.

Bai Song’s mouth edges rise up to a smile. When Liu Jing asks Bai Song why he is smiling, Bai Song did not reply but thinks in his heart: “Those were the years of youth that were already lost.”

Actually, there was no need to fondly recall their youth, because the most important thing is to always look forward.

 1 Overnight in Chinese is通宵 tong Xiao


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