Chapter 36 – No need to act cool


Pitiful Liu Jing is only a Lv2 newbie. Furthermore, he is a mage, thus he does not add strength into stats and hence he is not Bai Song’s opponent unless Bai Song equips the Spectral Cloak.

“I’ll be damned, can’t you go easy?” Liu Jing’s face turns red when he feels the gaze from the surrounding players and immediately says: “I’ll walk on my own, you ah stop pulling me.”

Liu Jing’s expression is almost as if he is a young maiden being harassed by a fierce hoodlum, saying things like don’t tear my clothes and I’ll it take off.

After hearing what Liu Jing said, Bai Song skeptically releases him.

At the mountain behind Wind Sprout Village, with the increase of the player’s average level, the number of players that come here for the scenic view increases but the numbers are still very low.

At this time, there are a few players on the mountain path, thus Bai Song is not in a hurry. Instead, he walks to the refugees’ zone to borrow the wok and cooked ten bowls of Small Millet Porridge.

Looking at Bai Song’s practiced manner of cooking, Liu Jing asked curiously: “You have learned cooking skills?”

“Why? Do you want to learn? Even if you want to learn I am unable to teach you.” Bai Song points to a house in the distance and say: “If you want to learn you can go to that house and knock on the door then you can learn it.”

Liu Jing shakes his head: “When I am free then I will come and learn.”

“Oh by the way when you have finished cooking you must be like me, remember to be fierce to the refugees otherwise you will be harassed by them.” Bai Song passes to Liu Jing 5 of the Small Millet Porridge.

Afterward, Bai Song follows the same methods he used previously and soon the two of them are able to free themselves of the refugees.

After Bai Song have finished cooking the Small Millet Porridge, there are no more players on the mountain path. As for the NPCs passing by, they do not matter.

When the two of them reach the middle of the mountain, Bai Song suddenly stops.

Liu Jing is suspicious but before he could ask any question, he sees Bai Song faces a patch of shrubs and jump down.

After a while, Liu Jing sees that Bai Song does not move, Liu Jing finally clenches his teeth and jumps down. When he reaches the bottom, he sees Bai Song laughing at him.

“I’m under the impression that you don’t dare to jump.”

“Don’t dare your head. I only wanted to view the scenery a little longer.” Liu Jing says not willing to give in.

“Whatever makes you happy.” Having said that, Bai Song walks forward.

When he reaches a small hole, he crawls into the hole like a dog before saying: “Hurry up and crawl in as well.”

Liu Jing grudgingly crawls in. When Liu Jing crawls in, he sees the wide and spacious cave. Inside the cave are miners hard at work and a few overseers patrolling around.

Earlier when Bai Song was pulling monsters, he only dare to pull single Puppet Miner. He did not dare to get close to those areas with the overseers.

“How is it? Bet you feel very surprised right? Like you have entered a different world?” Bai Song proudly boasts to Liu Jing.

“Still okay.” Liu Jing only says these two words.

Bai Song laughs lightly before he goes and looks for a lone Puppet Miner. This time he does not equip his Spectral Cloak, because currently other than the pitiful few points he had added into strength, he put all of his points into agility.

Currently, he has enough stats point in agility but as expected, on one hand, it is troublesome, on the other hand, it is also troublesome, either way, it is very troublesome.

“Go pull those two mobs (monster/creeps).” Bai Song has found two Puppet Miners. As his level is higher, he is naturally more daring.

Furthermore, he is currently Lv8, if he is still unable to defeat 2 Puppet Miners on his own, how would he dare to bring people to grind their level.

“My Small Fireball has a CD (cooldown), so I can only pull one.” Liu Jing says while spreading his hands.

When Bai Song hears it, he picks up a few stones from the ground and passes them to Liu Jing, causing Liu Jing to be dumbfounded. Bai Song did not say anything, instead, he uses the stone in his hand and tosses it at the Puppet Miner. But Bai Song purposefully did not hit the Puppet Miner, causing the stone to drop near the Puppet Miner feet.

The Puppet Miner intelligence is so low that to attract aggro, you must strike him. If it was a normal mob, Bai Song would have pulled aggro when he tossed the stone beside the mob’s leg.

“I also can do this?” Liu Jing suspiciously threw all of the stone that he received from Bai Song at the mobs, of which 5 to 6 of them strike one of the Puppet Miner. His accuracy is quite bad.

The Puppet Miner rushes towards Liu Jing angrily. Liu Jing casts his Small Fireball and strikes the other Puppet Miner making both of the Puppet Miners to rush towards him.

Bai Song activates his Sneak skill. As Bai Song currently is severely lacking skills, there is no need to conserve his mana. He did not activate his Three Corpse Ring as well. It is not because he is afraid of letting Liu Jing know of his Three Corpse Ring. In fact, he trusts Liu Jing so much that he does not even mind letting Liu Jing look at the Heart Devil’s Bracelet.

The actual reason is that the Three Corpse Ring’s durability has dropped to 35/100 which is simply shocking. Currently, Bai Song does not have the ability to restore the durability, thus he is afraid that the ring will break.

Although Puppet Miner is a mob whose IQ is so low that its movement is more towards instinct of animals. But Bai Song who is in Sneak is still maintaining absolute silence, to cultivate a good Sneak habit is the elementary training for thieves.

Bai Song suddenly jumps out from the shadows when the Puppet Miners are about to reach him. The chopper attack speed is way slower than a dagger, otherwise, he can use a special wielding method to allow his normal attack to be able to slash three times in a row.

58! 60! 30.

Three continuous slashes landed on the Puppet Miner weak point, its cervical vertebra. The first two slashes managed to crit, but his luck for the last slash is slightly bad, it did not crit.

The same hand movement also landed on the other Puppet Miner’s body, the damage dealt is similar to the damage dealt to the first Puppet Miner. But as the Puppet Miner’s have high health, the damage dealt is less than half of his health.

Luckily the experience gain is quite high, even though Bai Song is already Lv8, the experience he gains is still considered okay. As for Liu Jing, he gains more experience than killing ten rabbits.

Bai Song went and looted the body without speaking, and looted a white grade wand. The wand attributes are trash but it is better than not getting anything. The attributes of the weapons sold in the shops are slightly better but require gold to purchase it, comparing the quality to price, the quality is on the lower side.

The other Puppet Miner did not drop anything. Bai Song directly passes the wand to Liu Jing who grabs it. Liu Jing equips the wand and says: “Little fellow, you had hidden quite well eh, just now you threw at the corpse so inaccurately.”

“I don’t need to act cool. Just now I actually purposefully threw it inaccurately, to demonstrate to you the wrong way of throwing.” Bai Song says as his mouth edge twitches.

“You ah stop it, continue to fight the mobs instead of this I don’t need to act cool.” Liu Jing once again adopts a lazy expression on his face.

Bai Song touched his nose but did not say anything. There is no need to explain as Liu Jing’s nature is like this. Sometimes even though he knows the truth, but what his mouth says is another thing.

In the pitch black cave, following the earlier methods, both of them continuously kill the mobs. Although the sky has darkened outside, inside the cave, both of them are still hard at work.

Pop. At this time, a Puppet Miner died without knowing what is happening, but a book silently drops onto the ground.


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